Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is The Technology Good or Bad?

इंटरनेटच्या माध्यमातून देशपातळीवर चालणाऱ्या देहव्यापाराचा पर्दाफाश
नागपूर, ता. २७ - इंटरनेटच्या माध्यमातून चालणाऱ्या देहव्यापाराचा आज शुक्रवारी ग्रामीण पोलिसांनी पर्दाफाश केला असून, हिंदी व इतर भाषेतील चित्रपट, तसेच टीव्ही मालिकेत काम करणाऱ्या दोन अभिनेत्रींसह एका आघाडीच्या मॉडेलला पोलिसांनी देहव्यापारासाठी सौदा करताना रंगेहात पकडले. या घटनेमुळे सर्वत्र खळबळ उडाली असून "कास्टींग काऊच'चे विदारक सत्य उघडकीस आले आहे.

Earlier the heartache due offending Orkut Communities and now this. Are technology and facilities offered by Internet bad? Or such things are bound to happen as technology enters all spheres of life ? Or are these incidents exceptions rather than a rule?

What do you think?


Suresh3211 said...

The Technology of Mobile Telephone or Internet is not bad at all. The Bad and Ugly persons are active in our society and they can use any technology for their immoral activities. Why blame the technology?

PK said...

Well, as they say, every coin has two sides. If there are numerous advantages of technology, then it has its share of limitations too. If you use its advantages, it can create wonders !! but if you misuse it, it could be disastrous. Internet is one such technology.

There is no way that we can stop such things on internet. There are billions of people all over who access the web and there are millions of such websites on internet.All you can do is block such websites.

Even if internet was not there, whatever happened was still possible because there are many other ways to make such things happen. So we can not completely hold internet resposible for this. of course, with internet it has become more easy to get into such things as now a days internet access is available everywhere and to everyone.

As far as Orkut is concerned, I really dont understand why Orkut is still not blocked in India ??? Its a completely useless website. There are so many communitites against our national leaders and what not. People create fake profiles to defame others.Still government has taken no steps to block orkut.

and finally, we all know that such things can not stay hidden for long and one day whoever is guilty will be punished. knowing this fact people still get into such things so its completely our responsiblity to choose the right path.

J K SARAF said...

No body can stop relationship between the opposite sex. There is nothing wrong in it if it is by mutual consent, may be paid or voluntary.
Only earning by a third person on sex trade should be treated as crime.
There should be no interference by the society or Govt. if it is by mutual consent.
Moral policing by Govt. is not remedy on this.
As hoteling is a need of a person, sex should also be treated as basic need of a human being.
Human being deprived of sex for a long time may not be a normal person. This fact is known to all however resisting it is a hippocracy.
If somebody offers her or him on net for sex relations on certain terms, why others should bother about it and what is the problem for them ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saraf, i think you are not aware of the fact that the girls involved in above incident were stuggling actors,models etc. in order to get themselves a role in movie or serials, they sold their you think this is how the young generation should learn to get things done ??? young generation like these girls think that seling their body is the only way to earn money.
I dont know whether you are married or not, but if you were, would you like to see your daughter on such websites because she doesnt want to stay deprived of sex ? because somebody is offering her on so called terms ??

nitin said...

everybody is talking abt technology etc. No one is ready to appreciate police. So i must say its really a good job done by them. As far as technology is concerne it is up to the user the way in which it should be used. we can limit cons of it but cant really nutralize

Anonymous said...

no doubt that the police have done a good job but the topic of the blog is " is technology good or bad" ? so everybosy is talking abt technology :)

माधव बामणे said...

One good thing in discussions is all agree that any technology is much more useful but it has some dark side. To certain extent care can be taken to block the dark side but it cannot be foolproof. This is a reason why there is development going on continuously. However, there is hardly any possibility of achieving the final aim of foolproof technology. This must be understood while using technology and efforts need to continue to make it foolproof. To some extent we do find ways to catch misbehaviour of some and punish them. This cannot be taken as an ultimate solution though.

Internet is used for many purposes. However the maximum use is for sex. I read some time back that sex oriented sites on internet are over 50% and these are increase at much higher rate than other sites. This is because almost all of us have more interest in sex than other things. May be this is because many use internet for relaxation and want to know about things for which information is not available in our daily life. Whatever may be the reason the ground truth is hits on sex sites are many times more than other sites.

If one thinks about restraints provided on sex, the need, methods, and logical reasons the most important fact comes out that ultimate joy, satisfaction is in sex. No person can get better satisfaction in any other thing than sex. Our ancestors have understood this and they had taken actions. Things were within control till industrial revolution took place firstly in UK and then in USA followed by many other nations. This revolution brought many good things, made working hours lesser, increased financial income of persons and many other things. However, an unexpected result of this had been availability of more free time and converting society in to 'individual' based rather than 'group of people' Individual freedom became the sole aim of persons. The reason I guess why Shri JK Saraf is debating for allowing 2 persons to have sex with mutual agreement is because of this individual freedom.

If you study western society they have accepted this freedom for persons over the age of 18. However, if one does little research to find whether this has solved their problems the picture is gloomy. Rapes continue, women are considered as toy for pleasure, sex among wide age difference is increasing, women consider that if they have to achieve some thing they must surrender to their bosses, women consider themselves as slaves to men and many more things which cannot be printed here.

In view of what Shri JK Saraf thinks is not good for society. We must accept the age old restraints on sex and any one violating these must be punished, punished severely. One must accept that the root cause of the so called fundamentalists in Muslims gaining importance is the 'loose relationships' among people as far as sex is considered. Every one is happy to have sexual relationship with other women but when it comes to relationship by others with his own women he shall never accept it.

Anonymous said...

Stupid question. Technology good or bad :)). Do u think when internet was not so popular, these things were not happening ? Next time u guys first get a good solid subject before asking for such comments. This has nothing to do with technology. All people are talking about wheather it is good or bad to do such things.. guys this is not the subject, subject is whether technology is good or bad .
He mhanje gharat undir ahe mhanun ghar jalanyasarkhe ahe . Kinwa eka car cha accident zala mhanun car vaparavi ki nahi asa prashna vicharanya sarkhe ahe ..

All the best !

dev said...

Mr. AD, you are not understanding the point here. you said these things were happening even before internet was avaialable. you are right !! but you have failed to understand that internet has made such things more easily available. because evryone accesses internet. from kids to oldies evryone has access !!! so with the help of internet bad people can target vide range of people. with internet, it is easy for them to expand their dirty business s they can contact foriegn customers quickly and easily. moreover, using internet, you can hide your identity. a middle person who brings customer and prostitues or others together, can stay anonymous and still make money.
and because technology like internet has made such things happen easily, the topic is whther it is good to have such technology or not !! because if there are advantages, then there has to have some limitations too. and in this case the limitation is that with internet, it is easy to get into bad things !

माधव बामणे said...

While appreciating any thing both sides must be looked in to. Decision depends on how much is the total score. Techonolgy has made our lives much better, more comfortable and waiting period is reduced to the extent we don't get disparate. There is no need to blame technology. What is needed is find ways and means to block misuse.

Blocking of internet sites is no solution. Some says 'orkut' should be blocked in India. What happens in other countries? They still will see and make up their mind about India. Orkut allows every one to log in and add contribution. If one finds some thing is wrong he/she should place truth with it. In general we have habit of criticizing and not finding out appropriate solution.

का न सदन बांधावे, पुढे बिळे करील घूस. घूस बिळे करील म्हणून घर बांधायचे नाही काय? उघड्यावरच राहणार, झोपणार काय?

Abhijeet said...

I really appriciate all the above comments for touch many aspects of the topic.
Actually before internet the sex trade was going on with the help of telephone of cellphone which also a technology at the same time phones are used for calling ambulance for a person having heartattack, for calling police in case of emergency.
So we cant blame technology. the problem is with human tendancy. Whenver there is some going of good innovation people started misusing that. And its not the story of 10, 15 100 years its been for last thousands years. God created fruits , human created liqor from that.
As far as orkut is concerned it is the responsibility of the owner of the website to check whether there should not be any misuse of the website in any sense.

blogger said...

the person who has replied before abhijeet says that blocking is not the solution. but i really feel that sites like orkut must be blocked. there are many countries in which orkut is blocked now a days.
few months back i read a news in which a boy in India, who was not even 15 years old killed another small kid. later it was realized that the boy who killed, got lessons on who to kill someone from some Orkut communities. there are so many cases in India in which some people have created fake profiles of girls in which they portray the girl as a prosititute or like that. today if you check Orkut, there are so many young people(below age 18) wasting time and learning bad things on Orkut because they have easy access to everything on orkut. there are so many communities that make fun of people, our national leaders, our own country,religion etc etc.dont you think we shd control such things ?? on the other hand, what good has orkut done so far?nothing !! people log in, send scraps, check others profiles thats it !!
as far as sites like orkut are concerned, the only solution is to block them !!!

माधव बामणे said...

If blocking a site can stop defamation of our beloved leaders, if it can stop others in the world reading it the site should be blocked. Many children and people have taken clues from cinema and carried out venal acts. Would it be advisible to block the cinema?

We need to counter attack such sites.

avi said...

Hello all,

Well said and accepted by most of the peoples here about both the sides of technology, technology is like flow of water, you can turn it the way you want. We should not forget that the use of a particular technology is up to the end user of the same. And yes about the open sex relationship, we have to be honest with our partners. Sex is not the only way to achieve satisfaction. There are many other ways like trekking, social service, traveling etc.

Someone here said that sites such as orkut should be banned as they are of no use. I think the person who has posted this line has seen only one side of a coin, as I am a volunteer working under the banner of 96 Kuli Maratha community orkut. We are working for various things such as Blood Donation Drives, Mass Tree Plantation, and Donation of educational amenities to childrens in orphanages, visiting and spending day with old peoples in vrudhhashrams, working for betterment and upliftment of our own society etc. . is our on website. Earlier all the volunteers of were working individually, a community which is our second home now brought us together, now our group is spanned across the world.

माधव बामणे said...

I agree with AVI. In fact I already brought out that there are a few million sites which may need banning. However, banning only in India won't serve any purpose. This ban should be worldover and this cannot be achieved. Banning only in India has 1 more disadvatage. Out side India the people would still see what we find 'should be banned' Therefore, the solution is fight with those who are defaming. Prove them wrong.

Anonymous said...

its Abhi, its a good thing tht police found all these things..
n i think tht we all should praise them.atleast SAKAL!
always,when police fails to investigate smthing,they are targetted.but its time to praise them for their success.
i hearty congratulate them. n wish that success should always b there with them.

Vishal said...


Yes. This is the point of discussion that needs a cautious mind. Technology is good as far as generously used. Technology that harms the life on earth is not only bad but the people who are using it need to be educated, there evil hearts need to be transformed to good hearts. Its very challenging but there is no way out.