Saturday, August 05, 2006

"Langda Tyagi- Baahubali!" Why Omkara is a Classic?

Nothing is perfect.Even Bollywood is not perfect. And when Bollywood deviates from its usual 'love-sing-dance' formula, some masterpieces like 'Omkara' are born. Adapted very flawlessly from Shakepeare's 'Othello', 'Omkara' creates such an impact on your mind that the taste of movie lingers on your mind for long.The human beings, their relations, the devils deep within them- all these shades of Shakespearian drama are very beautifully explored in the powerful movie directed by Vishal Bhardwaj. Punched-packed performances from Ajay Devgan, Kareena, Konkona and Saif(yes, the same man who danced once on silly tunes like 'Ole Ole...') take the movie to new heights of moviemaking.

What is YOUR impression of the movie? Who among the stars was most impressive? Is it Bollywood's answer to the Hollywood? How many stars out of 5 would you give? Rate the movie on your scale.

1.Omkara - Othello Connection:
Ajay Devgan- Othello
Saif Ali Khan- Iago
Vivek Oberoi- Cassio
Kareena Kapoor- Desdemona
Konkona Sen- Emilia
Bipasha Basu- Bianca
Naseeruddin Shah- Duke of Venice

2.Want to read the original 'Othello'?
Visit following site. It has complete works of Shakespeare:


harekrishnaji said...

when would our hindi filmi industry stop making cheap carbon copies.

walkingonarope said...

I'm really not excited about this movie although all the main leads in the movie have given their lifetime of performance, and i liked them for it but it's sad that our bollywood picture makers don't concerntrate on good story of India if one finds them one will really get good stories to make make some good movies and believe in good is only a matter of time when one film maker takes up the cudgels of making good movies in bollywood that the whole bandwagon follows and we'll find pheltro of movies of ancient india

Prasad Dudhgaonkar said...

I liked the movie. I have written about this movie at . Kindly pay a visit.

Sheetal said...

Movie is definitely one time see. Saif rocks. The way he says 'achcha' is just so meaningful. I could have never imagined praising Saif earlier. But, since Dil Chahta hai, he is one of my favourite actors.

And as far as making flims based on English story goes, please tell me how many of us have read 'Othello'? I would say, through 'Omkara', Shakespear's great novel has reached to common man and it is great!