Monday, September 18, 2006

Pune Traffic Signal

Whom to blame for this?
Or Traffic Police?
Or We The People?


Suresh said...

लाल दिवा असताना त्‍याकडे दुलॅक्ष करणे ही गोष्‍ट पुणेक-यांच्‍या अंगवळणी पडलेली आहे. याला नागरीक, पोलीस व महानगर पलीका ज्ञबाबदार आहे.

Bharat said...

In this case I will blame to the people. We should obey the traffic signal rules even there is no traffic police at that moment. Isn't it our reponsibility?

Harshad said...

Good attempt to shoot the vidoe, although one could guess the Nokia Camera phone quality.. :)

See, ultimately its the riders who have to obey the traffic signal rules.

People dont follow rules they dont like. People dont like rules that are not implemented properly. What is the road safety dept of police like? Hardly catches someone and leaves on offering Rs 100/-, although there are a few exceptions..

God save the Pune commuters. Thats what I can pray..

harekrishnaji said...

This shows how self disciplined we are, as a nation and as an individual.

Anonymous said...

i would blame ONLY the people. it is a common sense to stop at the red light. u dont need Administration to tell u that. there cannot be police at every signal to keep watch on people. and even if they r there, its of no use. they will stand at one of the corner and wait for their BAKRA.
it is really frustating to see these kind of behaviours from a city like Pune, a so called Educational hub of Maharashtra.

GOD save pune...

Anonymous said...

It is just a matter of one month. If the police get strict for a month and refrain from accepting bribes, this should be good enough to solve most of the discipline problems related to traffic.

Anonymous said...

All are responsible for this.
The first thing , people should obey the rule.If accident happens, who is responsible for that?

& I am not cosidering police because they are always busy to found BAKARA. They never care for the what's happening.

Abhijeet said...

Can we go to the root cause of the problem?

How someone can dare or think of breaking the signal?

What attempts can be done to make everybody respect the system?

And its not just the question of signal ... there are lots of similar issues.

We need to change our mentality. We think chalane do , chalta hai, ye india hai sab chalta hai.

No , we should start it from our self. If one person a day will start following the rules. Tommorow more will do.

Finally its a chain reaction.

Rome was not built in a day.

Jai Hind!!

Rohit said...

Most of us may be aware that a new flyover is been constructed near Model colony at University road starting from E quare theater stretching upto Rahul theater..

I have to pass this road daily to commute for work.

For the past couple of months i have been seing this totally irresponsible behaviour of people while crossing the road..!!!

As the part of the road towards Rahul theater (Sancheti hospital) is blocked due to the bridge construction people need to take a turn toward E square theater and then come back towards Rahul theater..
Currently there is NO ROAD DIVIDER and people need to go all the way backupto E square theater..


Some part of the devider is been unprotected. That means anyone can cross over from one side of the road to the other. Usually traffic is comming at very high speeds due to the straight road.. and what is really shocking is that MOST (not some) of the people are crossing over this road divider while heavy and speedy traffic is comming on the way..

What is more shocking is that there are not only two wheelers responsible for this dangerous stunt.. but also it is very common to see FOUR WHEELERS including heavy vehicles doing the same..!!!! and to make it even more scare traffic from both sides of the road is crossing over this road divider part that is left unprotected!! So there is danger on both sides of the road..

Now comes the most STUPID part of it the signal is hardy 100 meters from where the vehicles are crossing over!!! I think it is COMPLETE ignorance from the people of this City!!

I have been seing this happening since the overbridge construction has started which is almost 3 to 4 months or even more now..!

On one side we the people appreciate a movie like munnabhai lage raho and paraise the mahatma...
and what are we really doing ??????

It is really frustraing to see such a dumb thing happening on a daily basis..and no corrective action been taken.

I hope Sakal will take some responsibility to voice my concern and avoid the dangerous scenario been created on a daily basis!
I request the concerned authorities to look into this matter and take appropriate corrective action and avoid the disaster that surely waits to happen if not prevented in time.

communityscope said...

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