Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is Sania Mirza the next Anna Kournikova?

Sania Mirza, India's Dream girl in tennis, an ambassader to promote gender equality and youth icon for a many...
Ravishing Sania had a highest ranking of 31. After reaching to 4th round of US open in 2005 and to 3rd round in Austrailian Open in the same year, it seemed that India's Steffi Graff is at hand for us.
But then Sania never delivered. In 2006, she has been able to reach at the most 3rd round of any tournament and never beyond 2nd round in any of the Grand Slam.

Was Sania, a mere hype than substance? Is it distractions of Modelling? Or is it burdening her with over expectations of 1 billion Indians?


yayati said...

Yes. Sania is the first successful lady tennis player in India. And there is no dobt about her play.
She made an idol of our indian lady tennis players.
In some few months ago, there was some issues about her dresscode.
But She stands very successfully against that issue.
So, my request to all my Muslim bandhu, do not looks her dress, look upon her play.
Any way, Go ahead Sania, All Indians are with you. God Bless You. Keep it up.

Harshad said...

Sorry, she is unfortunately a hype.

Its a sade fact that Indian physic isent capable enough of playing games that need high stamina,power and vigour.

Not only Sania, but many other sportsmen lack that power. Even cricketeers too..

The best sportsmen and athletes are mostly negro and russians, coz thay have got a strong frame of body, and its in their genes to fight. Partially because they have to sustain to a harsh and difficult terrain and climate. It automatically builds up their mind and body.

The other major factor is that foreign players practice so much hard, almost 14-16 hours a day. Is this possible in India, where we think of 'quota' first??

Facilities are top class elsewhere, almost free from politics..
But in India...forget it...

Dont take sania mirza as a tennis player who is gonna fetch a grand slam for India. She will never make it..TAKE IT AS A CHALLENGE. I will never be wrong in predicting this.
If she wins, then it woud be real life miracle, which many of us are eager to see...
But its a safe bet not to believe in miracles..

Instead, take her as a model, who is able to play somewhat tennis and has got lil' good looks that can promote Indian girls at the top level.

Thats it.

Anonymous said...

Well, time will decide if Sania was a mere hype rather than substance. But yes, it is easy and even wrong to blame modelling for her failure. In today's world how can a sportstar be away from modelling and not be able to handle it successfully. Every successful player has done both these things successfully. If Sania is not able to cope up with it, I am afraid,she is going to be in trouble and unless she learns to do it, it's going to take a toll on her. Finally it all depends on the way she tackles this issue. She has to look it with retrospection and decde if madelling is really so distracting or is it just the air that has gone into her head after so much praise from indian people worldwide. This is what really separates a great player from a two day flick. If she has it she will show it. Just wait and watch!!

Sudhir said...

Tennis ranking has its own methodology. It is not a fixing which Indian politicians can do. Reaching a best rank of 32, can not be a hype. Even if she quits playing tennis now, her achievements can not be called HYPE. Let us give her a credit of this achievement.

We should only boost her moral to play more tennis and to give rise to another budding "Sania", who can reach higher ranks and win a grand slam for India.

All the best Sania.

harekrishnaji said...

Sania has good potential if she concentrates only on the Game.

Harshad said...

Hingis defeats Mirza at the Sunfeast Open in Kolkatta.

My predictions can never fail.

Anonymous said...

i think she is a over-hyped. unfortunately she is into that field of sports where there is no other women from Indian side at the international level. so she is getting more weightage than others. may b becoz this all her success (?) till date is going into her head and so she is loosing her focus from tennis and concentrating more on other stuff (like passing unnecessary comments in the interview). if u compare with other inetrnational player of her age then she is way low interms of sports skills,killer instincts,maturity. may b this will come with exp to her. but i wud say do not expect much from her. i wont be surprised if she retires in next 4-4 yrs and join Telugu film industry.

Rajesh said...

Sania, certainly is good player. But the way she is portrayed in media or the hype and attention she gets is not comparable to her performance. She was even compared with Sachin Tendulkar! Huh! Girl is struggling to get past top 50 players in the world and we compare her with worlds leading scorer? Why do we do that? In my opinion she should be left alone till she performs - till at least retaining her top 30 ranking! On the other hand she is an inspiration for many young girls. She caries her very well She is presentable and has a certain charm and aura around her. I would also stress on a topic that she is first Indian citizen and then comes her religion. Recently she was in news for seeking land for tennis academy. But I feel that she should first accomplish her game and then think of training others? I am not sure if she is contemplating to build a tennis academy! I would wish her luck and success for her forth coming clashes.

child said...

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