Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Shocker! Google Earth exposes Pune's defence establishments

Believe it or not, Pune's prohibited areas lie exposed. Pictures of areas like the Ammunition Factory at Khadki, Lohegaon airport, Research and Development Engineers, Dighi, and the College of Military Engineering are all available on Google Earth.

As the lead story in today's Maharashtra Herald puts it, the exposure could "pose a serious threat to the security concerns of the city, especially in the backdrop of December 29 terrorist attack on the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore".

For using this software, one can easily view the garden developed inside Shaniwarwada and all the bridges built across rivers Mutha and Mula, along with the riverside roads, Kirloskar Cummins, Parvati Water Works etc.

When contacted, a Google public relations official based in Bangalore, told Herald, "Google takes governmental concerns about Google Earth and Google Maps very seriously. It welcomes dialogue with governments, and we will be happy to talk to Indian authorities about any concerns they may have."

Google Earth has been around for a bit, and we would strongly recommend that the Indian government and community in general takes serious view of the exposure to its strategically sensitive locations and prevail upon Google to withhold these images.

Do let us have your views on the issue. Post your views here and also let the folks at Google know what you think by clicking here.


macdeo said...

I dont know what indian government is doing. whether they have any policy what to be published publically and what not i just dont understand.

corruption has reached such a level (nasa nasat murlay) that common public also have started politicians taken for granted that they r like that only. no body is daring to oppose all this.

ppl like anna hajare who himself have worked in services must know more and should take up issues like this and move a public movement.

Kapildev Gavaskar said...

This is crazy. What will have next? Secret defence files on google? Google earth: god knows what is happening to that part of earth we inhabit called India.

VinodC said...

PMC -PCMC Road Pole Lights

It is strange to understand why the quality of the Street / Road Pole Lights in & around Pune & PCMC area , courtesy our own PMC / PCMC offices, is so poor & pathetic.

I drive frequently on my bike & during evening hours it becomes very difficult to drive in spite of the Pole Lights being turned on & wonder why the the Pole Lights are so dim ? ? why are they kept so dim ? Is there any scientific reason for keeping the lights dim ? Why Public Money is being wasted ? Why cannot the lights be powerful ? There should be a basic sense among the Civic Authorities , that the street / road lights should throw / impart sufficient light on the road
so that the people can see each other , see the road properly & drive safely etc etc.

When would the PMC / PCMC Authorities realize the poor condition of Road Pole lights being created by them ? What corrective action would be taken ? I do not have any answer to these questions, I am worried about the present system

Medha Purandare said...

President of India already has shown his concern about google images reg. Govt.bldgs. I read somewhere. I hope, Govt. must have already taken up this issue I think.

It's now google's turn to satisfy Govts. of other countries before exposing satellite images of sensitive areas.

Technology which is definitely a boon should never be converted into ban.

JaguarNac said...

Google Earth is a nice software that enables the user to view different historic/important places from his desktop computers. However, India, being one of the major targets of terrorist attacks, we must consider the possibility of information misuse. And for that, our government will have to discuss with google officials to decide what is to be show public or what not. I believe there wont be any harm in showing phorograph of a historic place with a bit info. But the depth of the information should definitily be reduced.

Anonymous said...

I fully appreciate the opinions also it sems that our government himself is ignorant about the security/safety issues of our country.Rather they are only busy in exposing the ghotalas (which is an integral qualification for some of the renowned politicians in India).
I think daily salaries of all politicians should be cut if they misbehave/walk out of parliament.

Or they should be banned from taking part from next election.

Anonymous said...

I think google authorities should seriously think about the concern expressed by president of India. Will google show America's defence establishments on google earth? This is a straight attack on a country's defence information which can be used by enemy countries like pakistan. I suggest google should be dragged in court!

Anonymous said...

very nice agrowon ! keep it up

mazevichar said...

It was appalling to read in the newspapers today(20/1/06) that Pune's M.P.and C.M.wanted to teach the media that they should not publiclize the bad state of road in the city of Pune b'coz investments stops coming in for the city, i must say here these politicians have no business to teach the media b'coz the people of this country should know every aspect of state governing of the state,it is the people's fundamental right to know the city news,it is a shameful matter the city's M.P. has not done anything for the city.He is seen more on page three of the city's daily and about which nobody has anything to say.

Suresh said...

I have been using Google Earth since its launch almost each day.. It is very useful-informative..There are many other sites like...http://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/ and http://virtualearth.msn.com/ showing the sensitive defence places...