Thursday, January 10, 2008

तुम्ही गेलाय या कटकटीतून...?

i am born and brought up in pune.i am regular reader of sakal. so i am finally coming to sakal for help. after trying all possible ways of registering my mobile and residence phone number i am not yet satisfied. like many others , i am disturbed by the unwanted phone calls on mobile from various telemarkaters throughout the day. thanks to some hope of national do not call registry.
i registerd on all possible websites and banks sites individually.

still i am getting calls and someone told me that its not yet applicable in pune. please help me out , i dont know where to complain. may be you people could enlighten this issue and find a solution. i am a proffesional doctor and am really getting disturbed by these bank/creditcard/ insurence/mobile co.etc calls.

i will be thankful to you if you could open up this issue.
dr shashank behere, pune

डॉ. सशांक बेहेरे यांचा अनुभव अतिशय बोलका आहे. आपल्याला कसा वाटतो हा अनुभव? कधीतरी तुम्हालाही या कटकटीतून जावे लागलेच असेल ना.? काय केले तुम्ही त्यावेळी, ते आम्हालाही लिहा या ब्लॉगवर....!


captsubh said...

Dr.Shashank Behere,
Sorry to know yr predicament.It is easy & possible to block all promotional unwanted calls on your mobile by sending a suitable SMS to yr mobile company.In case of AIRTEL,it is 'NO PROMO' SMS to airtel.If your mobile is from some other provider,pl.ask them to block.
As re:home phone number,as far as I know,there is no BSNL system to block such calls.The only way may be to change the number & not give it to all & sundry & also not to print it on yr visiting cards & prescriptions,which is also impracticable.
Agreed that the bold telemarketers get list of contact numbers from clubs & elsewhere & do cause a great nuisance.
During specific inconvenient timings,it may be prudent/expedient to just put the phone off the hook.
At other times,just to tell the telemarketers firmly & clearly NOT TO WASTE THEIR TIME & CALLS TO YOU as you will NEVER BE interested in their services.
These are inevitable nuisances of proliferation of population/companies in this city & incursion of outsider aggressive telemarketers with a mandate to shove their credit cards/insurance/holiday packages/timeshares & what have you down yr throat.
आपणासारखा अनुभव बहुतांश जनतेला नियमितपणे येतच असतो व बरेच समदुखीः आहेत यातपण समाधान मानावे.
नववर्षाच्या शुभेच्छा!


But I believe phone companies like Vodafone charge Rs99.00 per month for blocking calls.

I am also getting 3-4 SMS's everyday from mobile no.9820463735 *Goderej SMS*
and I am also helpless.

2nd incidence is I am getting calls and SMS from DBalerts about credit card balances and transactions and statements wereas I do not have DB credit cards. I must have told them 100 times and send emails to stop this nonsense, but it still continues.

such is life

drbehere said...

my problem is that being a doctor i cant switch off my mobile, neither i can change my old mobiel number.
the telemarkaters are ruthless they dont care about time , i have got calls even at 7 pm.
i have been in my mobile company idea cellular , almost everyday i am forwarding the numbers from which i get calls.
they are saying that most of them are from reliance numbers. they have informed reliance communications . but nothing is working at present. i am still getting unwanted calls everyday!

the telkemarkaters have a target of number of calls they have done in a day. so evenif you pick it up and talk for two seconds , they dont mind.

sombody please find a permanat solution for this nonsence.

only hope is that the TRAI comes with the rule of changing your mobile service without changing the present number. it is applicable in metros at present.
then we can opt for the company which acts to keep their promise of not allowing the number to the telemarkaters.
if this works, the cellular company will be a hit.
god knows when that will happen!

any comments?

Dr Shashank Behere, pune