Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Oscar Nomination For an Indian Film; Not for India

Water, the Deepa Mehta's film, which was at last sent by Canada, has won the nomination for Academy award in Foreign Language Films Category.

Good films ARE made in India also. But the problem is that good Indian films are not always sent for Oscar.

Was Rang De Basanti the best film in India? The question is debatable. While RDB was popular & has good screenplay, it is typically a Bollywood movie with a lot of melodrama. RDB does not have an universal appeal beyond subcontinent diaspora. Then why India sent Rand De Basanti for Oscars? There are many a people in India, who think that Omkara or even Water could have been better as India's entry to Oscar. Is our Oscar entry selection process flawed?


Anonymous said...

Is our Oscar entry selection process flawed?

Who were the committee members involved in the selection process ?

Unless we don't know the names we can't comment.

walkingonarope said...

Why r Indians so keen to send their movies for the Oscars? are any of the indian movies sent to date worth it? the answer is sadly No, the reason is we as indians are busy hurrying to go to the Oscars but we r not ready yet, for the content of our movies are not suited for Oscar audience, just b'coz the movies we want to send have made box office success does not mean they r good for Oscars 'RDB', 'Omkara' are not made for Oscar at least i certainly wouldn't like them to be, 'RDB' is a story of a britisher who is inspired by her grandpa's diary and comes to India where she want to make a film on the heroes her grandpa has so affectionately described, but the youth in India at the time is busy fun and froliking among themselves and it is from that diary they later get inspiration to work for the country, till then they r nobody so it only goes to show we need an outside person to show/inspire our duties for the country.
About 'Omkara' it is outright underworld movie set in rural north india, i wish film makers of today in India show some thing good about their country there is so much to our country which sadly we prefer to look away from.

captsubh said...

I agree with what walking onarope has said.None of the films mentioned by him are worth putting up even in India,but just because 'Lagaan' made it somehow upto oscar,our expectations are going skyhigh regardless of whether we have the caliber to compete for an oscar.