Tuesday, February 28, 2006

अर्थसंकल्प आपणास कसा वाटतो ?

केंद्रीय अर्थसंकल्प आज संसदेत सादर झाला. सामान्य माणसाला सांभाळताना देशातील उद्योग-व्यवसायाला दिलासा मिळाला आहे का ? शेतीला कमी दरात व्याज .गाड्या, शीतपेये,आईस्र्कीम स्वस्त.ए.टी.एम वर कर लावला.व्यक्तीगत करात कोणताही बदल नाही.सेवा करात २ ट्क्के वाढ करुन काही सेवांना या करात आणले आहे. एकुणच बजेट कडून तुमच्या आशा पूर्ण झाल्या का ?


Anonymous said...

the budget is as usual as the last bugdet, though the publicity making that GDP growth is around 8.0% from last 3 years but the normal person have its daily problem that should have to be gone then and then people will think that india will become the new developing nation

Anonymous said...

budget has doen very little to take the reforms ahead. It lacks vision and has not paid attention to the constructive role government is expected to play.

Suresh said...

GDP 8.1% व Inflation 4% ज्ञवळपास आहे. यासाठी UPA सरकारचे अभिनंदन. शेतीउत्‍पन्‍नावर कर लावलेला नाही याबद्‍दल समाधान वाटले.

Jana Hitwadi said...

Budget shows that it is just an excercise which could have been done better and faster by some chatered accountant. There is hardly a new thought in the budget. The Government need to think on issues like corruption, better utilisation of resources, and giving benefits of progress to all.
The Government should think on taking up election expenditure, taxing expenditure rather than income, decentralising industry, population control, m:f ratio and issues like this in addition to infra-structure development.
Election expenditure otherwise also indirectly borne by a common man. Why not make some pocedure to contoll number of contestants and directly bear the same. A candidate if changes fait should not be allowed to contest at least for 6 years. This shall limit number of candidates and floor crossing.
Expenditure should be calculated by deducting authorised savings and investment and taxed.
The Government should encourage home industry meaning outsourcing of componants by big manufactures to individuals in villages. This shall avoid migration from villages to cities and towns and save so much of expenditure and liabilities.
The Government should offer VRS to all families where the male undergoes vasectomy. It could be life long pension for all those under poverty line. Pension should be given to both husband and wife separately. Amount can be maximum for a single girl child couple and least for 3 children of any sex. This will also help in achieving desired m:f ratio.
Mail me for details on these aspects janahitwadi@yahoo.com