Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why we do not look like countries....?


India is a Great country and has been well known for its Rich Culture, International Talent, IT Sectors, Yoga and many more things.

When we live abroad, our eyes search for an Indian things in everything possible. Why we feel to have Indian things around us while we are abroad ? Simple reason we respect our lovely India and we feel that India should shine everywhere.

There is one Hidden things in everyone’s mind, Why we do not look like countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, London , Italy etc….

Possibly we do not glow like other cities as we are not disciplined in terms of traffic , cleanness , pollution etc. Few thinks that everyone should try to clean up these things. But according to me first Hard Rules has to be implemented and systems should see that these rules are followed.

Now what happens is that we feel that these rules are made to be Broken , why we feel that is , We know that we will not get punished much about this. People do not have any Fear towards breaking the traffic rules as they know that its very easy to take care of breaking the Law and its not going to affect that mistake in future. Whereas Abroad people have a terrific fear about breaking the Laws as they could get suffer a lot once they broke the rules and regulations.

I strongly feel that Rules are to be made followed as not a single man has a feeling to follow a Rule when it comes to him.

I have been to many different counties as of now, What i can see that
Country like a INDIA is a really Beautiful Country considering the Natural
Resources and is really environmental friendly, but if we consider countries
like Dubai, Bahrain, USA or UK, these countries are having a Extreme
climatic conditions.

Our government and other systems if decide to keep the things on TRACK , we
will maintain our country as most beautiful. I think first is Government who
needs to start a discipline and people would follow it.
We need to clean up our country in aspects of Pollution, Traffic
systems, Garbage and disciplines i think that beauty will follow then

-- Pankaj Mahajan


bhushan said...

The main problems now a days we are facing is due to very high population.
The traffic problem, scaricity of roads are due to excessive production of two wheelers. We are not stoping anywhere.
Lack of discipline, ownership attitude is getting reduced from our life day by day.
After travel to foreign country(like Dubai, oman) where still monarchy is seen, everything is under control.
Citizens and expartate normally follow all rules.they don't destroy garden, don't cut flowers on road but in India you find number of person living or spending
there life on roundabout or road. why?.
the answers lies in itself

captsubh said...

No matter what is done in India to improve matters concerning quality of life,it is NEVER going to be adequate & therefore successful,because the most relevant & important question of unmitigated population explosion is never addressed & is totally NEGLECTED by ruling politicians,the government & semi govt organisations,the bureaucrats & most political parties.
We can keep shouting at the top of our voice that India is a great country & will catch up with rest of the advanced/developed world,but under the sheer weight of numbers,all infrastructures will keep crumbling,nullifying gains of the globalisation,agricultural reforms,technological advancement,significant industrial growth & major contribution of the IT sector.
Every few years,we are adding the entire population of the Australian continent & soon,there will be no room left in cities,towns & even rural/village areas for expansion.
And most of our politicians are becoming more aggressive & ambitious to a point that they do not care for the toiling masses except,when their votes count.
Indians abroad are no doubt proud of their motherland,but after those, who have settled down there permanently,visit their folks/homes in India,every subsequest visit also brings home to them the stark realities of a claustrophobic life in choked cities,roads,expressways,banks & where have you and therefore,secretly,they look forward to returning to their self chosen El Dorado abroad so that they can breathe,drive,move about freely without having to jostle in the extremely crowded & polluted Indian environment.
Can the politicians,the bureaucrats not only acknowledge,but also do something positive to control the proliferation of human beings & set up new & separate townships in stead of burdening further the chaotic metropolises & cities/towns in our great country?