Wednesday, December 03, 2008

वाचाळ राजकीय नेते

केरळचे मुख्यमंत्री व्ही.एस. अच्युतानंद यांनी त्यांच्या "त्या' वादग्रस्त विधानावर माफी मागण्यास नकार दिला असून त्यांच्या विधानाचा चुकीचा अर्थ लावला गेल्याचे म्हटले आहे.

मात्र त्यांच्या या सावरासावरीनंतरही त्यांना होणारा विरोध कमी झालेला नाही.

केरळमध्ये विरोधी पक्ष असलेल्या कॉंग्रेसप्रणीत संयुक्त लोकशाही आघाडीने आज (बुधवारी) अच्युतानंदन यांच्या राजीनाम्याची मागणी करत विधानसभेचे कामकाज बंद पाडले.

कॉंग्रेसचे सदस्य विधानसभा अध्यक्ष के. राधाकृष्णन यांच्या समोरील जागेत जाऊन अच्युतानंदन यांच्या विरुद्ध घोषणा देत होते. अच्युतानंदन यांनी विनाशर्त माफी मागावी, अशी मागणीही त्यांनी यावेळी केली.

मुख्यमंत्री पदावरील व्यक्तीला अशाप्रकारची भाषा शोभते का? अच्युतानंद यांनी चुकीचे शब्द वापरले. शिवाय त्याबाबत माफी मागण्यासही नकार दिला. भारताचे खरे शिलेदार म्हणून मिरवणाऱ्या या राजकीय नेत्यांच्या वाचाळपणाबद्द आपल्याला काय वाटते?


Shrikant Atre said...

I would say 'who says what is all relative' and what conclusion media draws and whether public supports it or rejects it, is only partially reflected in the ultimate action against such leaders.

Some days ago, when (former) State Home Minister RR Patil said that there will be Bullets for Bullets, he was mis-interpreted by English Media. Marathi people overwhelmingly supported him for that statement. Sakal took initiative to Support him. So did most of us and a lobby of supporters (despite a few of his ministerial colleagues criticized him) ensured that Aba remained in power and he was saved by a simple statement that 'he was misinterpreted by media'.

Just last week, same RR Patil made a statement in Hindi stating that small incidents do happen in big cities. All media criticized him, even Sakal did not spare him. But nobody asked public opinion on this important topic (point to be noted). I am sure Marathi people who know Aba / supported his good decisions well, would have supported him despite this flip-flop. But this time he was not so lucky as his own party newspaper did not come ahead for his rescue. And perhaps his High-Command had decided something else in this case and he had to go (note, his one day earlier statement that there is no reason for him to go).

Now look at the Kerala CM case. He said something, media criticized him and blogs, TOI responses, all went heavily against him. The Polit Bureau of Left - Mr. Karat had to apologize too. But he is so lucky that there is no one to replace him soon. SO the latest news is that the CM has also offered some apology / said he was misinterpreted too. So it will all be over w/o a change.

What does all this indicate ? Finally our leaders are simply Human Beings. They will make mistakes, just as you and me all make mistakes. Also it's Einstein's relativity theory everywhere. If you are in opposition (applied to leaders, blind followers, angry high-command or biased media people) you would see any statement with a preset notion or simply speaking, tainted glasses. If you dont fall in above category and are an ordinary Junta like us, you can give a free poll on any statement.

But in our country, who cares for what ordinary people feel ?

You have asked in blog, if this kind of a language is appropriate or not, may be its not, may be its impolite or not-politically-very-correct-statement, but what can ordinary people do about it ? It does not mean that ordinary people or people of Kerala have a right to call him back or pressure him...!

I would have been happy to see similar polls being taken on following statements when,
1. Madam Sonia Gandhi-jee mentioned about Late PM Mrs. Indira Gandhi's policies on Nationalization of banks in 1969 and how it saved our country in current crises. To tell you a truth, all who know India's Economy and PERFORMANCE of PSU Banks would have laughed aloud.
2. AK Antony saheb mentioned that current Anti-Hindu wave started only after Babari Masjid Demolition. I think just may be it is that he forgot that it was Babar who invaded us...!
3. Karunanidhi saheb mentioned that Hindus are idiots to wear Tilak on Forehead and wearing the scared thread. I wonder what right has he to say that ?
4. Murali Deora had said that Petrol prices will come down if Oil goes below $ 65 a barrel (on record) just a few months ago. Now he said let the elections be over (note Oil prices today...)

But may be all of them were perhaps politically too correct and who are us to BLOG these statements ?

In earlier poll, I had opined that the 'Referendum Power to call back political leaders' has to be bestowed to the people of India. And I think its high time that the media raises a voice for this and the Government of India takes a serious note of this...!

Till then all BLOG entries and opinions will be shown dust-bin....!

captsubh said...

I agree with the concluding para of Shri.Shrikant Atre as I too have been expressing similar sentiments on few other blog topics.
Asking bloggers for their comments is simple,but if no heed is taken by the powers that be of the collective voices on certain important subjects,the very purpose of blogs gets defeated.On one hand,blogs give opportunity to the members of the public from all strata of society,regardless of whether old or young,living in India or abroad to put forth their considered views through the medium of the blogs due to no constraint of space in virtual reality,carry the opinions far & wide,but if same do not get conveyed to the persons who need to change their ways of public behaviour like in this topic,blogs can at best be a source of some diversion/entertainment for those who have the luxury of time & access to the internet.
Else,it is the media which decides what subjects to give importance & coverage to & coolly ignores the inconvenient ones like memntioned by Shri.Atre re: Shri.Aba Patil.
The recent zeal of the media of highlighting the enquiry of just 10-12 Hindus by ATS was most ridiculous & unnecessary,when the enquiry was incomplete.
When the rulers find inconvenient matters being discussed,they keep silent using the pet phrase "The matter is sub judice,let the law take its own course".But then we know that the law is an arse & the truth never comes out.
So seeking public opinion on this topic is an exercise in futility!!!
ब-याच मंत्री/नेते लोकांची प्रायव्हेटमधली भाषा जनतेला शिव्या देण्याचीच असते,फ़क्त ते पब्लिकमध्ये आले की हात जोडून विनम्र होतात व प्रत्येक शब्द त्याच्या परिणामाचा विचार करत उच्चारतात,पण जनतेतल्या कुणी त्यांचा सबळ कारण असल्यामुळे अपमान केला तर ते पुन्हा फ़डा काढून फ़ुत्कार करू लागतात.त्यांचे वर्तन कुत्र्याच्या शेपटीसारखे वाकडेच असते,जरी ती तात्पुरती सरळ पाईपमध्ये घातली तरी बाहेर आल्यावर वाकडीच होते! कोण या बोक्यांच्या गळ्यात घंटा बांधणार?

Anonymous said...

True, Highcommand chya tala var Maharastra CM nachato. Why do we vote to congress leader? I am not BJP pro but a question that people in Maharashtra vote for congress leaders but they don't take any actions. All decision are made by high command. Isn't this a autocracy? What does Soniya Gandhi knows about Maharastra people wants? How many times she visited Maharashtra? How much time she is in Maharashtra? then why should we let her take decisions about Maharashtra? Is she is Maharashtra people leader? Don't Maharashtra govt has rights to take decision or are they not intelligent enough to take decision? What's the truth? Looks at other successful states in India, their CM takes decision and they are puppet of or their party head or HighCommand.
CHANGE WE NEED IN THINKING, not only in ministers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Shrikant Atre, people says we need change and Politicians takes advantages of this kind of situations and changes CM/DCM or ministers. That's it. People believe change is done. And then forget the matter and people's concerns. Soniya doing politics about Maharashtra CM, but doesn she aware of why we need change in leadership? Did she come in Maharastra to listen to People?
This is true, questions of Mumbai people are not answered yet and I am negative about this, looking at how politicians are behaving in this tragedy. Passing the blame. That's it. India politicians knows Pakistan is involved but won't take actions against it. They think they are follower of M Gandhi but does they know what Gandhi said about Unjustice? Unjustice is unacceptable. Don't you think this unjustice to Mumbai people to let live open to terror attacks? Politicians care about thier positions and not about their people. This is what we are seeing.