Saturday, August 19, 2006

It happens in India! (- in Mumbai!)

Ganpati drinks milk here...Thousands turn up on beach to collect diamonds(?)...And now the sea water which went sweet near Mahim in Mumbai is a miracle of nature and people collect and drink the unhygienic water in thousands...

On one hand we talk of going to moon and on the other we even do not think twice
before believing in such rumors.

Are we a superstitious people? Why such things happen again and again only in MUMBAI?


Anonymous said...

I always wonder what these kind of events depict:superstition or shear lack of independent thinking? I think it is the latter that is more convincing. Afterall superstition is basically lack of independent thinking. But why does this happen in India every now and then? The reason is that Indians and especially the common Indian man is never known to be an independent thinker.We live in a country where it's biggest political party still can not find a leader who is not a member of Nehru-Gandhi family. And people still vote the leaders who have several criminal and corruption charges on them. Why do we need to follow the West blindly? Are they superior to us? Why do we feel proud about our country only in our talks and not in our deeds? Everything depicts one thing for sure, lack of independent thinking. Now the problem is,it is in our genes. I am not saying that we don't have people who think independently but still the average indian man is far away from being one.
So unless and until the common man in India becomes bold not just in terms of what he wears (this is already happening) but also in terms of expression of his own opinions (both verbal and actional) these kind of events are bound to happen.

PANINI said...

Every religion is full of miracles.
Ganapati drinking milk, Weeping Madonna, Weeping Portrait of Jesus......every now and then we hear of some miracle somewhere, somtimes the masses experience it, sometimes only one person.
A child fallen from multistoried building escapes unhurt or a child abducted gets reunited with the family, a plane crash-lands safely
this type of personal miracles can be explained by logic but still, events like these strengthen our faith in the MAN UPSTAIRS.
Similarly, many events in our life make us question whether the God really exists?
Thus, pendulum of our faith keeps swinging.
I believe, events like Ganapati drinking milk happen when our pendulum of faith goes to the other extreme, of blind faith.
We abandon all reason and try to feed Ganapati or Nandi or any other God for that matter who is thirsty. When the God does not drink then we justify it thinking that may be I have done something wrong and if any other person asks us whether the God drank from your spoon? we would reply "Yes!! YES!! a little bit." This kept the miracle going. It is typically the case of Emperor's Clothes. When swindlers tell people of the city that anybody who is loyal to emperor will see the clothes made from very fine fabric, everybody praised the clothes worn by the emperor and it took a small kid to declare that the emperor is in fact wearing nothing.
It is wrong to say that the phenomenon is restricted to Mumbai or even India it happens everywhere.
This will continue if we act as a mindless echo chamber.

Suresh said...

असे चमत्‍कार अनेक गावांमध्‍ये होत असतात षरंतु मुंबई महत्‍वाची राजधानी असल्‍यामुळे तिथल्‍या घढनांना प़सिध्‍दी ज्ञास्‍त मिळते.

Rohit said...

What can we say.. It happens only in India!!! On one side India is one of the fastest growing economy in whole world... India is achieving new heights and on one side people do such things... Can any one imagine how much it is going to cost us if this turns out into fatal pandemic... On one side we say that our government is not giving us enough facilities and on other side we never think the fact that because of our ridiculous efforts like these we create an immense amount of extra burden on our government... Imagine thousands and thousands of people must have come to Mahim to drink this so called sweet water, now this water has got all kinds of industrial waste, and all possible impurities in this world, people have drank that water and now if something happens to them then all the government hospitals will be overcrowded, our very own MP's who care for us so much then will delcare some thousands of rupees aid to them... when is this going to end!!!

walkingonarope said...

It is stupiditiy, and superstition, the only two words comes to my mind after hearing the news of the sea going sweet, no wonder the leaders of this country take immense advantage of it's citizens and they allowing their own country going to the dogs, Utter nonsense.I hope with communication going high with Internet etc we can make people aware of these situations to the people and tell them not to fall prey.

Anonymous said...

These things can happen anywhere. Because of the extent of media coverage they get more publicity. In fact I feel media themself should announce (while giving news of such instances) and request people not to belief in these things. A scientic reason can be given.

Media does inform about this but at a very later stage, by that time word of mouth is already spread.

Anonymous said...

People in India are superstitious because they are uneducated.People do not know the difference between shraddha and andhashraddha.Mass education and awareness of the scientific facts should be explained and taught to children as early as possible so that there will be no problem in future generation.

harekrishnaji said...


Tushar Kulkarni said...

People are just mad. I saw the news on TV and was more surprised to see that all the news channels were telecasting it. Media also played major role in creating this mass hysteria.

Vaibhav said...

I think it comes from the feeling of immense insecurity that people have. Poeple have so many problems in their lives that they are hoping that only miracles would save them and they try to find miracles wherever they can.
Only education would need to liberation.

harekrishnaji said...

I would like to highly recommend bloggers that they should read column "AARSA" well written by Shri Prakash Bal in Saptahik Sakal Sept. 02,2006 on the said subject matter. Up to the point. Well balanced article.Eye opener.