Thursday, March 02, 2006

भारताने अणुकरारावर सही करणे योग्य ?

भारत- अमेरिका दरम्यान आज अणुकरारावर सही झाली. अमेरिकेच्या दबावाला भारत झुकला.संसदेला विश्वासात न घेता करारावर सह्या झाल्या. अशा दोन प्रतिक्रिया यावर व्यक्त केल्या गेल्या. भारतातील राजकीय परिस्थीतीवरही याचा परिणाम होईल. बुश यांचे स्वागत करण्यासाठी पंतप्रधान विमानतळावर हजर होते. राजकीय शिष्टाचाराचे संकेत बाजुला ठेऊन ह्या गोष्टीचे समर्थन केले गेले. अमेरिकेविषयी भारताचा हा बदल योग्य वाट्तो ?


PANINI said...

I believe it is a very big and positive step.
We are starved for energy ,currently only about 3% of our energy need is met by Nuclear Power ideally we should target at least 10 times more production thru this channel burning coal to meet our energy need is not a viable option ecologically.I fear if we recklessly burnt more and more fuel the ice at Grrenland will eventually melt forcing the sea level higher by 20 feet.Mr. Communist are you listening.

rajendra said...

The agreement is not that simple. The Indians must understand the undercurrent of this agreement. This is not a favor from US. They need many things from India. I see the motive behind this from US perspective is that India should not do any agreement with Iran for the gas pipeline. India's dependency on US would increase and this might lead into another independency. As India is having a very good pool of talent and we Indians have proved time and again that the technology can be developed indigenously. I have my own doubts about this as the complacency would increase and the efforts for using indigenously developed Thorium reactors would be stopped.
We would be always dependent on US for the fuel. This may lead into a viscous circle of dependency.

I am not against the agreement. However, I would like to say that our efforts to be a Superpower on our own, we should not stop. We must analyze the motives of Americans as it is a purely business minded state.

We should negotiate also for the permanent seat in the security council of UN.

Anonymous said...

There is bound to be a confusion in analysing an agreement of this great significance.Now let us see who is doing what,
In America many Republicans and Democrats are furious over special treatment accorded to India who is a nonsignatory of NPT,they are saying it is Santa Clause negotiating and the goal is to give as much as possible.These people are out to kill this agreement.
Our neighbour,Pakistan wants similar agreement and the same Santa Clause has refused flatly to consider their case.
Our other neighbor China is grumbling about the agreement.
Remember we need nuclear weapons to counter China and its buddy Pakistan.
Our Communist people with their patron saints sitting in China are out to pull this Indian Government for signing this agreement.Remember these Communist can not be openly anti nationals so they are doing it under patina of rational of sacrificing India's interests.
If we consider all these I feel it is good to have this agreement.

Anonymous said...

I think this is just a start of a new indo-US relationship. US wants someone to balance the power in indian sub-continent,and it is only India who is capable of it.They don't want China to be the super power and that's why they
are co-operating with India.
I think India should take as much advantage as possible of this attitude of US.But doing this it should always be
remembered that our freedom and pride is the most important thing for us.As long as we take our decisions without
getting influenced by US pressure, everything is welcome,as I believe that no Indian govt.would ever cheat the nation.
Go on India....It's your time....
And the communists ...Will you please shut up ????

AMOL PATIL said...

I think is the policy shift of US toward india. This aggrement is a big step towards INDO-US co-operation. As we are in dier need of energy, we should take this developement positively. Also US has agreed on seperation of military use reactors and development of future reactors. Despite this agreement INDIA should not stop it's research on Thorium reactors. As we are going to get benefitted from this agreement i dont see any cheating by signing the agreement

Anonymous said...

I think we have shown to the world we are strong and powerfull

ajay_pune said...

this is reallly very much proudful and honour of our country that we are showing rest of the worls" Hum bhi kuchh kam nahi".

Before signing CTBT, India should make clear of certian isues mainly related to Pakistan's jehad and POK. By getting a sanction note on those issues we can move ahead for signing it.

Also Iran pipeline project should not have any impact due to said move.