Monday, May 12, 2008

सत्ता दिली तर महाराष्ट्र सुतासारखा सरळ करीन

राज ठाकरे : निवडणुका हा माझा धंदा नाही

निवडणुका समोर ठेवून आंदोलन करण्याची माझी सवय नाही. मी शिवसेनेत असल्यापासून माझी भूमिका पक्की आहे. ती आजही कायम आहे. निवडणुका हा इतरांचा धंदा असेल; पण माझा नाही. जर मला सत्ता दिली, तर महाराष्ट्र सुतासारखा सरळ करीन. तथापि मुख्यमंत्री होणे न होणे हा मुद्दा माझ्यासाठी महत्त्वाचा नाही. इथले प्रश्‍न सुटणे, हेच माझ्यासाठी महत्त्वाचे आहे, असे मत महाराष्ट्र नवनिर्माण सेनेचे अध्यक्ष राज ठाकरे यांनी व्यक्त केले.

दोन वर्षे वयाच्या या पक्षाने जी कामगिरी केली, ती इतर राष्ट्रीय पक्षांना चाळीस वर्षांतही जमली नाही. इतर पक्षांचे दोन वर्षे व माझ्या पक्षाची दोन वर्षे यांची जर तुलना केली तर त्यातील फरक नक्कीच लक्षात राहण्याजोगा आहे. निवडणुकीत राष्ट्रीय पक्षांपेक्षा स्थानिक पक्षांचे महत्त्व यापुढे अधिकच राहणार आहे. कोणताही राष्ट्रीय पक्ष स्वबळावर निवडणुकीत सत्ता मिळवू शकणार नाही. मी कोणत्या पक्षाबरोबर जायचे ते जेव्हाचे तेव्हाच पाहू. सध्या तरी "एकला चलो रे' अशीच माझी वाटचाल आहे, असे त्यांनी सांगितले."

भय्यांवर आपला राग का?' या प्रश्‍नाचे उत्तर ठाकरे यांनी दिले. ते म्हणाले, माझा राग भय्यांवर नाही. त्यांच्या मराठीविरोधी कृतीला आहे. मराठीचे अस्तित्व नाकारण्याचा जो प्रयत्न करेल त्याच्यावर माझा राग असेल. उद्या जर कोणी असा प्रयत्न केला तर त्यालाही माझ्या रोषाला सामोरे जावे लागेल. "मुंबईत -महाराष्ट्रात सर्व सुविधा आहेत. निघून या,' असा जो निरोप उत्तर प्रदेश-बिहारमध्ये जातो, त्याऐवजी "इथे राहता येत नाही,' असा उलटा निरोप त्या त्या राज्यात द्यायला हवा, असेही एका प्रश्‍नाच्या उत्तरात ते म्हणाले.

डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांचे वक्तव्य असलेले पुस्तकच नाही, असे प्रतिपादन प्रकाश आंबेडकरांनी केले. त्या संदर्भात राज ठाकरे म्हणाले की, मी ते पुस्तक कसे मिळविले आहे ते माझे मलाच माहीत. त्यातील मुद्दे या नेत्यांना गैरसोयीचे आहेत. म्हणून कित्येक लायब्ररीतून ते पुस्तकच "गुल' केले आहे. जे सत्य आहे, ते लपवून कशाला ठेवता, असा उलटा सवालही त्यांनी दलित नेत्यांना केला.

'ज्याच्या हातात पक्षी तो शिकारी', ही म्हण आपल्याकडे बरीच जुनी आहे. थोडक्‍यात काय, तर आमच्याकडे देश- राज्य द्या आम्ही विकास घडवू, असे घासूनघासून गुळगुळीत झालेले वाक्‍य कानावर पडून कान पिचण्याची वेळ आली आहे, असे वाटत नाही का तुम्हाला???


Anonymous said...

With due respect to you, running a state is not simple as throwing stones, damaging public property.
Ask your party workers to learn how to create things and not to destroy them.
I really don’t understand and the mentality of the people who only believe in destroying public property. Whatever is the occasion, MNS goons will be on road throwing stones on buses, shutting down shops, damaging public properties and assaulting the people.
If MNS really gets elected then I guess police will be on permanent leave for 5 years.

Anonymous said...

MNS has learnt these activities from Congress(I) itself. These activities are done by ex-congress workers who have joined MNS. Lets look back in Maharashtra itself.

1. 1948-50 Riots in Pune from Congress workers after the assination of Gandhi. Crorers of Property in Pune Damaged and many families routed in PUNE. Brahmins still face discrimination from Congress(I) in education, job, political system, defence, etc.

2. 1984 Congress Riots in Delhi after assination of Indira Gandhi.
1000 sikhs killed in New Delhi, Riots all over India from congress workers. Supreme Court has no time for justice for 1984 Delhi Riots, but they have years and years to enquire and re-enquire to know Gujarat post godhara 2002 Riots.

3. 1992 Babari Mashid Riots, Mumbai Riots after BSE Daawood Attack, Sanjay Dutt's involment (He is free because he is friend of Rajeev Gandhi Family). Shiv Sena defended hindus from Dawood, Salem and gang.

4. Dr Ambedkars status in Bihar was damaged by unknown people. Trains and Buses were burnt by Congress supported people in Maharashtra.

5. Arrival of BUSH in Andhra Pradesh, Muslims damaged millions of property in Hydrabad. Again Congress(I) is the government in AP.

6. Denmark Cartoons, Again Riots in Muslim Dominated areas, You can Check all the governments where of Congress, or Mulayam Singh Yadaav.


Congress (I) has not protected our country from Terrorists, but have created terrorists and thought every un-eduacated, in-tolerable, poor people how to damage public and private property to get their demands fulfilled!

All terrorists are protected by Congress(I) in their back yard for votes from community. No justice to those who have suffered their life, loss and damage since 60 years.

Defeat Congress(I), Save INDIA!

Anonymous said...

Raj Thakare has no program.Why he remains in protection.His thinking is very narrow minded and he dont have vision.He talks poison only to earn cheap publicity for MNS aniverssary.
If he really wants to work for marathi he should genuinely support marathi for self-employment ( think beyond vadapav and bhel-puri stalls).

Anonymous said...

Mr Raj Thakrey is just another Smart Politician using the oft used track of linguistic Jingoisam to get support what has he done so far except slogan?can he please publish the Income tax declaration ? how he made crores of rupees ? was he born that way ? did he win Lotto ? Today there is such abig vaccum in Marathi Political leadership anyone stands up & makes wild statements. Let Raj give some accountability of his work when he was in Shiv Sena offcourse what he did with the Money earned from Michal Jackson show etc How many Marathi youth were given jobs under his great programme ?
While being born in Mumbai its very much fact that people from UP & Bihar have made life of avarage Mumbakar miserable stone throwing , burning taxis will all have no effect on the influx. one single big question is can an avarge Maharshtrian fill up the vaccume if all these people are removed from state by some miracle?
Few years down the line it will be another Bhagalpur or Etawa . There has to be some control over the way these influx & people from other states flood Mumbai live allmost free in state ,overburden the fragile & overburdened infrastructure. All the money they earn goes back to their states while we mumbaikars foot the bill for the stolen Electricity , Water etc .They are biggest benificiaries at PWD ration shops with fake ration cards ,Muncipal hospitals & Schools
The surprising thing is that These very people have not been able to change the economic mismangemet in their own states but are able to do same very easily with Mumbai bring it to the UP & Bihar level sooner then ever .

Anonymous said...

Some one is heart badly, by comments accusing Congress(I). Its Raj Thakre or Shiv Sena of Bajarang Daal, Congress(I) should be defeated.

Congressing is appeasing Muslims for votes. Today reports should the evil forces in congress(I) overturned by Delhi HC.
"Sachar favours Muslims alone, not right: Delhi HC"

Defeat Congress(I), Save INDIA!

Anonymous said...

Raj Thakre is Doing good Job.
We all should Support him. Swatahacha Ahankar - Mate-Tatvadnyan-Shanka bajula Theva Ani Marathi Sathi mhanun Apalya manasala support kara.
Anyatha bhavishyat MARATHI madhun bolane dekhil chori tharel.

subodh said...

as long as their is no violence and distraction of public property...i will be with RAJ.....his party is new and he have that opportunity to show....WHAT IS IMPORTANCE OF PUBLIC PROPERTY...AND IT's VALUE to people and to other political parties.

that will improve his image in common man.

--Subodh Gupte

Anonymous said...

What is this silly things happened one by one, whether it may shivsena, MNS, Bajrang Daal or any political party, we daily found that they are always doing thing for geting popularity. Recentely Shivsena started new issue that their followers found to paint Bombay Dying Shops banner spoile in Aurangabad. I think all these things are creating temper in our mind. Now MNS decide to struggle for Marathi People it is also kind of political issue,nothing else. Quatation of Raj Thakre is " We will dicide later in which party that we have enter". It means in future MNS will not remains independent. It seems that everything is duplicate.

Anonymous said...

Bangladeshi - Paki Bomb blast in Jaipur, 100 dead!. Shiv Sena and MNS should take the lead to drive these b*stards out of India. India shuold reply back in a strict manner.

Hand Afzal and all terrorists! said...

Raj Thakrechya hati satta denyachi vel kahrach aali aahe karan marathi mansachi pilavnuk parprantiyankadun hot aahe