Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vande Mataram Poll Results...

We conducted a poll to understand what the readers think about 'Vande Mataram'. Here are the results:

Out of the 58 votes, 4 respondents said that the content was indeed objectionable. Rest, 54 were of the opinion that there is nothing objectionable in Vande Mataram.

One comment to the poll is noteworthy. One of our 'Guest' said:

"No,vandemataram doesn't have an objectionable content.let me tell u all about a very basic principle of islam''not to bow in front of anyone except ALLAH''.now the starting of vandemataram itself breaks that our life v muslims r not at all allowed 2 bow 2 anyone irrespective to how important he or she is(not even our parents).so i hope u all understand y v r against saying vandemataram.& after all not saying it doesn't make us unpatriotic.v r & will b always as indian as u all folks r!!"

This comment needs to be considered in any discussions on the issue.

This comment also raises some delicate issues which must be addressed with BALANCE.

1. Does 'mere' singing of a national song makes a person true Indian? Can all the emotions that 'patriotism' represents, be rounded up to singing of Vande Mataram?

2. In secular India, should religion be above our constitutional provisions?

Comments which answers to both the issues are welcome.


Harshad said...

If secularism means -
1. One policy for all the citizens of the country.
2. One common law for all citizens no matter what their 'personal' religion is.
3. A way of treating all official citizens as a part of country,

then I am very sade to say that India isent a secular land, and it still has got seperate rules for minorities, which makes those 'so-called' minority groups arrogant and creates a 'mental rift' which can cause a great loss to the integrity of India.

Muslims will always face problems not only in India but in any part of the world till they give up their medivial thinking process and learn to co-exist peacefully with other people of this world. Example - Sufism, a great liberal islamic movement. Why cannot majority muslims in India follow sufism insted of following and fighting sunni and shia thing?

But, because Indian polititions arent interested in making the country peaceful and progressive, they do nothing, but create a rift in peoples mind by calling Muslims 'minority' and encouraging them to practice their medivial life style..
Boosted by this idiotic support, many so called Muslim law makers issue fatwas(a total nonsense concept) and disturb the ego of 'so called' majority'.

Its selfishness all around..

Encouraging so called 'personal laws' is anti constitutional and officially a crime..
Religion is OK, but medivial way...

If we treat the Indian constitution as a supreme, then I am afraid that the constitution is not followed by anyone..Its created towards the interest of ruling partys in Loksabha..

Fanatism is a psychological problem, and right now many political/religious leaders need to visit professional psychologists to get their brains checked and corrected.

Only then we can expect some good result from them.

वन्दे मातरम्

Harshad said...

Whenever I think of Indias todays situation, I just remember a song 'The Silent Warrior' by Enigma.

I give the lyrics for it. GO through it, and think if you can realize what it is all about.

Long ago, for many years
White men came in the name of GOD.
They took their land, they took their lives
A new age has just begun.

They lost their GODS, they lost their smile
They cried for help for the last time.
Liberty was turning into chains
But all the white men said: That’s the cross of changes.

In the name of GOD - the fight for gold
These were the changes.
Tell me - is right - in the name of GOD
These kind of changes?

They tried to fight for liberty
Without a chance in hell, they gave up.
White men won in the name of GOD
With the cross as alibi

There’s no GOD who ever tried
To change the world in this way.
But for the ones who abuse His name
There’ll be no chance to escape on judgement day.

In the name of GOD - the fight for gold
These were the changes.
Tell me - is it right - in the name of GOD
These kind of changes?

Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why
Oh the white men said: That’s the cross of changes?
Tell me why, tell me why, tell me why
In the name of GOD - these kind of changes.

Lyrics courtesy -

Unity and a mind that has the capacity to think beyond the conventional limits is what we need..

What about the rest?

Madhav Bamne said...

Can we not develop our own religion?
Religion and the God are the best concepts ever developed. However, one must accept that neither any of the religions are divine nor rules and laws of any of religions are divine. All are man made. The man had been selfless, wise and intelligent though. He ensured fundamental necessity of 'brotherhood' and developed rules and laws to suit a particular group of people residing in a particular area at a particular period of time. So rules and laws of any of the religion are not divine and need modifications from time to time, to suit a group of people (nation is the group in present terms) residing in a nation at a particular point of time.

To make the task easy accept principle of 'brotherhood' as fundamental right, 'rules and laws of nation' and liberty to pursue worship as per individual's selection as far as it is practiced in authorised places or in private houses. No interference from any of the individuals be accepted based on so called religions understood at present.

Let all nations practice this and there shall be no tensions because of different beliefs. Finally it would lead to peace all over the globe.