Monday, January 09, 2006

Are students safe?

An MBA aspirant was murdered by his friends for ransom. This happened in the educational hub of India, Pune.
Are students really safe in India?
What are the experiences of students who are learning outside India? Feel free to comment.


macdeo said...

really speaking we cant stop this without good help of law & order situation there r many reasons for what is happening in pune these days.

We remember days like Joshi Abhyankar hatyakand which was a very rare sight in pune but data says just last year we have had 86 murders in the city which is quite alarming.


1. tremendous increase in pune's population within last 10 years

2. we cant stop masses mobilisation from our gaonkhedas

3. good development is taking place and its but obvious pune attracts many ppl.

4. earning capacities have increased because of various sectors in boom like it, construction etc.


1. we cant stop masses pouring in but we should provide good law & order situation encouraging policemen work with the minimum of bribery for that awareness programmes have to be conducted, police department should be secured financially as well.

2. good infracture should be provided like good public transport systems, roads electricity etc.

3. we must have some sort of systems to keep an eye on the crowd coming from outside.

otherwise pune is the best place to live


Anonymous said...

The murder of a student in the city of Pune is the most sad part all my condolences to the family,it's a shame on the authorites of the law,the m.p. of the city who can not provide any security to the public at all the most vital reason is the erratic lifestyle of the youth in the city the parents r responsible,the teachers r second to it

Prakash Ghatpande said...

the question can also be raised as are we safe? if same picture is embossed on the different canvas , depending upon canvas it's intensity is different. are women safe? are yongers safe? are senior citizen safe? is nation safe? the question shold be why we are unsafe?

Vikas G. Raut said...

This situation is due to the outsiders especially north indians who make the mockery of law and order. And somewhat we natives are responsible for this situation as we give them chance to seek the jobs, business, rental houses without confirming their credentials. I won't wonder if Maharashtra becomes Bihar in coming days! The inflow of outsiders creating tremendous burden on the local authorities i.e. civic bodies, police force. I think the police force is working hard to curb the situation but the burden is too huge to bear.

Anonymous said...

Pune really becoming metro city. Such thnigs will continur to happen unless and untill police act strictly.

Medha Purandare said...

So, this time 50 lacs amount was reason for MBA aspirant to loose precious life. It was greed for making fast money which caused wrong ideas to find place in young directionless brains. Very bad incidence.

I think, there is rule to inform police about new residents who migrate from out of Maharashtra by owner of residence so that nobody escapes from eyes of police that easily.

DigiSol said...

the question can also be raised as are we safe? if same picture is embossed on the different canvas , depending upon canvas it's intensity is different. are women safe? are yongers safe? are senior citizen safe? is nation safe? the question shold be why we are unsafe?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006 7:18:34 PM

Manish Prabhune said...

Disturbing trend...
bihar is coming to town.. what else

Anonymous said...

Safety- the basis primary need of any human being has it's cost to be paid.The murder was the saddest thing to have happen ,our condolences to the family.

Precise changes need to be done for the Law & Order including Police Dept in India.

We cannot forget the recent incidences that made police dept infamous in the city.

Pune once known as a educational hub for students across the globe has evolved.
It is rapidly gaining importance as a possible IT Place.Though this progress admits cosmopolitan crowd to the city ,we should remember the possible disadvantages that can set as 'causes' of the same..

Noice and air pollutions level are higher.

Crime has increased ,supporting more inflow of students and WRONG adaptation of Western culture.

What is seen as "BEING MODERN" should actually be defined as "BEING CRUDE"...students try to adapt the quickest & most unreliable way of getting fame and money.And this comes at expense of life attimes.

Competition is now taken on personal grounds instead as a learning experience,WHY ?Could 'WE'as a generation asnwere this emotion that has set us to argue with no outcome ..simply becasue we wanted to waste on it?!

Law and Order can help,but that needs to be followed by each one of us and should not merely retain it's place on a piece of paper.

Pune has LOST it's glory .Trying to get back the same would be difficult,but then we can try not to loose what has been left !

Anonymous said...

what is the sustainable population of Pune ? Quantiy vs Quality is the issue at stake

Allowing unchecked flow,without creating proper transporation, and checks on the migrant population is the root cause of the present decay of the city in terms of quality of life and uncivilized behaviour and greed of the migrant population

kumar said...

Why only students, no body is safe.
This is only because police is not in action. Culprints no that nothing is going to happen if we are caught.
Actually culprits must be afraid of police but common man is afraid of police and culprints are friends of police.
Maharashtra is turning to Bihar.
- Kumar

Chetan Apte said...

This is the worst scenario in the infrastructure of any industrious state!
And on top of that, the state electicty distribution company is compelling the industrial customers to reduce their consumption to 90% of their usual consumption. And if they don't do this, they are threatened of power cut for 2 days instead of one day per week.
This is like CHOR SODUN SANYASHALA SOOL! i.e. The distribution company, DISCOM for short is not effective on reducing the power thept and still has to supply power in subsidised rate to farmers. The cost of this is being recovered from the urban and industrial comsumers in form of loadshedding and increaded bills!!
At the end, I would like to state that, we, the SARVASAMANYA GRAHAK of discom are being held at ransom!!

Anonymous said...

Pune is very safe if you compare other big cities in India. Even ladies are going to night movies alone very safely in Pune.
Of course situation is getting bad day by day........

Ashish Thakur said...

safety is a "relative feeling" in my opinion. students may not feel safer after such incidents, but are the asian people safer in cities like NY, USA or Eastern London, UK after 9/11 and the London bombings?

while there is a fine line between privacy invasion and almost real-time protection from harm/attack, what needs investigation are the circumstances that drove the fellow-student/friend(?) to murder the victim. that holds the key to the problem definition and a well defined problem can be eventually solved!

my condolences to the bereaved family of the victim.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people are murdered for ransom. Coincidently he was a student. I think Pune is much safe. So I think we need not raise this incidence, and make it an issue whether Pune is safe for students or not, so and so.

gopal said...

A piece of advice - I am from Bangalore, and over tha lst 25 years, I have seen the city deteriorate to the deplorable condition it is now thanks to the huge influx of commercialization(IT & BPO) as well as people from the north. Right now, Pune is like what Bangalore was in 1995 or so, but if you Punekars allow it to continue unchecked like we Bangaloreans did, be sure that Pune will be exactly in the same condition in 5 years time.