Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Satyagraha Centenary - By Invitation Only?

100 years have passed since Gandhiji raised this tool of Satyagraha against mighty British Raj. The path of ideals which he shown ultimately led India to Independence. Bapuji who was a Mahatma for the whole Indian nation never did belong to any one person or caste or party. He was a Rashtrapita & did not need any such tags.
Unfortunately after his death, the Congress party has virtually tried to hijack everything that is represented by name of Bapuji. In the centenary celebrations to commemorate Satyagraha, Congress refused to invite BJP the chief opposition party in Parliament.

Isn't it shameful that in a function where many foreign dignitaries were invited, the chief opposition party is not invited?

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Suresh said...

We all know about the relations of main opposition party BJP with Mahatma Gandhiji, therefore, the BJP rightly was not invited to the function....

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a travesty of truth & a sign of bad times to come that the ruling party in a democratic setup does not observe the mandatory courtesy to invite the main opposition leaders to commemorate satyagraha.The only news/photos published even by normally non partisan Sakal was about congress president taking the lead by keeping even the PM mostly out of it.She may share her surname with that of the father of the nation & may be heading his party now,but it did sound absurd & silly that she is taking the credit, where none is due after keeping old stalwarts who took part in freedom struggle & even old ex-PMs deliberately out of the commemoration.
Her party's sycophants never oppose this & allow her to take credit by the backdoor whether it is in overdue reduction of fuel prices or for her sacrifices!Balasaheb too sacrificed all these years by not accepting any ministerial posts,but do we give him credit?
In all campaign material on display,she is a towering giant whereas the PM despite his impeccable credentials is shown as a small cowering pigmy!Not fair at all!

Madhavrao Bamne said...

It is unfortunate that father of nation is being used as an advertising material by the Congress Party. Although Mahatma Gandhi was member of Congress party during his life time, he had been respected by all including his opponents. He belongs to the nation and not only to Sonia Gandhi. Indira Gandhi onwards Congress party forgot democracy and most of the party members are interested using the Brand Name for getting elected. So as a party president Sonia Gandhi behaved in line with present ideology of congress party members. This is unfortunate though and need to be condemned.