Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Should IIMs set up campuses abroad?

Should there be an Indian Institute of Management in Singapore? Or Dubai? Or the United States or wherever else in the world?

Well, this is the age of liberalisation and just as various things phoren are allowed to set up shop here, the thinking is that there's nothing wrong if the reverse is allowed to happen.

Right? Nah, but that's not what our human resources development minister Arjun Singh believes. The IIMs cannot establish campuses abroad as of now, because their Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) do not permit them to do so.

Should the government change the MoUs to allow the IIMs to set up campuses abroad? Or should the IIMs only exist in India and invite applications from across the world... perhaps even have special seats for foreign nationals and NRIs?

Tell us what you think...


Anagha said...

Infact it is a welcome move to think of setting IIMS abroad. In the atmosphere of globalisation this is a good opportunity to callbirate our standard with world education.The point of MOU is very trivial and can be sorted out with required modifications. Govt should come forward positively and with pragmatic view, which will help our education sector grow in its own way. We should also keep it in mind that the education sector will have top demand in coming decade on the world map.

Medha Purandare said...

Firstly, MOUs can be ammended if Govt.really wants it. Am I right? India has enough foreign exchange, so no need to have quota for NRIs or foreign nationals at six IIMs. As it is, previous Govt.was going to increase no.of IIMs which idea seems to be forgotten.

From whatever I know,my opinion is-
Reason behind not allowing IIMs opening branches abroad,seems Govt.wants full stake on IIMs' admin. Better, ask any IIM student or faculty in this regard. Allowing IIMs to open their counterparts abroad will enhance educational image of India for sure, making it more convenient for abroad to take benefit as student or as faculties or even as sponsorer for various new projects. Further exchange prog.for students in India will be beneficial for Indian students and faculties too. My best wishes to IIMs.