Friday, September 22, 2006


Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of Nation, is today limited to chapters in text books, speeches of politicians and in photoes on the walls of government offices. His principles of Truth and Non-Violence are too hard to follow according to the superfast generations in Independent India. A survey in an economic daily found that Bill Gates is ahead of Mahatma Gandhi as role model for youth today. When Gandhiji was gradually fading in public psych, there came 'Munnabhai...Lage Raho'- a movie which showed the relevance and effectiveness of Gandhiji's methods of Satyagraha to all Indians and today Gandhigiri is again an in thing. There is a news from Lucknow about how people agitated by a liquor shop tried to persuade the liquor shop owner to move his shop. Don't be surprised if you get to hear such news with an increasing frequency. Damaged roads, dirty public hospitals, drinking water problems, corrupt politicians to name only a few problems - this is a gloomy picture for today's India. The citizens today are helpless against authorities, big corporations. Can Gandhigiri be a way for such helpless citizens to solve these problems? Does 'Satyagraha' offers a weapon to all of us?


Suresh said...

संजय दत्‍तचा ' लगे रहो-मुन्‍नाभाई ' चित्रपट अतिशय आवडला. आज्ञच्‍या पिढीला त्‍यांना समज्ञेल अशा भाषेत महात्‍मा गांधीज्ञीचे तत्‍वङान सांगण्‍याचा प़यत्‍न केला आहे.

Abhijeet said...


What is written in the Blog is very true. Now a days we are getting interested in how fast we are acheiving the thing.. but at the same time we are forgetting that what is important to acheive.

Due lack of political will power ,our education system is only producing the workers and not the social workers or a true human being.

Due to "Lage Raho Munna Bhai" we experienced the power of media. So the way of saying or expressing something really matters.

From the last 50 years we know the Gandhi Ideology, but none of the huge population was so interested in that ideology.

Then what happened. Suddenly everybody is getting interested in the Gandhi Giri.

The Key is the power of media.

So We need more and more such movies which can lead a revolution in this country.


Madhav Bamne said...

Gandhigiri and following Mahatma Gandhi has a difference. Gandhigiri is blindly following Mahatma. Understanding and following Mahatma is what needed. For example Mahatma said 'Go to villages' Simply going to villages and spending some time, drinking goat milk, using Charakha etc. would be Gandhigiri. However who has understood Mahatma well would try to find solutions to problems faced by villagers. One would find solution for water, electricity, roads, employment, health and many more. Simply travelling to village on weekend may be Gandhigiri but working in villages would show Mahatma Gandhi is understood properly.
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harekrishnaji said...

Please log on to and watch Video.

You will get the answer

Anonymous said...

I liked the way Gandhigiri was presented with a new face.
As is said rightly "change is the only constant" So the world is changing and so is the understand and way to communicate. So the Gandhigiri concept really clicks.

It would be really irrelevant to teach Gandhi's principles to us - the new generation. In this world where everthign "rocks" for the new generation I think Gandhigiri is considered "kewl". I think for the new generation it is the right way to present Gandhi's Ideas and it is rather an ideology which is presented in a new format..

I think in today's world the principle's of Gandhi are ever so relevant...

Gandhigiri is a way of life and not just mere imitation of actions... I think Munnabhai is already a SUCCESS becuase the very fact that we are even talking about Gandhigiri is a great achievement by itself...

As said "Gandhi does not belong to the Past but to the Future..."