Saturday, January 07, 2006

To all bloggers...

Thank you for contributing so actively to the Sakaal blog. The response has been overwhelming.

While we would like you to post comments to us, we do not publish those that are in the form of ideas for reports or are news leads. There are others which are of a confidential nature or have specific comments that are possibly not meant for public display.

Sakaal assures you that each and every comment posted on this weblog is taken note of and acted upon.

So, keep commenting!


Suresh said...

Happy to know that each messages is read and acted upon.

JaguarNac said...

Comment type : Idea/Suggestion,

To have this blog is definitely a nice thing. But has Sakaal thought of hosting a forum??
I belive that forums hold a strong ground for serious discussions. On forums, member get sufficient freedom to start various topics, on any issue which they would like to share/discuss. Still ,th esupreme control and authority of the board, its functionality and its content remains in the hands of forum moderators only.
You can check the following site, the majority of boards that ive seen run on IPB.

Forums hold the poser to create a vast, dynamic community. Blogs on the other hand majorly display personal views/opinions in this perticular case, the news. While forums can hold various sections like cultural/sports/politics etc.

Chetan Apte said...

How do I creat A NEW COMMENT? Can I create it or not? I am asking this coz I had to post my comment abt my exp. of Neeta Volvo at a wrong place!

Prakash Ghatpande said...

suppose u receive numbers of good blogs' u all read it. what next?

Prashant said...

I wish you all the best. I liked your idea of connecting marathi people and I appreciate your efforts, you have put in building agro site. I wish if I could meet you guys (especially agro site owners)during my upcoming visit to india.

Even though your bolg idea is good, I do not think, (I might be wrong) blog is a righ tool for what you are trying to achieve. (or atleast using blogspot is not a good idea).

Either you should be using phpbb ( or some other blogging softwares(there are some freewares available) You can setup your different forums and have the information categorised. It would be useful for people to find their favorite place to add their thoughts.

I would be glad to help you out if you need. ( No, I am not asking for money, I want people to connect.)

Wishing you Best Luck.

Anonymous said...

good luck! and congratulations to this lead by sakal hope every voice is heard and it provides strength to this nations democracy