Sunday, February 12, 2006

Three cheers to global Pune!

Forget Bangalore, and ignore Cyberabad, Aamche Pune is the centre of the entire buzz this year. Pune features third in the Forbes magazine list of most promising emerging global business hubs in the world for the year 2006. This seventh-largest Indian city is the seat of "countless smaller technology companies, call centres and business-process outsourcing firms", apart from IT giants, including IBM, Hewlett Packard and Wipro, says Forbes.

The world’s coveted magazine also quotes experts, saying that Pune no longer exists in the shadow of Mumbai and is gaining importance as a high-tech alternative to the poorly-planned and overcrowded Mumbai.

In the Forbes list, Pune is preceded by Chengdu in China and Toulouse in France, and followed by Poland’s capital Warsaw, Abu Dhabi in UAE and Curitiba in Brazil. These cities share a common thread -- most of them are situated near mega cities and capitals, which have exhausted their capacity.


Ashwini Khasgiwale said...

This is really encouraging. No doubt industry across the world has been interested in ivesting in this great city that has a great legacy of intellectuals and industry captains. The need of hour is to welcome these investments and see that it would eventually help improving quality of life in Pune, rather than leaving it to be another chocking city. Question here is, are our political and social leaders aware of the challenges of being the best Indian city for investors?

Medha Purandare said...

Pune's environment should not get spoiled like Bangalore or Metros. I am happy about Pune being third in the upcoming cities' list of world for investments.

However, feel bad for Bangalore that it could not prove trustworthy for challenges. In all infrastructure and Law and Order apart from traffic control are key for success for Pune.

macdeo said...

I am a proud person to hear this

but one should always remember that accountability as medhaji is saying law N order situation is already worst, public transport system is again a problem N third point is roads how we r gonna widen laxmi road if it is required and the last but not the least electricity.......

jamechi baju faqt pani, te bharpoor aahe

mee negative vichar karat nahiye tar hya goshtinvar seriously vichar karne aavashyak aahe he suchvayche aahe infrastructure bacchhamji gammat nahiye 3 lakhache 10 varshat 35 lakh zale tenva hee sthiti multinationals aalyavar aajun 35 lakh vadhaychi shakyata tihi within next 2/3 years.

bagha buva koni mhanel punekar mahakhat aastat te aasech.

Anonymous said...

Pune ranked third is a wonderful news and should make every Punekar proud. But at the same time it surprises me because the city still has lot of problems which no one seems to be addressing.

I agree that Pune has a lot of potential, but it also has a lot of problems (I’m sorry if this sounds negative) - pollution, roads, public transport, electricity, growing population etc. The list seems unending.

The most important one I think is - Public transport. It’s high time that someone decided on this (and invested money as well!) . I see a lot of articles on esakal about plans for trams, skybuses, electric buses, light rail, underground rail etc. but nothing actually happens. They don’t seem to be arriving at any conlusion on this. I think the best would be an elevated light rail system because it can carry a lot of people, it will be long lasting, it’s non polluting (and hardly any voice pollution) and also that it could be automatic – without the need of a driver. I know building such a system is expensive (building track, train carriages, electriciy, new stations everything!) but it should still be done.

Also an expressway through the city can be built. I am no expert in this area but I think an elevated highway along the river side could be built because –

1. Many important locations are along the river or not very far from the river and so they could be connected by a shortest possible route
2. There is hardly any other place to build this.
3. The construction will not cause problems to already ailing city traffic.

Anyway this much of imagination is enough for today.

There are a lot of people whom I know don't like the way the city is growing (especially the population of non-maharashtrians!). People always talk about how the city is losing its charm (Yes, the charm of a pensioner's paradise :) ).

I think one of the things that could be done is to develop an entire new city area (Hinjwadi?) adjascent to Pune with a separate corporation (just like pimpri chinchwad where a lot of industries are). Doing this will not change the city drastically and also it won’t put the city resources under pressure.

A Chitale said...

It is unfortunate that spineless Punekars are thrilled with such news .. and do not react to massive problems facing the livelihood of citizens.

1. Bhusari Colony still needs 100 + tankers of water per day ( Madhav Apte where are you ? )
2. Garbage locations ( Kachra peti ) overflow even on Prabhat Rd, everyday and Medha Kulkarni can not do much about it. ( Madhav Apte where are you ? )
3. Prestigious schools like S.P. Mandali's school .. still ask for 1 lakh + bribes to accept your kids, under full support of Mr. Rajabhau Chitale ( trustee ). ( Madhav Apte where are you ? )
4. People like Kalmadi can start his own bus service ( by leasing buses to PMT ? ) and citizens don't care how it is done ? ( Madhav Apte where are you ? )

Well I can go on and on...

It is time to wake up ..and become Madhav Apte ... are you ready ? Hey write to me if you have guts...

A. Chitale

Anonymous said...

It's good Maharashtrachi Punya nagari Becoming global.
One small thing, Punyatale Marathipan pusun taku nnnnnnnnnnnaka, Punyachi doosari Mumbai karu Naka.
There is no need to loose your own idendity while you become International or so called Global

AMOL PATIL said...

Its really nice to read about the nre heightd Pune has reached. But other side of picture is really horrifying. Public transport, Road condition, Educated but not civilised PUNEKARS breaking the traffic rules at every signal, their rush way of driving is really upseting for any one. Its resopnsibility of everyone to make PUNE a nice place not only of PMC. Citizens should also take on their resposibilites.

ajay_pune said...

This is definitely a grat pride of all Indians and especially PUENKARS

But we need to take further actions to move up and really deserve 1st place in Forbes list.

The traffic discipline, public behavious descipline, no corruption at all, Tree plantation and systematic and planned development plan will lead to get so.

Anonymous said...

Really it is a thing to be proud of. But as others have suggested some solutions for Transport, Traffic Rules, Pollution, keeping Law & Order should be sought out as early as possible, otherwise it will loose its importance.

by Kumar, Pune 29 July, 06.

Wellwisher said...

Somebody has rightly said : There are TWO countries here - One is INDIA - as briefed in , and the other one is Bharat , fully of scarcity of things !