Wednesday, June 25, 2008

संमेलन सॅन फ्रान्सिस्कोत होणारच - कौतिकराव ठाले- पाटील

एक संमेलन परदेशात घेतले तर काही आकाश कोसळणार नाही. गाडीने रुळ बदलले, की खडखडाट होणारच. अपघात होणार नाही, याची आम्ही काळजी घेऊ. राहिला प्रश्‍न प्रकाशकांचा. संमेलनात पुस्तक विक्री करून नफा कमाविणारे प्रकाशक एक टक्का नफा तरी महामंडळाला देतात का? संमेलनाने आम्हाला द्यावे; पण आम्ही त्यांना देणार नाही, अशी त्यांची भूमिका आहे. संमेलने झालीच नसती, तर त्यांनी काय केले असते? असे अखिल भारतीय मराठी साहित्य महामंडळाचे अध्यक्ष कौतिकराव ठाले- पाटील यांनी सांगितले.

कौतिकराव ठाले- पाटलांची ही भूमिका योग्य आहे का?


Anonymous said...

Yogya aahe

Anonymous said...

The person behind all this, Sandeep Deokule, who actually wants to get the Sahitya Sammelan to Bay Area, don't even know even half of the people's names who will be coming nor does he has ever read any marathi books. isn't that something to think about.

J K SARAF said...


Anonymous said...

Sammelan is a big and positive thing, you should support it no matter where it is !!! we are all marathi people and should be together..

Jayesh said...

Let the person know who is passing personal comments that no one is trying to make this event for his personal interest I am sure the one who claim this must have already done parayana of marathi books and he is the one who will take all the benifits of this event but passing such negative personal comments. If you want to comment give your comments on the organization who made decision and who is willing to do this a success.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there is freedom of speech and expression to every person but that does not mean that people should be writing names of MMBAY AREA team. This truly shows that people are narrow-minded and do not have the capacity to be innovative nor do they want the capable people of the society ,who want to showcase their cultural heritage here in United States to do it.
But since the supporters are more in number, we are sure to make this SAMMELAN happen here in Golden state. Few small fishes cannot make the Ocean dirty.

Anonymous said...

Atyanta chukeecha nirnay ghetla gelela aahe. Sammelan Bharatatach vhayla have. Mag te Maharashtrabaher zale tari chalel.

Bay area Maharashtra Mandala kade itakech paise var aale aahet tar Maharashtrateel shetkaryanchya karja fedi saathi tyacha far changla upyoug hou shakel. Anek khedyat vachanalay suru karta yeil. Hyavar kahi lok vishayantar mhanun tika karteel. Pan pratyaksha shetkaryanchi paristhiti jyanni pahili aahe, tyanach he patu shakte.

Mukhya sammelana vyatirkta, itar chhotekhani karyakram Bay area ch kay jagat kuthehi karayla kahich harkat nahi. Pan hya varshik sohalyache uddisht abadhit thevayche aslyas sammelan Bharatatach vhayla have.

Mandalala aani Thale-Patilanna dev subuddhi devo!

captsubh said...

It sounds silly to imagine that the small amount of money to be spent on the proposed Bay area sammelan,if donated to m'tra's farmers, can mitigate their suffering & stop their suicides.

When as per our norms,a lot of the central & state govts' largesse of
Rs.71000/ crores sanctioned for distribution is not likely to reach the needy farmers & will
find its way into the pockets/coffers of political leaders/parties!

It is obvious that some prejudiced readers/bloggers are opposing the venue just for the sake of it.How many of them have attended such sammelans in M'tra/India???

You ain't impressing anyone by yr negative/narrow minded thoughts!

अमित said...

मला तरी यामध्ये काहीच गैर वाटत नाही. जर संमेलन महाराष्ट्राबाहेर होवू शकते तर मग ते बाहेर कुठेही होवू शकते. लोकांनी उगाच नाहीत्या गोष्टींवर वाटेल तसे विचार प्रदर्शित करु नयेत. महाराष्ट्र मंडळाने इथल्या शेतक-यांना मदत करण्याचा सल्ला देणा-यांनी स्वत: काय दिवे लावले आहेत ते आधी सांगावे आणि मग दुस-यांवर टिका करवी. संमेलने हे साहीत्य लोंकांपुढे ठेवण्याचे व्यासपीठ समजले तर प्रत्यक्षात ही एक सधी आहे. जर बाहेर पुस्तकांचा खप वाढला तर मराठीलाच त्याचा फ़ायदा होणार आहे [वाढत्या खपामुळे भाषांतरीत साहित्याची संधीदेखील मिळेल]. आणि स्थानिक प्रकाशक केवळ स्पर्धेच्या भीतीने विरोध करत असावेत.

Anonymous said...

Typical Marathi sankuchit buddhi sodun apan sarvani ya nirnayache swagat kele paahije.

Anonymous said...

Marathi people in USA - San Francisco, San Jose-Sunnyvale, Chicago, Minneapolis, NJ/NY/Rochester follow more pure marathi culture in USA than the people of Maharashtra today. If the marathi people of Maharashtra are so much proud of its Marathi Culture, why then you send your kids to English Medium Schools? These ENGLISH Medium NGO School are all set and target Marathi people to follow western culture, and become a slave for west!

First every marathi family should send their kids to Marathi School. Then comes Hindi and then comes English. If English comes first, Marathi Sammelaan goes to WEST!

Anonymous said...

This event should happen in India only. It is "Pathetic" mentality to call Marathi person "typical".

Anonymous said...

Ekmekanche paay khechu hi mhan ataa zaali juni.

It is time to prove that I am not the same old marathi 'KUPAMNDUK'. Let's show the world that Marathi does not have limits of borders. I would like to see initiative to teach marathi from elementary in foreign countries where we have sizable marathi population.

I support it to conduct in California.

Shrikant said...

What is the real underlying issue for conducting the event in USA? Can someone rationally list logical reasons? If organizers, publishers, artists and audiences ("Rasik"), all major stakeholders are in favor then I am curious to know why people and who are divided on this matter.


P K Phadnis said...

मराठी साहित्यसंमेलनाबद्दल बहुतेक सर्व लिखाण इंग्रजी किंवा रोमन मराठी (हरे राम!) मध्ये लिहिलेले. मराठीचे प्रेम कोठे गेले? वरून barahaIME हे software download का करून घेत नाही? मराठी ब्लॉगवर सर्व मजकूर मराठीत दिसावयास हवा.
अमेरिकेत साहित्यसंमेलन झाले तर सर्वसामान्य साहित्यप्रेमी तेथे कसे जाणार एवढाच कळीचा मुद्दा आहे.