Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rape. Marry the victim. Get freed. OR Should the rapists be hanged?

In an increasing trend witnessed in recent past, the judiciary in India is acquitting the rapist after he accepts to marry the rape victim. Is the rapist's acquittal a prize for obligating the rape victim (because anyway the poor victim' social life is almost finished after the rape)? Is such judgment a license to rape for the perverted minds? What is the guarantee that the rapist will not harass the victim after marriage or even force for divorce?

Who is guilty- rapist? The society and its viewpoint towards women? Or the judiciary?

What are the answers? Or should the rapist be simply hanged?


Arshad said...

The judiciary is wrong to mix rape and marriage. Marriage is a sacred contract between consenting individuals and is the foundation of any society. Rewarding rape with marriage will increase crime against women and set a wrong precedent in penal law.
The way to reduce and eliminate rape is elevating the status of women in society, improving moral values and setting up strong barriers against all avenues that lead to rape and harassment. Alcohol, drugs, sexually explicit literature and a society that scoffs moral codes of conduct and modest dressing as medieval are responsible for the growth of this heinous crime. We should all join hands to fight this menace but after vigorously tracing its root causes.

Anonymous said...

The best answer is to make the laws and the punishment more stringent.

Anonymous said...

The Indian judiciary must find an more cruel punishment than hanged to death then only these people will get an lesson

frozenminds said...

I think the rapist should n't be allowed to marry the rape victim marrying a rape victim is an obligation to victim the rapist should be punished severly or hanged to death this will set an example to the society in large.

Harshad Joshi said...

The shouldent be hanged..they should be shot in public.

Meanwhile, I have some suggestions for MH police.
1. Once a particular criminal is caught, a perfect record database of him/her should be made. It should be made using low cost PC's with GNU Linux as all software is free.

2. This particular database will contain
- Name of the criminal
- Photo
- Age
- Prime Location/Probable location
- Place of Origin
- Modus operandi of commiting crime
- Possible targets
- No of imprisonments gone
- No of cases against him
- Convicted in crimes


3. Also profiling of criminals will help the police to make prediction of possible crimes.
This info should be readily made available on the net and police will benifit from it.

4. Similarly, these cases should be run by Women councellors and women judges.

5. The victim should be provided with security.

The governemnt should stop glorifying HIV AIDS. Its the most conceptless ads that are seen today on TV.

Anonymous said...

How can people think that a woman can spend her life with a person who raped her? We need to punish these bastards in public in such a way that they would prefer death than the punishment.

Karyakarta said...

There is no way that girl/woman can spend her life with the most dreadful moments in front of her everyday. Secondly, this will set the wrong trends in the society,because the so called sollege affairs will be more dreadful. The boys would know that you simply rape the girl you love and then marry her. More importantly, these cases should be tried in a court that is ruled by the Judge that is a female. The judiciary system needs to think more about setting trends in the society. Marriage is still considered a sacred thing in our culture. It cannot be mixed with something henious like this.

Bluffmaster said...

I feel the most worst crime is a Rape. And a person committing one should be hanged. If we do this it will be a lesson for people who think its a easy escape from such a crime. Marriage can't be solution for this do you think a person who spoilt the entire life of female will he respect her throughout his life. Marruage is a way to escape from the crime he committed. The judiciary system needs to think more about this and set more strict rules for such a crime.

Ramesh said...

In Uoon Paus a marathi serial it is shown that boy who rapes a girl marries her.Rape is a inhuman phinomina and can not be justified under any circumstances. He must receive proper punishment and he should be watched to see that these tendencies do not crop up.

Ramesh said...

This need punishment and no one should esape.

Anonymous said...

I think that marring a victim shouldn’t be allowed. The punishment for these people should be.. make him stand on city square are throw stones to him until he dies!

And I have question for all young guys, how many of you are ready to marry the girl who was raped?...
Before trying to change a law..judge urself!

ks said...

marriage is not a solution.The person should be hanged till death. In the court the rape cases should not be last for more the than one month. without any delay the man should be punished.

Anonymous said...

Without any delay, once got a proof the guilty should be shot on the spot

Anonymous said...

Rape is a violent crime that represents aggression by the rapist on the victim. Letting the aggressor marry his or her victim is an insult to the foundation of institution of marriage -- trust, love and commitment.

Besides it may provide a license to rape to the perverts who pursue their victims.

Anonymous said...

Rape is a heinous crime. It could leave feelings of deep hurt, pain in the mind of the victim. Definitly marrying the rapist just for social concerns will not be the right thing to do.

Rape is a crime and the criminal should get a punishment. Marriage cannot substitute pusnishment, if at all it is an option then it should be available only after the full term of the punishment is served.

Anonymous said...

Its called rape when its done against her will and without her consent. It will be punishment for the girl , rather than the man who did it ,to marry him.