Friday, February 15, 2008

पेट्रोल, डिझेल पुन्हा महागलेगेले

काही महिने सातत्याने होणार होणार म्हणून टाळण्यात आलेली पेट्रोल व डिझेलच्या दरवाढीचा गुरुवारी झालीच. या निर्णयानुसार पेट्रोल लिटरमागे दोन रुपयांनी, तर डिझेल एक रुपयाने महागणार आहे. दरम्यान, या निर्णयाला डावे पक्ष व भाजपने अपेक्षेप्रमाणे विरोध केला असून, भाजपने या दरवाढीविरोधात देशव्यापी आंदोलन छेडण्याचा इशारा दिला आहे.

दरवाढीनंतर दिल्लीत पेट्रोलचा प्रतिलिटर दर 45 रुपये 52 पैसे, तर डिझेलचा दर 31 रुपये 48 पैसे राहणार आहे. पेट्रोल व डिझेल दरवाढीचा मुद्दा गेले अनेक महिने सरकारच्या अजेंड्यावर होता. मात्र, डाव्यांचा विरोध तसेच कर्नाटक, राजस्थानसह अनेक राज्यांत तोंडावर आलेल्या निवडणुकांच्या पार्श्‍वभूमीवर या निर्णयाची घोषणा सातत्याने लांबणीवर टाकली जात होती.पेट्रोलियम दरवाढीची तीव्र प्रतिक्रिया राजकीय क्षेत्रात उमटली आहे. ही दरवाढ म्हणजे जनतेचा विश्‍वासघात असल्याचा आरोप भाजपने केला आहे. 2004 मध्ये राष्ट्रीय लोकशाही आघाडी सरकारच्या काळात पेट्रोलचे दर लिटरमागे 30 रुपये 25 पैसे व डिझेलचे दर 20 रुपये 49 पैसे होते. संयुक्त पुरोगामी आघाडी सरकारच्या काळात तब्बल 50 टक्‍क्‍यांनी दर वाढले आहेत. केंद्र सरकार सर्वच आघाड्यांवर अपयशी ठरल्याचा हा पुरावा असल्याची टीका पक्षाने केली आहे.

पेट्रोलियम पदार्थांच्या किंवा जीवनावश्‍यक वस्तूंच्या दरांत वाढ करण्याऐवजी श्रीमंतांवर करवाढ लागू करण्यासारखे उपाय लागू करावेत, असे सरकारला सुचविण्यात येत आहे. ही सूचना काही अंशी योग्यच आहे, असे म्हणायला हवे


captsubh said...

These unwarranted increases in stead of reducing taxes,excise,octroi etc,the 'aam admi' sarkar always burdens the common/poor man the most.
In NDA govt days,as pointed out here,petrol & diesel were comparatively very cheap & even today,they are very cheap in neighbouring countries!
How come,share prices of petroleum companies have not gone down, if they are running into huge losses!
It is the govt,which will NEVER tighten its belt,keep spending crores on ministers & politicians & NEVER practise AUSTERITY! Hence they are never satisfied!
Every time,the president,governors & others set out on their pilgrimage & inauguration trips,crores are being spent from public exchequer!
No wonder,the common/poor/retired folks are the worst silent & helpless sufferers!
The central govt is thinking of a populist budget this year keeping an eye on elections,but has never really cared otherwise!

vinay said...

In other asian countries petrol and diesel rates are comparatively low due to less taxes. In our country taxes are very heavy. It is necessary to reduce the burden of taxes on the basic prices of petrol and diesel. When the price of petrol and diesel increase, prices of all other comodities automatically increase. So its very necessary to reduce the percentage of taxes on these items instead of increasing prices and puting more burden on Public.
Ministers and the officials who get all things free, do not suffer for this as they dont have to pay for it and same is also paid out of pocket of comman man by way of taxes

vinay abhyyankar

Anonymous said...

Petrol price in INDIA is 45 Rupees per liter which is US$ 1.15/liter.

Petrol price in USA is $ 3.10/USGalon which is US$ 0.83/liter.

The government of INDIA is taxing too much for on Petrol. It has become an essential commodity. Govetnment of INDIA should think of common man policy and reduce petrol price or provide cheap transport.

If USA can sell so cheap and provide excellent roads, infrastructure, traffic laws and security for common person, Why is the Government of INDIA not doing the same at higher tax on PETROL?

On thought is USA uses more petrol for cars, but how about the density of usage of petrol. India has 5 times more population than USA. Petrol used in small quantity by populations of india is same as petrol (gas) used in large quantity by smaller populations of USA.

All hits to - Government is taxing too much on Petrol without optiminal use of tax money for common man and developing India.

Jai Mahrashtra!

atul thombre said...

well this all is right. this all hikes due to d call centers , they are earnig 10 to 15 thousands a month. but the common man suffers.even our government cant do anything insted of rising the prices of common commodities.

at last i would like to say that nobody efven think how much common man will suffer
i am not a kind of a lord person my mother sells a tea n we run a mess to survive in this costly world(INDIA)