Friday, December 08, 2006

PMT Or Post Mortem of Traffic

Read this news item in Sakaal-

"पोलिसांनी दिलेल्या माहितीनुसार, लोहगावहून कोथरूडकडे जाणाऱ्या १०२ क्रमांकाच्या बसच्या चालकाने कर्वे रस्त्यावर बंद अवस्थेत उभ्या असलेल्या पीएमटी बसला ओलांडून जाण्याचा प्रयत्न केला. त्या वेळी सुरेश संजू शेट्टी (वय २७, रा. ७९/१, पीएमटी डेपो, कोथरूड) त्या बसच्या मागील दारात उभे होते. बंद पडलेल्या बसचा धक्का लागून शेट्टी गंभीर जखमी झाले."

Samrat Phadnis says
"Pune is changing and growing rapidly. But with this speed?...Four people had died in not more than 3 weeks due to absolute ignorance of PMT and still no one has shouted against ruthless PMT or PMC. Remember, four families are shattered...due to this practice.
So many dignitaries criticized Pune's roads… bumpy roads choked with vehicles, cars, carts and people…and polluted PMT Buses are running over it as well as running over the people…killing them."

This problem raised by Samrat is not limited to Pune only. It can happen in any city.
Is it reckless PMT's who always run behind the schedule? Is it the commuters who in spite of knowing dangers, do not take care of themselves? OR is it the bad roads on which works are going on for ages?
Tell us what is your take on the issue?


captsubh said...

In recent years,accidents by & to PMT buses have been frequent & rampart.However,the blame for same is not always attributable to the recklessness of PMT drivers.In very recent past,there have been repeated instances of careless passengers standing precariously on entrance footholds & getting crushed.This is read & reported widely in newpapers,yet it has not stopped yet another totally avoidable accidental death from happening.
Recent interviews of few very careful PMT drivers with years of totally accident free history,highlighted that the public too is very responsible for their careless & callous attitude causing PMT bus accidents.The pathetic road conditions,the complete indiscipline & free for all conduct on part of many 2,3 & 4 wheeler drivers & crossing pedestrians on the traffic choked roads & lanes make driving on them most hazardous & nightmarish for the big bus drivers.
The party ruling the PMT as well as the PMT has never cared for the city or it's citizens as evidenced by their ignoring all objections & buldozing through the apalling proposal on 7th Dec,06 to allow 100 metre high buildings in place of existing 30 metres in PUNE though it is not an island city with no space.This is in total disregard to the obvious far reaching disastrous consequences of definite further extraordinary congestion on already choked roads & footpaths.
The political control of the PMT organisation already has ruined the work culture & force of PMT,which is obvious by one 'dekho' inside bus depots.Thanks to this,even brand new buses turn derelict unsafe contraptions plying on even unsafe roads,whereas the private buses & Mumbai's BEST buses continue to remain THE BEST even after years of service.
Uncaring central ministers not belonging to the city visit it on the eve of elections to launch fancy grandiose schemes & happily unveil very expensive granite inaugural boards with their & other political satraps' names in gold letters,disregarding the traffic jams created & may occasionally mouth few words of sympathy for the hapless common citizens.
Many citizens too contribute to the chaos by their indisciplined driving,jaywalking & careless boarding/footboard riding on buses & cannot absolve themselves from often being the cause,if not the victims of accidents.
depoliticalisation of the PMT & PMC,appointment of ruthless competent PMT & PMC administrators,compulsory 1 year national military service for the youths,compulsory & ruthless family planning,dropping the most stupid proposal to raise building heights to 100 metres & asking the smart & ruthless military police to control traffic & teach ordinary police,may help to stem the rot.If not,accidents will continue to rule the roost to city's peril!
Subhash Bhate

Ajinkya said...

mihi 1 aciden baghitla aahe.
to manala sunn karun gela.
ho pan khare sangen tyat tya BUS driver chi CHUKUNSUDHA CHUK navhati pan tyalach tya aciden sathi jababdar tharvinyat aale ani te far va-et zaale.
pan bere tyat konacha mrutyu zala nahi fact 1 bhajivali jakhami zaali pan tyat tichich chuck hoti. tinect road ver tichi gadi anli/thevli hoti{atikraman karun}.
mag bus cha dhakka lagun ti jakhami zali. pan yaat driver chi chuck navahti..............agdi khare mag tyalach shikch kaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????????????

thankyou frm

Madhavrao said...

There should be a provision in Insurance policy that any accident where traffic rules are broken no compensation shall be given and all paid installments shall be forfeited.

jyobhate said...

I have seen many a time, parents with school children riding pillion, who drop them to school everyday, go through the red signal with utter disregard. They not only risk their lives, but give their children an education in breaking rules. The child gets a thrill out of the "achievement" of his Mom and Dad, and this thrill given in small doses each day, moulds her/him into a "DHOOM" star as she/he grows up. Education is not only the teacher's begins at home. Safety has always been and more so these days, the first lesson every child should be taught. No point blaming all accidents on PMT drivers who are not as educated/trained as the parents who mislead their own offspring and teach them young!!

Anonymous said...

I agree ,
Pune traffic and PMT / public transport is all screwed up.
Mumbai is way better than Pune when it comes to public commutation.
Punekars dont complain much. They just blame it on their misfortune and live with it.

Anonymous said...

PMT, Pune have developed a web site for lodging complaints regarding PMT . Its site address is
All interested may browse this site.