Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Should there be an international policy on cricket pitches?

Haven't we seen this happening just too often. Pitches in India are curated to suit our spinners whereas those in other parts of the world (New Zealand specifically) work wonders for their country's players?

Do you think the ICC should have clear guidelines for pitches? That pitches should be planned to allow for a good game of cricket. For, even as we enjoyed the batting of Messrs Sehwag and Dravid yesterday, a drawn match is no fun.

Do post your views on the issue...


macdeo said...

certainly a good idea, what i suggest is that, we can have a third party curator like umpires. which will provide equal chance for both the teams. otherwise we have always seen pitches are developed to support host country. afterall weather also matters the same curator cannot prepare same pitch in new zeland and sub continent country like india. so limitations are there but it will definately have some standardised solution.

JaguarNac said...

Definitely not.

Then whats the difference in playing a 'Home' match and an 'Away' match???
Its like a challange. The 'Away' team says "Oh Yeah! we are gona thrash you in your lands!!!"
while the 'Home' team says "We would like to see you TRY!!!"
Home is on Defence
Away is an attacker.

now tell me, Who will want our defenders defending a scenario, best suitable for attackers???
thats why contries prefer 'favoured' pitches for their own 'defenders'.
Thats what makes it hard to defeat a team on their homelands.
Thats why its hard to beat 'Team India' in India itself.

(Feeling very very happy and proud at the moment.)

Anonymous said...

No There should not be an international policy on cricket pitches.

Reasons :.

1. Only three conutry would domianted in it Australia, England and NEwzealand.
2. To Curate the Pitch international company would come down to india and make the pitch. ( they would have strict norms, rules and regulations.)
3. The talent would be loss..there would be common pitches all around the world. IT would be something similar to hockey matches..
4.Strategy and planning would not have much value.


Anonymous said...

Hi friend,

Q:. Should there be an International policy on crikcet Pitches ?


mazevichar said...

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Anagha said...

Google has not just took pictures from India but also from USA and all top American buildings and so called high security areas are available on google site.