Saturday, August 26, 2006

Potholes in Pune...Or Pune in Potholes!

First there was a shameless delay in repairing the roads before rainy season...Then the Punekars enjoyed bumpy rides,skidding,accidents,backaches and all other assaults. And this was done even after Punekars paid from their pockets.
Now there is a suit being filed against Mayor, commissioner and other concerned officers by some active citizens.

Why this happens in first place?
Everybody knows where does the money go.
Are Punekar's themselves responsible as they elect irresponsible corporators?
How do people in western countries deal with similar civic problems?
Is the suit against officials the right thing?

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harekrishnaji said...

We all know story of Akbar, Birbal and Croe. Akbar asked question. How many crows are at present in the city. Birbal answered Its 300,000.00. Are you sure? Akbar Asked. Well Count yourself. If numbers are more or less, eighter crows have migrated in or out of the city. In the modern age Punekar asked question. How many potholes are at present found on the citiroads ?

Its less than last year . That the precise answer they received. Last year potholes were 300,000.00 sq.feet. This year's potholes are 60,000.00 sq.feet. Is it in addition to last year or is it just fresh potholes. Is it per sq.ft or just numbers. I am little bit confused. what's the oveall total. Is it 360,000.00 or 3000,000.00 or 60,000.00 sq.ft. ? ooooooooooooops my maths.How about pothole that has been filled or claimed to be filled last year ? How do you count potholes ?

Do you actully physically go on counting like 1, 2,3,4,5............................................300,000 or just take a measurement tape found with Road Contractors and measure the area ? Is there any tender taken out for counting pothole in PUNE ? Its so confusing. You know.

On a serious note , for my injured and painful back just one and only one pothole was enough. more than enough.

May be Pune Mahanagarpalika and our politicians with lots of promises and assurances should apply UNESCO's Wolrd Heritage Committee to include Roads in Pune with full of Potholes in the List of World Heritage in Danger.

We can represent that those pothole are in existence from the era of Adilshahi Rulers and we have never really tried very hard to fill them up.

After the roads are placed in the list of World Heritage in Danger, the ASI can formulate management and conservation plan for the site. Reduction in motor traffic could be one of them.

Let us preserve the potholes.

Suresh said...

पुण्‍याबाहेरील रस्‍ते उत्‍तम आहेत. नुकताच पुणे-ताम्‍हिणी-गोवा हायवे-खेड-दापोली-पोलादपूर- महाबळेश्‍वर - पाचगणी- वाई- पुणे असा ५०० कि. मी. प़वास केला. महाबळेश्‍वर व ताम्‍हिणी येथे सवाँत जास्‍त पाऊस पडलेला आहे.

Anonymous said...

The people involved in road repairs must be trained for the road repairs as well as road constructions.
This can be achieved simply by showing them films on how to do these things. If we get make a few video programs by showing how the roads are repaired in countries like Germany, Sweden, US, Singapore, China, and conduct the classes for masses it would be great.
Pune has many halls constructed for honouring Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, Bal Gandharva, etc such facilities should be put to right use like this.

Karyakarta said...

The PMC is shameless. Even after what happened in Mumbai (Our neighbour)last year after floods,no action was taken in Pune because they know :Puneties are basically quiet,but that needs to change.for e.g. Suresh Kalamdi can build huge sports grounds and spend lots of money on that and festivals,but cannot do anything to make roads or clear trash on a daily basis. What happened to Clean Pune Green Pune????? All this repairing happened after SAKAAL started to get Civil Engineers opinions and collection of money to repair roads. A leading Media like Sakaal had to intervene in the Govt procedures to make the Govt Straight. Good but Sad!!! I mean, come on The PMC has to be more responsible.The recent graps on all sides only show that Pune has degraded its value and a lot of people will agree "Pune has changed". Why does the PMC not learn from the mistakes of others? We need infrastructure if we want to keep the industry and not let it be a second Banglore. Traffic,homeless people,thefts,pollution, The PMC has its hands full - if they decide to work ! ! !

Shrikant said...

I am in Pune from last three years. In every monsoon this is this is the problem faces by Punekars. why?? Nobody want to fix this problem permantly. As per Corporation of Pune solution for this problem is to do some patch work to fix problem temporary.They are not willing to find permanent Solution. Why??
Because Lack of vision, Lack of visionary. Don't blame Mr. Kalmadi, he alone can not do this.
There is solution for this problem of roads. PMC should follow Nagpur Pattern.There should be seperate body like PIT(Pune Improvement Trust) Like NIT(Nagpur Improvement Trust).It will work definitely , You can checkout this by visiting Nagpur.The pride of Nagpur is roads it have.Think over it..


harekrishnaji said...

Shri Shatrugna Sinha should have restrain himself from making any comments on our POTHOLE.

Festivals are for enjoyment, to forget day to day worries and tensions.

We can always discuss about the roads and the world famous potshole some other time and forever.

Anonymous said...

Pune will never be a city comparable to Mumbai or Bangalore or Delhi for one prime reason..roads and second one is power shortgae.

Those who are crazily investing in real estate will loose big time over coming years since companies are not fool to invest here in such conditions and create thousands of job.

Better stay away from city and find better alternatives like Nasik or Nagpur..They are way better.

Anonymous said...

Root of this problem - not technical issues BUT EASY MONEY

Can we cut through the chase and stop figuring out the technicalities of "why roads are bad?". Road building is not a new engineering discipline...and good roads do exist in India - and there are a few samples right here in Pune city.

The roads are bad not because PMC does not know how to build the
roads, does not have the equipment or the training - the roads are
bad because there is MONEY TO BE MADE in building poor roads...and
repairing them year after year. The money runs into tens of crores
each year...into hundreads of crores over years. This is not chump is a huge amount of money which has been siphoned off.

This is the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM...and we have NO SOLUTION to contain the goons who are in this racket. See all the mansions, pvt technical institutes, pvt medical colleges etc etc - all belonging to corporators and politicians - well there is the money that we gave them to build the roads. See the hoardings in colour for "Birthday wishes" for some goons that you never knew existed? Thats how our money is being used.

Punekars need to figure out how to stop this "dhanda" and to wean our
politicians, PMC officials etc off this source of easy money.

Also why are we so hung up on PMC delivering on what they promise,
when they have not delivered in the last 50 years? If a corner
grocery store cheats you - do you go to him again? Well then, PMC has
been cheating us for the last 50 years - why do we think that they
will deliver now, with this poor track record.

Its well known fact that we deserve the leadership that we elect. The self centered, selfish people of Pune, need to realize that and take more interest in local issues and elections.

These goons only have some fear of SC/HC directive and/or loosing their seat. Punekars, stop being wimps - unite, file a PIL in SC, vote and campaign for the right leadership - otherwise go stand in line for a visa and get out of India.

Anonymous said...

First of all the potholes are repaired on an adhoc basis without any proper planning. I thing there can be enough engineering applied to fixing these potholes in a more effective way.

What seems to be apparent is that there is absolutely no training involved what so ever for those working at the ground level.

Also it should be quite safe to conclude that the material used to construct the roads is of not the best standards. (Or to put it the other words is reduced to the low standards by the so called contractors for personal benifits...!)

The conditions of roads in pune is absolutely pathetic! and I feel ever so happy if I am able to even go a couple of meters without a pothole!

I think there is a general lack of commitment from the government authorities for ALL kinds of "Public Service"- which has almost lost its complete meaning.

Myself being a part of the IT industry I think in order for pune to be successfull in any of the upcomming industrial opportunities "The road to success" surely doesnt lead through a pothole...!

Anonymous said...

All the present corporeters should be debarred from the forthcoming election. If this is not possible by law then the Punekars should see that these corporetars are not reelected

Avinash said...

My Dear Puneties,
We need to go to root cause of this pot holes.
Why we do not participate in election.
If we wont go for voting , soem political parties running the lection by giving tickets to Criminals.
My Stand is clear.. If candidate is Crimial Background no vote to that Party.