Thursday, January 19, 2006

39 days to the Budget!

However much Finance Ministers may want to downplay the importance of the Union Budget saying that there are many fiscal decisions taken through the year, the fact is that the General Budget of the Indian Union is one of the most awaited government activities of the year.

The last day of February 2006 is the day when Finance Minister P Chidambaram will unleash this year's Budget.

Post your wishlist in the commentsboard.


Medha Purandare said...

1)No further Bank rates,postal rates decline,
2)No increased costs of day-to-day most needed things like cooking gas,foodgrains,petrol.
3)No increase in service charges,removal of education cess.
4)No TDS upto 10,000/-Rs.interest income p.a.instead of 5,000/-.
5)Costs of silk items,cosmetics like luxury items may be increased easily to balance the budget.
6)Maxi.increase in costs of Cigar,wines,tobacco products.
7)Concession in tax for housing loan instalments may be increased to 2.50 lacs p.a.considering recent increased housing costs.
8)Huge Concessions for electricity production Industries,
9)Entry load on foreign investments in India can be increased to some extent as there will be less negative effect since India is seen as retail global market and source of talented cheap labour,
10)Property purchased by foreign nationals in India may be taxed more again as it is sure to have huge investment in this sector within near future for township,housing or various industries.

In all relieve poors and middle class ppl.of India and charge more rich class they afford to pay easily,rather they might be avoiding it hugely. This might sound bias, but can't help, please read it in positive spirit. I expect, Mr.Chidambaram should not burden poor/middle class.

macdeo said...

I would only say good going last year. keep it up. positive steps towards a big economic achievements. n number of suggessions can be put forth but i can feel the burdon on F.M. lets keep our fingers crossed.

Ashish Damle said...

The prices of everything should go down. Now, isn't that the most complete wishlist you can have?

VinodC said...

I would like to see a finance budget for fy'06 in which the budget for the non-planned expenditure of the govt. is set to zero.
This would help the govt. to get a pool of funds to budget for the actual planned exp. & monitor it closely thru out the year.
Govt. can save & thus create a lot of money themselves by avoiding budgeting for the non -plan exp for eg.
1.The undesired & unwanted travel exp (domestic / foreign) of ministers / officials / families of ministers / officials etc.
2.Purchase of unwanted vehicles for
ministers / officials .
3.Unnecessary repairs / renovations done to govt.houses/ bunglows given to ministers / officials & various govt offices.

Another simple way of targeting & collecting revenue for fy'06 is to collect crores of rupees unpaid by

1.All Defaulting Tax payers of the country

2.Govt. Bunglows / houses not vacated by retired officials / former ministers, the FM should try to recover money from all these royal people.