Thursday, July 20, 2006

Beggars in Mumbai alone earn Rs. 180 crore annually!

In Kamal Hasan's 'Pushpak', there is a very funny scene about a beggar. When the beggar dies, people find bundles of currency notes under his belongings. Reason for recalling this scene is the news in Maharashtra Herald on 20 July, 2006. According to the news, the beggars in Mumbai earn a whooping Rs. 180 crore annually. Now imagine what will be their market value if they are listed on Bombay Stock Exchange? This business is very profitable. No dearth of manpower; no taxes; very transparent etc. In fact these people have everything on their side to become a highly profitable enterprise. Don't be shocked tomorrow if someone gets a call from Mumbai Beggars Inc. for a highly promising job. It may be also possible tomorrow that some really big business tycoon decides to enter this enterprise at national level with a bang. Now the question is- Should the government ban begging? Before answering this question, we also should look at this issue from a different angle. There is high unemployment in India. There is a very less number of jobs in formal sector- only 7%-8% of the total jobs. In such situation, IT IS THE BEGGARY THAT KEEPS GOING A LARGE CHUNK OF INFORMAL JOBS, particularly the kinds of street vendors. This is so, because the beggars hardly save. Everything they earn is spent on having tea, eating vada-paav and having a meal on a good day. NOW, in this context, should we ban or thank the beggary?
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Anonymous said...

beggary must be banned not thanked. Drugs,thefts all are increased due to the beggars.they get 180 crore Rs. and the news at eSakal tells that a farmer gets 60 Rs. They must be banned.

harekrishnaji said...

Its a sad state of affairs. Even in 21 century humun race is not able to provide decenet job oppurtunities to millions of people, few of them choose to beg beg and beg. Professional beggers exceptional.

Recently there was a story publised about Mr.Sabhaji Kale, Profeesional and one of the richest begger who owns 2/3 flats in Mumbai and hefty bank balances.

Maybe we should also start new venture called BEGGERY.