Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Safety of Indian Students

Incident that one of our fellow Indian friend was shot and died in San Diego State University, California named Preet Rupinder Singh Sodhi, is a wakeup call for all of us to do something about that.

We all can see the rise in the number of incidents of mugging, robberies, etc and that too most within the Campus Area. Rather than mailing about taking precautions, we need to take this issue to some concerned authorities.

I suggest that we all go together to International Student Center and talk about the issue of security around Campus Area. The impact of our talk can be profound if we go in large group.

I know most of us are be busy in their finals so I recommend going around next Tuesday. Again, I say the impact can be profound if we go in large group so PARTICIPATION of all of us is must. Sparing 1-2 hours won¢t be difficult for anybody.

These types of incidents can happen to anyone of us .Rather than being scared all the time walking around in night, it is better to try for safe environment by sparing sometime.

-- Yuvraj Sonawane (


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to clear out he wasnt shot at campus, you have the wrong info, it happened at work in a 99c store at natural heights, get your article corrected. I personally knew Preet and he was such a good person, cant believe it.

Anonymous said...

Its Normal Heights not natural heights. It is a locality behind SDSU.