Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sure It's Pure?

The debate over quality and quantity of fuel the consumers get at the retial outlets seems to be unending.

Petrol sale at the Kulkarni Petrol Pump on Pune's Laxmi Road had to be stopped on Wednesday afternoon following a few buyers complained of petrol adulteration. There was no immediate explanation on what went wrong. Pump owner Narayan Kulkarni said the reasons would be known only after a probe. Bharat Petroleum officials said that the guilty would be asked to compensate those who got impure fuel.

The petroleum companies are expected to take steps to check fuel adulteration that directly affects the city’s environment. The Herald had recently checked 68 pumps in city to verify whether quality and quantity tests were provided at pumps. The survey findings were published on January 24. It indicated that many pumps did not have mandatory filter paper tests, while some did not have the 5 liter calibrated jar passed by the Weights and Measures Department. There were also questions about the density checks. What are your experiences?


mazevichar said...

This is a horrifying disclosure on an item which has become a necessary in today's world i feel the checking should be done in less amount of time and made the survey known to public,the culprits should be punished and also made open to public.

Makarand Bhagwat said...

Mala strongly vatate ki petrol company ani pumpwalyani lokancha vishwas milavla pahije.

ajay_pune said...

I feel every customer should have a right to ask for petrols Quality and Quantity.

There should be some simple techniques/tips to identify the pure and adulterated petrol. Some litmus paper tests will do fine.