Saturday, August 16, 2008

चूक महिला कर्मचाऱ्यांचीही

As a manager in one international call center pune , and also Pradesh padhadhikari for one political party IT wing, My opinion on this would be not only the boys are responsible all this incidents, Girls Or women employees also same responsible for this matters.We know what happens or what would be the culture on floor or campus. Now a days almost all call center follows the security measures still this kind of incidents happens. We conveyed the messages to all our members to follow the below security credentials to their work place.

Many of the parents fear to send the daughters to work in call centers. In Pune, the government has ordered to have a security when the women employee is travelling and the women employee should be dropped first and she should be accompanied by the colleagues.
What ever may be, a women employee should not have gone alone for work. Women employees should not be allowed to work after 6 PM. Only men should be asked to stay after that. In case women employee is asked to work late night, she has to be picked up along with the colleague and after work she has to be dropped first along with colleagues.
Most of the cab drivers are uneducated employees and bachelors who want to earn money and indulge in all things. Recently the cab drivers have commented in Hyderabad that some of the women employees are not dressing properly, this will give some cab drivers excited, who will do the mischief because many of them are bachelors. They suggested women employee should dress properly while travelling.
Many companies outsource cabs from travel companies. The cab drivers antecedents should be verified properly before engaging them and there should be proper records and GPS should be fixed to know the movements of the vehicle.
Women employees should dress properly and there should be dress code of the company. The women employee should verify if they get call from office to work in office late nights, they have to confirm twice with their higher officials before going to work, if they get doubt they should not travel.

The police should check movements of the vehicle during night time and there should cameras at the important places.

Every unit has a admin dept to manage the employee pick up and drop,If any female employee wants to come or go by her own, admin should inform their parents for the same.or they should not allow such a things.

Thanks,Madhukar Mazire

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Management expert said...

oh i agree to This Manager statement.........girl are very openly mind and they dont have any social activities like their dress,talking,behavour and attitude,so they always think about openly mind they think only own world .they keep good nightshift always touch family memebrs only ,but now a day they touch to their boyfirnd only this very sad.girls always refuses to cab driver rules and they put the own rules to cab driver.they will say to turn cab to otherway.always they talking about their personal matter,so its disturb to cab driver.
Now a day boys are shy but not girls.girls talk only on personal matter in cab on cell or to beside to his friend only.some body cab driver asked some thing ,then girl show his level to well as some girls doing unexpected work in cab.they dint hesitate to that work.their mother and father are proude thier daughter working in call center.this is good but what their opposite site.girls dont want any security from compnay becouse they didnt want otherwise they will loose the what they doing openly so other person very dare for RAPE.
so now this social problems.
even dress code also very good option for call center.every day it should be compalsary all call center.
parents also ask to their daughter,where she was?what done at day?.........otherwise girls always RAPED by the cab driver or their friend,we can read everytime in newspaper.