Friday, July 20, 2007

Open Letter to Shahenshah...

mr. amitabh bachchhan, we know you are very gentleman, then why are you talking nonsence. mr. bachchan you said that , your are donating the land which own by you. i have strong objection for the word `donate`. you had use your charisma for purchasing the land in Maval. that was illegal act. when media talked about it, you are ready to give back the land to orignal owners. my question is your are still highest paid artist in India, you can own your house in any city in the world, then why are you went and purchase the land at Maval? you always talked about the justice for poor in your movies, but that is not in practice in your daily life. am not expecting that you should live like a saint but i expect that you should at least try to live as a person who respects law. do you think this is an extraordinary expectation? when you realize that you are going to be in trouble, you are using language of donating land. it is shame on you.


apg5588 said...

According to me, Mr.Bacchan has used wrong statement, but still from the point of view from all the taxpayers & rich persons, Mr.Bacchan was correct.
Just think that -
In our country, If your income is greater , you have to pay more Income tax , If your income is less, you are required to pay less income tax & if your income is below average, you are absolutely exempted from Income-tax.
Now my friends, just tell me one thing, Rich persons are giving greater donations in form of Income tax, then what extra advantage they are getting?
Then, why the law is same to the Donator & Donatorry?
Why? Why? Why?
Therefore, I am absolutely with Mr.Bacchan, but he is expected to use perfect words.

This is my Pragmatic Vision.

jamal husen said...

dear apg5588,
i respect your views, but still i think earnig large sum dosent mean that law is not applicable to you. mr. bacchan is or any person who pay`s incomtax has to follow the law. though your views are pragmatic, i think you should suggest to change in law. some laws are hurdles. in perticuler case law say`s, those who are not farmers cannot purchase the farm land. i think those who are not from farmer community and wanted to purchase the farm land , should get the opprtunity to purchase the land. law never disallowed farmers to purchase land at cities or purchase shares in stock market, then why injustice with the other peoples other than farmer community? so persons like bucchan can purchase the land and while giving back they will not claim that they are donating.

apg5588 said...
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apg5588 said...

Dear Jamal Husen,
I appreciate your views,
but don't you think so that, there is an injustice with the persons other than farmers?
Instead of that, Government should create following laws --
1. Any person, who is an Indian, can purchase a piece of land, but he must has to use the same for agricultural purpose.

Benefits of this amendment will be --
1. If farmers want to sell his land, he will have open market for maximum consideration.
2. Due to 1'st point, farmers suisides will tremendously be decreased.
3. There will be a proper utilisation of Indian Agricultural Land.

Don't you think so?

This is my Pragmatic Vision.

Suresh3211 said...

Rich persons are giving greater donations in form of Income tax, then what extra advantage they are getting?

Dear apg5588,

The TAX is money that must be paid to the Government without demur.. The Government spends the tax money for the entire community for roads, police, dams etc. The taxpayer may not get the exact returns in proportion to his actual TAX payment. The taxpayer is not doing any favours to the Government by paying taxes but it is his duty. The taxes are being collected for last 5000 years by Kings-Rulers. If one is earning more money means he is utilising more resources of the state i.e. airports, police protection, national highways, electricity paying certain charges at the the prescribed rates.

apg5588 said...

Dear Suresh 3211,
I respect your views.
But still there is one question.

If you are marathi, you will get my point -
Satpatri Daan Karni Lagte,
Waeet Daan Paapaat Sahabhagi Banawate.

Don't you think so, that the corruption is at exteme level?
If taxpayers are paying tax, don't you think so, that National Income is using for corruption more than utilisation?

If you assure me w.r.t. Zero Corruption, then your view point is absolutely correct.

Myself is the student of ICWA Final & also welly familiar with the tax structure in India.

As comapare to foreign tax structure, Indian tax is more.

For the knowledge purpose, just check Entertainment tax on any multiplex's ticket.
My dear,
Regular cost = Rs.90
+ Entertainment tax = Rs.37 &
Service tax = Rs.4,
in this way for 1 ticket we are paying Rs.90 to theater & Rs.41 to Government in form of tax.
Is it Logical?
Tax received by Govt. is more than Net receipt from Theaters.
Is is perfect?

I object on the same, only because of , there is no proper utilisation of this money.
& still Punekars are going into "KHADDA".

This is my pragmatic vision.

Suresh3211 said...


सतपात्री दान कारणी लागते. वाईट दान पापात सहभागी बनवते. हे सत्‍य आहे. परंतु कर भरणे म्‍हणजे सरकारला दान हे असत्‍य.

captsubh said...

या सुप्रसिद्ध नटाने तिरूपतीला जाउन ५१ लाख रुपये दान केले,शेतजमिनींचे प्रचंड वाढणारे भाव पाहून त्या जमिनी फ़क्त फ़ायदा करण्याच्या एकमेव हेतूने खरेदी करण्याचा सपाटा लावला व आता प्रकरण शेकते की काय हे लक्षात आल्यावर मोठे मन दाखविण्यास [व प्रसिद्धी मिळविण्यास?] जमिनी राज्यांना बहाल करणार अशी घोषणा केली!
२३ लाखांना घेतलेली २३ एकर जमीनीची किंमत आता ६ कोटीच्या घरात पोचलेली असल्यामुळे किती प्रचंड नुकसान! शेतजमीन घेतल्यानंतर त्यात किती पिके उगवली [त्रुणे सोडून]?
नेहेमी बरेचसे कारभार पडद्याआडून करायचे[याला फ़क्त रूपेरी पडदा अपवाद!]ही का या लोकांची नितीमत्ता? कारण पुढच्या पिढ्यांसाठी जमा करायची मालमत्ता जास्त महत्वाची!
सर्व क्षेत्रातील बहुतांशी मोठ्या व्यक्ती अशी स्वउन्नती/स्वविकास करण्यात गुंतलेली दिसतात!आपले पोलिस महासंचालकहि त्याला अपवाद नाहित!या सर्वांना आपले सरकारपण सहाय्य करत असते!
’आम जनत्ते’ची अशा वेळी ’हाता’ला आठवण येत नाही का?

Suresh3211 said...

Amitabh Bachchan to return Pune land to its owner: Rane

Mumbai, July 19: Maharashtra Revenue Minister Narayan Rane today said the Pune Divisional Commissioner had received a letter from megastar Amitabh Bachchan, stating that he wanted to return the land at Mawal in Pune District without any remuneration.

The Divisional Commissioner received the letter from Mr Bachchan this afternoon, Mr Rane told reporters this evening.

The purchase of the land was mired in controversy as he had submitted the certificate that he was a farmer and was in possession of land at Barakhambi in Uttar Pradesh since 1982.

Earlier, in the day, Mr Rane had denied that the government had received any communique from the actor about his decision to return the land.

माधव बामणे said...

In my opinion we must consider this case from many different angles. It appears it is considered by all from 1 single point that Mr. Amitabh is a rich person and he is allowed to have his ways, just because he is rich.

Consider him as an actor. His most of time is needed for cinema shooting. He is a hard worker and director's actor. He does all the time what the director tells him to do. This means constantly he is forced to do certain things and he has probably lost how to think on his own. He first tried to help Rajeev Gandhi and miserably failed. The reason maybe this. Now he is not in Good books of Sonia Gandhi. The reason may be his temptation for a nice place to stay and enjoy nature.

This temptation lead him to purchase land in Maval district. The law says the land can be purchased by a farmer only. At this point he would have left the idea. However Mr. Amarsingh came in picture and he became his director for the film "Purchase of land in Maval" We can blame Mr. Bachhan for his desire for land. However after all he is a man, and every person on this earth seeks comforts, more comforts and more. There is no limit for these comforts. He has adequate resources so he accepted directions from Mr. Amar Singh. Mr. Amar singh used him. He made him to do many things which he may not have done if he had thought is over, argued to himself, logically discussed with a few others in different fields. However as I said earlier due to repetition of directors orders/rules he is subjected to hole life he failed.

After failing to do right he tried to cover his mistakes. In doing so he made more mistakes. This only shows apart from his financial wealth he lacks in knowledge wealth. This can be seen from many actions he took like religious ceremonies for his 'mangalik' daughter in law, Offerings at 'Tirupati' and many more. I need not repeat.

Looking at his present state we should not be harsh to him. Just hope he finds a better director for his real life.

माधव बामणे said...

I stopped yesterday as the post was getting longer.

Whatever may be reasons but we must give full marks to this man. He was bankrupt and he could have declared so. He could have easily come out of his trouble. However he did not follow that easy path. Instead he worked hard and repaid all the debts. Although, he couldn't establish his farmer identity and land purchased in Maval legally goes to the Government he had generosity at least to say he return the land and does not expect any repayment.

This shows that he is reasonably honest and is ready to accept defeat. In case of any one else the person would have tried his/her level best to find ways and means to retain the piece of land.

We should not interfere in his life and allow him to lead his life without we creating obstacles

Suresh3211 said...

Hold on, HC tells ‘donor’ Amitabh

July 24: Allahabad High Court today blocked Amitabh Bachchan’s plans to donate his controversial land in Barabanki, handing Mayavati’s government a small victory.

The judge accepted government counsel D.K. Upadhya’s argument that since the court had already ordered status quo on the plots, both sides had to “honour” it.

The Faizabad additional district commissioner’s court had on June 1 ruled that the actor had bought the land in Daulatpur village through forgery and declared the deal illegal. But the high court stayed the order on June 8, ordering status quo.

Bachchan then tried to seize the moral high ground by writing to the Daulatpur sarpanch that he wished to donate the 4.5 bighas to the government so that it could build a school.

He was immediately snubbed by chief minister Mayavati, who scoffed: “When he is not the owner… how can he donate it?”

It kicked off a prestige battle, with Bachchan issuing a written response yesterday. He claimed the high court stay meant “this is my land and I shall do what I want with it”.

Upadhya raised the subject in the court today, arguing Bachchan’s offer to donate the land “was violative of the order for a status quo”.

The actor had earlier cited the land to get himself certified a farmer so he could hold on to a 24-acre plot he had bought in Maval, Pune. Maharashtra laws allow only a farmer to buy agricultural land. The Faizabad order put the Pune plot, too, in danger.

Bachchan, however, has offered to donate his Maval land, too, to the state’s government. But Pune collector Prabhakar Deshmukh almost echoed Mayavati, saying: “If it is conclusively proved that Bachchan did not enjoy the status of farmer in UP, the Pune land would automatically go to the state government and there will be no question of his donating it.”

Pune officials have written to the Barabanki collector for a clarification. If it goes in the actor’s favour, he can donate the Pune land but only after filing an affidavit relinquishing the plot and inviting objections from the public.

माधव बामणे said...

माझ्या मते अमिताभ बच्चनवर येवढे लिखाण खूप झाले. जादा लिहण्यासारखा हा मुद्दा महत्वाचा नाही

PARAG said...

im completely agree wid u. mr. bachhan is using his celibrity status to fool the law. i strongly oppose Mr. Bachhan