Thursday, February 09, 2006

We Need A Concerted Effort To Reduce Plastic Use

For years, environmentalists have been seeking a curb on the plastic overload in our daily lives. Fibe months after the horrors of the July 26 deluge last year, the Maharashtra government has finally decided on an Ordinance to ban thin plastic carry bags.

Normally, a plastic ban is greeted with a howl of protests from the manufacturers’ association. This time, however, the partial ban has been accepted fairly quietly by the sector.

However, effective checks can be achieved through educating the users about the perils of a plastic glut and effective disposal of non-biodegradable matter. Unless the use of plastic is regulated systematically, the ban will serve no purpose. As CSIR chief and polymer expert Dr Raghunath Mashelkar points out, it is not plastic that is our enemy, but the manner in which we use it.

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ajay_pune said...

This is really shameful that after so much havoc also we people are continuing the use of plastic bags.

Preventing the complete use of plastic bags is not a viable option. The ease and comfort of plastic bag is definitely bettter than others. But we should know to dispose it also. By throwinh bags onthe road or just by collecting plastic bags from the garbage and aginst disposing it in a big garbage tank will not sol this.
1) The plastic incineration chambers should be irrigated, which will reduce the exisitng plastic quanity and ecological burning can tkae place

2) Alternative bags which are as tensile and sturdy anfd light weight with low cost option can be researched out.

3)Every person, right from paan wala to hypermalls has to REDUCE the consumption. Wherever plastic is necessary, he can go ahaed.

4) Completlely banning 20 micron bags usage.