Monday, January 09, 2006

Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar - Jan 9

1. Poet Vinda (Govind Vinayak) Karandikar gets Jnanapith Award
2. Delhi freezes : Temperature gone down to 0.2 degree celsius

The Maharashtra Herald
1. Phone tapping issue gone southwards : My phone tapped too, alleges former Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu

1. Farmers will get loans at 6 % interest rate from coming Kharif season : Maharashtra CM Vilasrao Deshmukh


Santosh said...

Vinda got gyanpeeth is really a today's great news. Every Marathi will feel pride. But one very important question is that why this is just third time to won this award? Really marathi literature don't have enough caliber? Is really Pula, Vijay Tendulkar and other welknown marathi writers are not capable of this award?

Chetan Apte said...

Is Delhi at 0.2 deg C or 2.2 deg C?
Some papers say 0.2 and some say 2.2?
Plz inform us

yogesh said...

भारत-पाक क्रिकेट सामने सध्या सुरु झालेत तेच मुळी दोन देशांमधील मित्रत्वाचे संबंध वाढावेत म्हणुन.

'मेडिया' या सामन्यांना व्यावसायिक रुप देवुन चर्वित-चर्वण घडुन आणेल आणि आपला खिसा भरेल.

खेळाडु, 'राजकारण' आणि 'खेळ' यांची एकत्र चर्चा नको असे सांगुन वेळ मारुन नेतील.

खरा प्रश्न तर दुरच रहातोय, खरंच हे सामने खेळुन 'पाक प्रेरीत' दहशतवाद संपलाय? आत्ताच बंगलोर मध्ये 'शास्रज्ञांवर' झालेला हल्ला काय दर्शवतो?

-- योगेश बंग , पुणे

Anagha said...

Marathi is getting Dnynapeeth just for third time. It is indeed a bad sign but is it not a reflection of our meagre literary contribution on
national level? Tendulkar's name cannot be considered for Dnynapeeth as he is basically playwright and have not contributed significantly in the core area of literature ie Novel, stories and poetry same applies to pu. La. too.

mazevichar said...

why,r politicians so concerned about their phones being tapped,they r all wasting our time and our money,i feel it's unnecessary for them to make any comment on the phonetapping the people who have elected these politicains have fundamental right to know what they do after all it is for the people's upliftment and welfare they r bought unto a public post.

Medha Purandare said...

1)Just now watched "Nakshtranche Dene" having Vinda and his poetry. His poetry was translated in some other languages of other states of India, he told, reaching out to more India. Politely he said, his contribution is one drop in the ocean of poetry as a whole. Good prog.
2) Phone tapping- humm,anybody is likely to get angry esp.politicians when they have to handle situations politically. Joke apart,it might be official spying what they are planning. But then why for only few selected politicians?

3)6% int.rate to farmers- Good ! Hope poor farmers will afford it. My sincere best wishes for Indian farmers.