Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Was Zidane right in headbutting Materazzi?

Venue: World Cup 2006 final match. Rivals: France Vs. Italy. Situation: Zidane has scored one goal on a penalty kick followed by an excellent equalizer by Italian Materazzi. Game is heating up. During the play, Materazzi holds shirt of Zidane. Materazzi, probably (-not yet confirmed) abuses Zidane. And look at that! Zidane, the legend, the idol, best football player of the century headbutts Materazzi.
This is the world-cup final match. This is also the last match of Zidane. But after red card expulsion of Zidane, France also loses the match.
Was Zidane right in hedbutting Materazzi even if the Italian had insulted him?

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