Saturday, December 16, 2006

Maharashtra Public Service Commision - When the results will be out?

The state civil services examinations in Maharashtra have become a joke really. MPSC which has the responsibility of conducting the selection process of state government officials is to blame for this.
Generally the civil services exams are carried out in 3 stages - Preliminary exam, Main exam and the interviews. In some cases the preliminary stage is dropped. Thousands of youngsters from Maharashtra waste their most productive years in not studying and appearing for these exams, but they waste their money and time in just waiting for the results. Read this news in Sakaal-

"महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोगामार्फत १८ डिसेंबर २००५ रोजी घेण्यात आलेल्या राज्यसेवा (पूर्व) परीक्षेला उद्या (ता. १८) बरोबर एक वर्ष होत आहे; परंतु अद्याप या परीक्षेचा निकाल घोषित झालेला नाही. त्यामुळे सक्षम आणि पात्र उमेदवार निवडून शासनाकडे त्यांची शिफारस करणाऱ्या या स्वायत्त संस्थेच्या कार्यक्षमतेबाबतच प्रश्‍नचिन्ह उभा राहिले आहे.
... परीक्षेची संपूर्ण कार्यवाही दीड वर्षांत पूर्ण होणे अपेक्षित असते. ती परीक्षा जर तीन-साडेतीन वर्षे चालत असेल, तर तो युवकांच्या भविष्याशी केलेला कृतघ्नपणाच म्हणावा लागेल कारण जो युवक आपल्या उमेदीत किमान पाच परीक्षा देऊ इच्छित असेल तो फक्त एक किंवा दोनच परीक्षा देऊ शकेल"


sandesh said...

This is very nice article.

captsubh said...

The delay of MPSC in declaring MPSC examination results in time is unpardonable & is a shame because the aspirants,if not successful at first attempt,like to keep trying in all chances they get within prescribed age limit.
In a country of teeming jobless millions,I can imagine the frustration & anguish of the helpless candidates,who have to wait endlessly for the results!
In the 60's,the results of T.S.Dufferin,NDA & public service entrance examinations were declared quickly & whole selection process completed within few months.
Can't the M'tra govt wake up & do something about it's own 'chalata hai attitude'?
Subhash Bhate

harryharjit said...

Well students are anxious & it is the job of the law makers & the government to see that the results are declared in time. How can you force the future to be kept hanging with results awaited. It is really shame on the Incharge of the exams to delay the results.