Monday, October 22, 2007

आरती "रामा'ची

- नवी दिल्लीतील सुभाष मैदानात रविवारी विजयादशमीनिमित्त आयोजित केलेल्या कार्यक्रमात राम व लक्ष्मणाची भूमिका करणाऱ्या कलाकारांना ओवाळताना संयुक्त पुरोगामी आघाडीच्या अध्यक्षा श्रीमती सोनिया गांधी।
न सांगता, बरंच काही बोलतोय हा फोटो...नाही का...?


captsubh said...

श्रीमती सोनिया गांधी राम लक्ष्मणाची पूजा करत आहेत ही चांगलीच गोष्ट आहे.त्या भारतीय नागरिकत्व स्वीकारल्यानंतर कायम भारतीय पेहराव करतात.
फ़क्त त्यांच्या मनात भारतीय रुढी,प्रथा,हिंदु धर्म याबद्दल फ़ारशी आपुलकी नव्हती असेच वाटायचे.
Sethusamudram project पुन्हा चालू करण्यात व्यवहारीपणापेक्षा राजकारणच जास्त आहे,पण त्यामध्ये रामसेतु मोडायचा ठरवल्यामुळे त्यांना श्रीरामाबद्दल तिरस्कार आहे असेच वाटत होते. यामुळे जनतेकडून मोठे वादळ वहायला लागले होते.
ते लक्षात आले म्हणून की काय तो क्षोभ शमवायला विजयादशमीचे निमित्त साधून त्या ती चूक निस्तरायला पुढे सरसावल्या हे योग्य आहे.
जातीजमातींचे राजकारण त्या थांबवतील ही पण अपेक्षा आपण करू शकतो का?
तरच देशाचे भले होइल!!!
सुभाष भाटे

Suresh3211 said...

NEW DELHI: As the UPA and the Left tried to wriggle out the Indo-US nuclear deal, the BJP on Monday sought to again up the ante on the Ram Setu issue. It questioned the presence of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the Ravan Vadh on Vijayadashmi, if the government did not believe in Ram.

The latest provocation was Union shipping minister and DMK leader TR Baalu’s statement that the project would be ready by November, 2008, and “the first ship will be flagged off by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh in the presence of Tamil Nadu
Chief Minister M Karunanidhi.”

The BJP strategically echoed AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa’s attack to the DMK minister’s statement on the subject. While Jayalalithaa had restricted her present opposition to issues relating to the ecological concerns and displacement of fishermen in the area, the BJP did not forget to add Ram sentiments to the controversy.

Party spokesman Prakash Javdekar condemned “the willful and outrageous statement made by Baalu about the completion of the project by blowing up the Ram Setu. This is not only a gross insult to the national sentiment but is also a deliberate attempt to hurt the faith of the entire nation.

It is an exercise to prejudge and pressurise the expert committee appointed by the government to hear the pubic grievances in the matter. The committee itself is an eyewash as it has no experts in geology, marine archaeology, national security and financial analysts.

It also amounts to contempt of the Supreme Court ruling, which has stayed any dredging near Ram Setu.” The court will hear the case in January.

The Bajrang Dal, youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad had earlier written to Ramlila organising committees all over the country asking them not to invite Congress leaders on the occasion including Sonia Gandhi, who visits Ramlila Maidan in Delhi every year on Vijayadashmi.