Monday, February 20, 2006

बर्ड फ़्लू बाबत संभ्रम,नमुने पुन्हा तपासण्याची मागणी

बर्ड फ़्लू की राणीखेत याबाबत सरकारच संभ्रमात दिसते. तर देशातील पोल्ट्री उद्योगाचा वाढ्ता वेग रोखण्यासाठी हे कारस्थान रचल्याचा आरोप अनुराधा देसाई यांनी केला आहे ? चिकन व्यवसायावरचे हे संकट आधि कळ्ले नाही,ही सरकारची गंभीर चुक वाट्ते काय? आरोग्य मंत्रालय या बाबत गंभीर वाटते काय? शेतकरी यातून कसा बाहेर पडू शकेल ?


Anonymous said...

he karasthan jari asle tari babi chi gambhirta lakshyat ghavun trawit karwai karne garjeche ahe asa mala vatta. Karasthnyana shiksha lokancha jivashe khal karun dene jaruri nahi

Anonymous said...

Very Very Important -

Sakal pls convey this to Sharad Pawar as well as Maharashta CM.

Do not underground all killed hens... although you are spraying chemicals (?) on it it will create lot of problems later. Make sure to burn(chita) all hens / their eggs and stool (vishta). This is very very important. Sakal pls do something...

Anonymous said...

I believe it is a failure not only of the concerned government agencies but the media also.
When other countries were stockpiling the required medicines and conducting drills to fine tune their response in the event of any outbreak our people were sleeping.
I hope the virus does not mutate into something that can spread from person to person, we will not be able to do to humans what we are doing to the birds

Anonymous said...

has anyone thought about the hens?? It's sad that no one finds it as a cruelty to eat chiken. we produce (in poultries) hens to eat (kill) them. now they have some infection, we are killing them for our safty. this is ridisulous.
who has given us right to do this? is this a humanity??
i think there is no difference in human and evils!!

Medha Purandare said...

Poor birds !
How suddenly bird flu is detected? Was it already around us and we didn't know it due to lack of knowledge or just to keep morale, facts were concealed? or just to keep market going it wasn't talked even? Sounds something selfish and planned? Will medical help enough to handle outbreak?
Hope no spread will be there.

Anonymous said...

flue came to central India directly!It might have feelings only about nawapur wasi! arrrr !flue virus must be uneducated otherwise it would have enjoyed ambiance of kashmir/costal belt instead of nawapur dry area!on border sites as if bsf jawans were fighting against flue!with the DARRof flue given to us by western world next to SARS we Indians getting looser of times.we lost, our poor farmers lost and the gain ? TAMIFLUE TABS AND THIS AND THAT TABS ,antibiotics sold to us again by western world!..........HAPPY INDIA!