Wednesday, August 01, 2007

संजय दत्तला सहा वर्षे सक्तमजुरी

क्षणाक्षणाला उत्कंठा वाढवत विशेष टाडा न्यायाधीश प्रमोद कोदे यांनी अभिनेता संजय दत्त याला अखेर आज सहा वर्षे सक्तमजुरी व २५ हजार रुपये दंडाची शिक्षा ठोठावली आणि "गांधीगिरी'चे धडे देणारा मुन्नाभाई अखेर कायद्याच्या लांब हातांमुळे गजाआड गेला.

संजयचा गुन्हा गंभीर असून त्याने देशाच्या कायद्याला कस्पटासमान लेखले आहे व त्याला कायद्याबद्दल आदर नाही. तो प्रोबेशनवर सुटण्याच्या पात्रतेचा नाही, हे त्याने आपल्या वर्तनातून दाखवून दिले आहे. कुख्यात दाऊद इब्राहिम, अनीस इब्राहिम आदींशी त्याचे संबंध होते. वडिलांच्या व कुटुंबियांच्या जीविताला धोका असला, तरी त्याने बेकायदा कृत्य केले आहे आणि इतरांना गुन्हा करण्यास प्रवृत्त केल्याने त्याचे गांभीर्य मोठे आहे, असे न्यायाधीशांनी स्पष्ट केले. शिक्षा ऐकल्यावर कोसळण्याच्या बेतात असलेला संजय हताशपणे बसून राहिला व धीर एकवटून उदासपणे हसत शिक्षा स्वीकारल्याचे त्याने दाखविले.


avinash said...

There is no wonder that Sanjay Datta is awarded 6 year"s rigourous imrisonment by Judge Kodre. I don't find any reason why Sanjay Dutta deserve lesser punishment. Not only because he is a star or his sister is a M.P. or he is a son of renowned actor turned politician. Forget it. Everone is equal before the law and everyone has equal protection of law. The Special Prosecutor has rightly commented on this aspect in an interview given on a private news channel and i am in total agreement with him. Let us stop commenting on the punishment given to Snajay Dutta. Let the law take its course.

Suresh3211 said...

JJ Kode has rightly proclaimed the verdict of 6 yrs RI for Sanjay Dutt. Now it is upto the S Court to decide the future course of action once the matter goes before it.

Anonymous said...

Superme Court shall not be give a bail to Sanjay Datta. He konws very well what he was doing? From whom he was purchasing a arms? He know the plan of underworld & e have a relationship with a underworld.

माधव बामणे said...

संजय तसा नशिबवानच. सुनिल दत्त सारखे विचारी वडिल त्याला लाभले, बाळासाहेबांचा युतिच्या काळात आशिर्वाद मिळाला, कॊंग्रेसचे सरकार सध्या सत्तेवर आहे. तपासातील त्रृटी मुळे देशद्रोहाच्या आरोपातुन मुक्त झाला. न्या. कोदे यानी रामशास्त्री प्रभुणे यांचा आदर्श मानुन त्याला न्याय दिला.

इतके असुनही कॊंग्रेस मात्र त्याला न्याय मिळ्वून देऊ अशी वल्गना करत आहे. ख्हरे तर त्यला झालेली शिक्षा फारशी कडक नाही. त्याचे चित्रपटातील गांधीगिरी प्रत्यक्षात उतरावयची असेल तर ही शिक्षा आनंदाने स्वीकारावी. उगीच सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात जाऊन आपले हसे करुन घेऊ नये.

Suresh3211 said...

सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात जाण्‍याचा हक्‍क प़त्‍येकास असतो. निकाल विरोधात लागण्‍याने हसे वगैरे होते हे वाजवी नाही. सवॅ दावे पन्‍नास टक्‍के विरोधातच लागतात. संजय दत्‍त त्‍याच्‍या पैश्‍याने सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात जाणार व त्‍यामुळे कायद्‍याचा किस निघणार. त्‍याचा उपयोग इतर वकिलवगॅ, पोलिस खाते व आम जनतेला होणार.

Suresh3211 said...

We will move SC, say Dutt’s lawyers

Mumbai, July 31
Lawyers of actor Sanjay Dutt today said they would move the Supreme Court seeking relief for him.

Dutt's counsel Satish Maneshinde said as soon as the required papers are ready, the actor's legal team would exercise the right to appeal and move the Supreme Court seeking relief.

He, however, declined to specify when they intended to file the appeal.

An operational order of the sentence is expected and it generally takes at least two days after an appeal for the matter to come up for hearing before the Supreme Court, Maneshinde said.

He said the lawyers had prepared Dutt for the likelihood of his going to jail in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case.

"We had prepared him," Maneshinde told mediapersons when asked for his reaction to the six-year jail term given earlier in the day by the Special TADA court here.

"Sanjay Dutt was prepared for this day. We, as the legal team, are saddened by the verdict and think that the judgement is harsh," he said.

Maneshinde said they would make every effort to reinforce the legal team which already consists of a battery of senior lawyers like V.R. Manohar, Surendra Singh and Karan Singh.

He said Bollywood producers, directors and actors had already been informed of the likely predicament and had resolved to stand by Dutt just as they had done during his earlier prison term in 1993.

"Dutt has bounced back every time he has faced a crisis and this is another of those," he said.

Suresh3211 said...

Can the Supreme Court change things drastically for Sanjay Dutt?

Advocate Harsh Ponda said the SC has major powers to scrutinise the evidence. If it finds loopholes, it could even acquit all the accused. Advocate Majid Memon echoed Ponda.

However, Special Public Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam claimed that the SC would not change the verdicts in the case drastically because the prosecution has strong evidence.

माधव बामणे said...

सर्व सामान्य माणूस केलेल्या गुन्ह्यातुन सुटका करुन घेण्याचा प्रयत्न करतो. त्या बद्दल कांही बोलता येत नाही. संजयला माहित आहे की त्याल झालेली शिक्षा सौम्य आहे. जर गांधिगिरी त्याच्या फक्त अभिनयातच नाही तर रक्तात भिनली असेल तर गांधीजींचा आदर्श ठेऊन शिक्षेला आनंदाने सामोरे जावे. तुरंगात गांधीगिरी प्रत्यक्षात आणावी. हे जर तो करणार नसेल तर त्याच्यात व इतरात फरक काय? आणि जर फरक नसेल तर त्याच्या बद्दल इतराना सहानभुती का वाटावी?

Sachin V said...

He must not seek any excuse in this punishment. Taking into considerations, the profile of crime he is sentensed for; his case should become an example and will prevent re-occurence of such events in future.
Crime is matter who you are..and how good you behave after that.....'s very easy to do 'Gandhi-giri' on screen....but you must have to have GUTS to implement it in real life..

Nilesh. said...

infact sanjay dutt should have punished for more than six years. why should we show sympathy for him, who is sanjay dutt , son of actor turned politician or brother of M.P. , the crime he has done is a crime against humanity. has he ever think about the people who died in the serial bomb blast case. did he show any sympathy towards the people who lost everything in the blast. against this what has sanjay to lose , only six years. and after doing the crime now he is offering prayers to god. but what happend , even the god is against him. a crime is a crime , and no one is big or small in the eyes of law. if i was the judge , than i would i have given him more than six years of prisonment.

captsubh said...

संजय दत्त हा अपराधी होता का व त्याला किती शिक्षा व्हावी हा मुद्दा आता तात्पुरता संपला आहे.यापुढे तो सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात गेल्यास ते याबाबत निर्णय घेण्यास समर्थ आहे.
१]पण सर्वात आश्चर्याची गोष्ट म्हणजे कोर्टाचा निकाल जाहिर झाल्यावरहि कोंग्रेस पक्षाचे दोन मंत्री कपिल सिबल व प्रियरंजन दासमुन्शी यांनी कै.सुनील दत्त यांनी कोंग्रेस पक्षाला मोठे योगदान दिले म्हणून त्यांच्या वारसाला वाचविलेच पाहिजे अशी विधाने घाईघाईने केली.
२]तिकडे अर्जुनसिंहांच्या नातसुनेने त्यांच्यावर हावरेपणाने मर्सीडिस गाडी वगैरे मागितल्याचे गंभीर आरोप केल्यावर त्या पक्षाच्या रेणुका चौधरी निर्लज्जपणे अर्जुनसिंहांच्या बचावासाठी दंड थोपटू लागल्या!!!
३]अफ़ज़ल गुरूचे शिक्षेचे कागद आजही ग्रुहमंत्रालयाकडे धूळ खात पडले आहेत हे मावळत्या राष्ट्रपतीनी नमूद केलेच आहे!
सामान्य व्यक्तींना कठोर न्याय व प्रसिद्धीझोतात रहाणा-या राजकारणी व सिनेजगतातल्या व्यक्तीना कधीच दोषी धरायचे नाही ही आपल्या देशातली एक दुर्दैवी वस्तुस्थिती आहे.संजय दत्तबाबतीत हायकोर्टाने सर्व पुराव्यांवर खूप विचार करून कायद्याप्रमाणे शिक्षा फ़र्मावली आहे तर ती स्विकार केलीच पाहिजे.
नाहीतर या निर्लज्ज महाभागांना व त्यांच्या पक्षाला भारतातील न्याययंत्रणेवर विश्वास नाही असेच दिसणार आहे!
भारत देश त्यांना कोणीहि आंदण दिलेला नाही हे त्या सर्वांच्या जितक्या लवकर लक्षात येइल तितके बरे नाहीतर खोट्याचे खरे व ख-याचे खोटे करण्याची यांची सवय जाणार नाही व देशाचे आणखी वाटोळे होतच राहिल.

माधव बामणे said...

captsubh मी जे थोडक्यात व कोणाचेही नांव न घेता सांगितले ते आपण सविस्तर पणे व संबंधितांची नांवे घेऊन सांगितले ते चांगले झाले. संजय आता सुधारला असेल. परंतु, १९९३ साली त्याला नक्की कटबद्दल माहिती असावी. जी शत्रे त्याने घरी ठेऊन घेतली ती खेळणी नव्हती. त्या वेळी त्याचा अर्थ समजण्याचे वय होते. कटात प्रत्यक्ष सहभाग नसावा पण त्याला महिती नक्कीच होती. ती महिती जरी त्याने आपल्या वडिलाना सांगितली असती तरी बॊंब्स्फोट रोखता आले असते. हा नक्कीच देशद्रोहाचा गुन्हा आहे. तपासातील मुद्दाम ठेवलेल्या त्रुटी मुळे त्याची त्यातुन सुटका झाली. म्हणुनच मी म्हणतॊ त्याने सर्वोच्च न्यायालयात न जाता निमुटपणे शिक्षा भोगावी, पश्चाताप करावा व पापातुन मुक्त व्हावे. तो खरोखरच बदलला असेल तर या संकटाला संधी मानुन पापाचे परिक्षालन करावे.

त्याने तुरंगात असताना स्वत:तील बदल दाखवला तर त्याची शिक्षा कमी होऊ शकते. कॊंग्रेसवाले त्यच्या मदतीला उभे आहेतच. देव त्याल सद:बुद्धी देवो.

amoga said...

I can see that media is more responsible to make hype of this whole episode. If he would not have punished this media only would have screwed life of the judge and indian law system. Now as he is punished, they are trying to create sympathy for Sanjay Dutt. This is rediculous. Just think about the people who died in those blast. The punishment is nothing for such kind of crime.

माधव बामणे said...

Amoga, did you see the poll results? There are a few sympthisers for Sanjay inspite of knowing that the man did not disclose what he knew about the planned bomb explosions. What would call them?

Cine industry is worried about the investment in his incomplete films. They are not bothered about the agony faced by who died, injured and relatives of those suffered directly. They are not worried about the trechorous act. They simply say he is changed. I don't know whether he is changed or its his acting though.

His fans feel same.

We are fortunate that our judicial system is working correctly.

Anonymous said...

Sanjay gets sympathy because in our country, lot of people give importance to Bollywood and Cricket than it deserves.Poeple are crazy about heors inspite their unethical and irrsponsible behavior towards society.

माधव बामणे said...

Anonymous, There is nothing wrong in finding heros on cenema screen or in cricket. Most of us cannot do many things. Possibly every thing appears to us as 'Impossible' When we see some one else doing it we feel excited and happy. We do respect persons who can do impossible things.

However, worshiping is a particular character in cinema is different from worshiping the person performing the character on screen. Maximum what we may accept is the performance of the person and not his personal thinking or actions outside the cenema. Cene stars also gruge when their personal life is exposed and they are right. Mostly their life differs from what we see on screen. Those who perform as a drunkar need not drink liquor in pvt life. Most of them do not drink at all. The inverse also is true. There are a few exceptions though.

Therefore I fail to understand why people are supporting a person who with help from many quarters succeeded in escaping charge of 'देशद्रोही' Over and above he is pleading for bail and what not. If he would have accepted the judgment in true sense and faced the punishment while showing that his 'गांधीगिरी' is not limited to his acting but it is part of his life He would have passed the test.

Those who feel the sentence is harsh should justify and not just vote and leave.

Ankur said...

Sanjay Dutt might be a star but that doesn't mean that laws do not apply to him.
If we see the views those are broadcasted through all media (news,talk shows & campaigns), we find strong reasons to suspect that those are driven by some definite purpose of 'whitening' the image of Sanjay Dutt.
All electronic media & even press who generally claims to be 'UNBIASED' is actually presenting only one side of the coin in this case.
The stupid reasons the media is giving is 'Sunjay Dutt is a good man; He behaves very politely; Why he should be punished for the crime he made so long ago?' etc. etc. but no one is talking about the seriousness of crime he did.
As, eventhough any murderer is a 'good' person or he is having a 'polite behaviour' or he has done the murder 'long ago'; doesnot grant him to do a crime & he must be punished to maintain the health of the society. Same thing applies in case of Mr. Sanjay Dutt. He must be punished ruthlessly for what he has done.
By this we might loose a actor, but win confidence in the Indian constitution. Its upto us to decide which thing carries more value for us...a actor or our nation.

माधव बामणे said...

अंकुर यांचे म्हणणे बरोबर आहे. पण मला वाटते सन्जय दत्तला या पेक्षा जास्त प्रसिद्धी देऊ नये.

दिनेश said...

जैसे ज्याचे कर्म तैसे फळ देतोरे ईश्वर.
AK46 त्याने काय गम्मत म्हणुन ठेवली होती कां?


Anonymous said...

Sunjay dutt is guilty and he must have punished. what bothers me is that this should have been happened 14 years ago when he found guilty. it doesn't matter now after 14 years. and after such a long span 6 years is nothing.

o said...

sanjubaba as famous that only a reason for punishment it is bali ka bakara to show no one is bigger than law it is the only reason to
promote status of judiction

Raosaheb said...

Althogh Munnabhais image has made him save his face today, his wrong doings in his earlier days are really not forgivable and he deserves the punishment for his aid in bomb blasts at Mumbai.

This is the Ideal Example for the Parents who just overlook the creations of their kids in bringing them up