Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Winners Fight A Lot

The Asian games ended on a high note for Indian tennis. Both golds in doubles and a silver in Women's singles proved that India is truly an Asian tennis power to reckon with.
However, an ordinary Indian tennis enthusiast will remember the Doha Asiad as an event when Paes-Bhupati broke up as a Tennis doubles pair. On one hand, Paes says that he will not play with Bhupati again on the other Bhupati says that he won't beg to anybody for playing with him. Bhupati also reminded the harassment he suffered from Paes and the coach - Nandan Bal.
When the players play at international level and adorn the top slot in Men's doubles, win several Grand slams together, it would be a modest expectation that they should behave like matured professionals. But Paes & Bhupati are behaving like children who like to fight often.

Whatever the reason for their break up, the basic question is Do the Indian's have a winner's mindset really?


Anonymous said...

yes India has really proved that we are Asian Tennis Power. and here Russia (now divided) couldn't win any russia lost it's power.

Anonymous said...

Indian's certainly has a winner's mindset. But Indians do not have team work mindset.
When there in one indian, one american and one british, they know indian is smarter than us. When there are two indian two americans and two british guys then it becomes equal. When there are three indians, three americans and three british they beat us easily. Why? Because teamwork.

We do not put team first. We put ourselves. We do not put conuntry first, we put our egos first.

Sad... but true.

Himanshu Sheth said...

I do think that Indians lack that firepower be it on the cricket field or the tennis court.

Our body language is never good.

If the body language is good than we can win more matches since winning is more of a mind game than a technique game.

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