Sunday, June 08, 2008

भारतातील "स्वस्त' पेट्रोलमुळे जगातील भाव भडकले

अमेरिकेकडून पुन्हा लक्ष्यः दरवाढ "पुरेशी' नसल्याचा दावा

भारतीयांचा वाढलेला आहार आणि वाढलेली तेलाची प्रचंड भूक यांना लक्ष्य केल्यानंतर अमेरिकेला आता भारत आणि चीनमध्ये पेट्रोलियम पदार्थांवर दिले जाणारे अनुदान खटकू लागले आहे. या अनुदानामुळेच या दोन देशांमध्ये पेट्रोलियम पदार्थ "स्वस्त' मिळतात आणि त्यामुळे मागणी वाढून जागतिक किमती गगनाला भिडत आहेत, असा दावा अमेरिकेचे ऊर्जा मंत्री सॅम बोडमन यांनी केला आहे. भारताने नुकतीच केलेली दरवाढ "पुरेशी' नाही, असेही त्यांनी स्पष्ट केले आहे.जगातील पन्नास टक्के इंधन या अकरा देशांतच वापरले जाते आणि त्यांनाच मोठी झळ बसली आहे.

गेल्या काही महिन्यांत भारत आणि चीनला लक्ष्य करण्याची अमेरिकेची ही तिसरी वेळ आहे. भारतीयांचा आहार "सुधारल्या'ने अन्नधान्याची टंचाई निर्माण झाली आहे, असा जावईशोध अमेरिकेच्या परराष्ट्र मंत्री कोन्डोलिझा राइस यांनी केला होता. त्यास जॉर्ज बुश यांनीही दुजोरा दिला होता. त्यानंतर भारत आणि चीनकडून मागणी वाढल्याने कच्च्या तेलाच्या किमती भडकल्या आहेत, असे प्रतिपादन "व्हाइट हाउस'ने केले होते.

अशाप्रकारे कोणत्याही स्थितीला भारत जबाबदार असल्याचे अमेरिकेकडून बोलले जात आहे. भारताला लक्ष्य करण्याची त्यांचा हा कट निंदणीय आहे.


aneelmahajan said...

amerikechee tipnee kahi aanshee
rast vatte.petrol madhe honara tota
(loss)va parkeeya chalan software
niryateetoon milat aahe.petroleum
padartache saathe khoop jorat kamee
hot aahet.shetkaryanna 70000 kotee
dilyavar gahajab karnaryanna 2lakh
75000 chee subsidy kasha karta?

Anonymous said...

adhi america ne bio disel var sanshodhan thambilvile pahije. sarwat jast kanis(makka) ani us(sugarcane)ne the vaprayt ahe tycha viprit praman jagat khdya padartha var hota ahe.
sarwat jast FOOD WASTAGE macdonald burger king ani restaurants kartat ..... raksha sarkha locancha jevan.... tyna fakta ek karan pahije je te bharta var

Arvind said...

It is wrong to compare per capita usage of petrol in a country like India. 75% of Indians do not own motor vehicles of any kind. So the actual consumption in India is limited to the remaining 25%. It is wrong to subsidize petrol for the 25% of the population that can most probably bear the cost anyway. If at all any subsidy is to be given, it should be given for diesel to Indian Railways and State Road Transport Corporations, provided that corruption there can be kept in check. Oil prices have more than doubled in the last year, and if the subsidy is continued, inflation will hurt the people more than oil prices. Withthout a sound economic and financial base we will loose all the faith deposed in us by the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

I dont agree with america's comment on food crisis but in case of fuel price hick they might be partialy correct.There are limited recsources of oil on earth.all these years india got oil under the criteria of developing nation,but i those time demand of petrol in india was last couple of years,percapita consumption of petrol in india has definately gone up (25% of indians have some vehicle ~ 270 million). Disount on fluel prise is encouraging more and more people to to bye vehicle and eventually more fleul consumption.I think india should allow petrol price at real international petrol price.that will be better for indian economy in long term.sooner our people learn to servive inreal international markett better it would be for economy.other wise it could be very painful for comming generations to face reality.

Anonymous said...

Its all politics, Bush administration is trying to divert pepoles attention, helding other countries responsible for the petrolium prices, they canonot cope with the war they forced on Iraq.
Even if Asians consumption of oil is increasing thats a sign of devlopment; and why not worlds 80% population lives in Asia how much we are consuming now?
We have to ask Americans are they contribuiting to keep the oil demand low? why they dont have effective public transports, electromotive trains for transportation of goods. 70% of them driving/commuting alone everyday.
Whare as our public transport is crowded, and we are trying our best to keeep the food prices under control by whatever means.
And we never accused America for generations that they keep the oil prices very low.

Anonymous said...

**** Much Ado for nothing ******
I think the Indian politicians and media are unnecessarily targeting America for their internal affairs. First of all, they are not blaming Indians in literary sense. The phrase "blamed" is often used to describe a reason. For example, "United airlines blamed the massive losses on increasing fuel prices and lower passenger traffic". This does not mean they are accusing fuel of something or scolding passengers for not travelling. They are simply saying those are the reasons for their losses. Similarly, they might have said, "they blamed improved diet of Indians on rising food prices." Which is not entirely untrue, the economic boom *does* increase demand for everything including food and fuel. The fact that Indian are living better is not a bad thing and I do not believe any American politician has said that.
That America needs to mend its ways first is unequivocal but what their politicians are doing in short term is just trying to explain the problem to their people by telling some half-truths just like our politicians. The real reason for price hikes everywhere is irresponsible rate cuts by the Fed earlier this decade and even now as also the policies of countries like India and China to keep their currencies artificially weak. If rupee is stronger by 20%, all import prices, esp crude will go down by 20% but economics does not drive policies, the lobbies do. And the exporter's lobby won't let that happen.

Anonymous said...

America is a place for un-natural marriages male-male, female-female.

America is a place for white-collared criminals under the name of United Nations!

America is to blame for killing of millions and millions of Iraqis, Afghanis and Vitinamese, japaneese for last 100 years.

America is a place where black and white, racism and modern day slavery still exists.

America is a place where the dollar rate does not sink, even though Amecia is bank rupt.

America owns 7 Trillion US$ to china and trillions to Aribia. Amecian dollar are never de-evualated to current worth. If evualated to current worth, 1US$ = 1 Indian Rupee.

America have immigration laws from the 1960's. These laws are still anti-Indian, anti-Chineese. Indian and Chineese get the worst treatment in jobs, social life and in business.

America is a place for dummies. Even English is ruled by Indians at age 8! American History by Indians at age 11! and Geography by Indians at age 8!

Of the 100 Phd awarded in Universities in America, approximately 80 are awarded to students from INDIA and CHINA. Only 5% are awarded to Americans. The remaining are shared by other countries (Majority are Thailand, Nepal, Srilanka, pakistan, Hongkong)

Petrol in USA is $3.80 a gallon
Petrol in INDIA is Rs 150 ($ 3.70) a gallon. USA burns oil per day that is equal to oil burnt by India and Pakistan combined in a month!

Most pollution on earth, air and at sea is done by Americans through wars, nonsense research, illegal intrusions in foreign lands and killing living beings. None of the research in USA is useful to mankind. All research done in USA has baseless and short term results. said...

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