Monday, February 13, 2006

Who will save 'ayu' of Ayurveda?

It is ironical that the ancient science of Ayurveda, gaining extreme popularity round the globe, is not getting its due recognition in its own land. Why is there an assault on Ayurveda? This is what was deliberated at the one-day seminar in Pune recently.

The discussion remained centered around the issues that made media rave this year- the Swami Ramdev controversy on using human and animal remains in Ayurvedic medicines manufactured in his ashram and the publication of an article on Ayurveda in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) which pointed out the heavy metal content of ayurvedic herbal medicine products.

The questions asked were: Did modern medicine give birth to this insecurity? Can we blend the modern analytical techniques with the Ayurveda knowledge base?


macdeo said...

pikta tithe vikat nahi aajoon kay?

ghar ki murgi dal barabar aajoon kay?

tyach aasa aahe aajkal lokanchi aapeksha fast results chi aasate aani aayurved rog mulapasun bara karat aaslyamule thodasa lenthy prakar houn basato lok kantaltat ho

25000 rs. pagar aasunahi chori karavishi watne he kashache laxan aahe zatpat shrimant hone aani tyasathi vattel tya margacha aavalamba karne baki kay?

aasha vruttichya lokankadun aayurvedala mahatva denyachi aapeksha thevne hee aapalich chuk aahe karan aayurvedala adhyatmik base aahe

tenvha kunakadunhi aapeksha na thevne bare


एक_मराठी_वाचक said...

एक सुधारणा सुचवतोय. सकाळ हे मराठी दैनिक असुन आपला ब्लॉग मात्र इंग्रजीत ! हे बरे दिसत नाही.

यापुढील सर्व मतचाचण्या मराठीत घ्याव्यात.

Medha Purandare said...

Firstly, US is foreseeing India as huge retail market so,obviously they have started comments on Indian things. The list might be big and Aayurvedic medicines found place in it as presently they wish to market their medicines.

Secondly,if Doctors prescribe imported high cost medicines,we have to hunt for it if not found nearby which is fact. Aayurved is treated as supportive method for usual treatment these days even in Pune, reason being slow recovery. However, when nothing works fine, it's aayurveda which comes to one's help. Human,animal remains in herbal medicines is totally diff.issue. Suvarna-bhasm is used in few aayurvedic medicines and it is proved good for health.

Yoga,pranayam are proved in foreign countries too.

nemo said...

we need more accomplished scholars to do research on ayurveda in order to shut the mouth of skeptics for good.

Nice blog. Will visit again

PANINI said...

Let us not be sentimental for everything Iyurvedic,when allopathic medicines are developed, the companies involved spend time and money to develope the molecule,in field trials to verify the effectiveness of the drug and to gain knowledge about the potential side effects.There are agencies to approve the drug before it is marketed to the general public,and even after all this if something goes wrong then you can always sue the company.
What kind of control do we have for supposedly Iyurvedic drugs?
We have been practicing ayurveda for ages, but we have seen quantum jump in life expectancy only recently all due to better health care management and better allopathic medicines.

hema said...

On one side while we indians are blaming our own complete and proven science while on the other side people who have just completed certificate courses of ayurveda from indian ayurvedic institute are demanding for the working permission in thier own country. If one really have to love ayurveda ,then it is necessary that people from india should know the facts and true knowledge of ayurved,before doing
any comments.

sadanand said...

I am 1975 B.A.M.& S.(integrated Course),Pune Uni.graduate.If we want to promote Ayurveda with dignity, we have to put it in the format which the whole world knows & accepts, putting aside orthodoxy.In this context, after 25 years of research i have developed treatment with integrated & holistic approach for the auto-immune disorders like Rheumatoid Arthritis,Gout & other inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders.I have documentary record of more than 25 patients,taking treatment for 2 to 3 years,which have been assessed & evaluated by Hon.Dr.V.R.Joshi(Research Director)Sr.Rheumatologist,Hinduja Hosp. Mumbai.As per "ACR" guidelines my goal is to arrest the progress of the disease & sustained remmission without side effects.Further research is on & I am confident i will prove it.