Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam Hussein Trial

The mighty dictator of Iraq has been finally convicted of crime against humanity. He is sentenced to death by a court in Iraq. The sentence will have to be executed within 30 days as per Iraqi law.
Is this sentence a fraud of a puppet government in Iraq, in collaboration with US government? Large sections of Iraqi population still deny the authority of current government. In USA, Bush's Republican Party has already started to beat the trumpet of Saddam's conviction ahead of presidential elections in 2007. Many have doubts that the conviction in Saddam case has been hastened due to the falling popularity of Bush in his own country. USA however denies this and says that this judicial process has taken place in a democratic country and it is fair enough.
On the other hand, this conviction will possibly end an era in Iraq which was marked by hatred and repression. As per reports, in the al-Anfal campaign, hundreds of Kurds were massacred to uproot the rebellion. The Shia were also repressed with similar brutality. The constant tensions with Iran and Kuwait also dragged the most modern Arabian country of Iraq into turmoil. Now if the Appellate tribunal also justifies the sentence, Saddam and the brutal political mindsets which he represents will go down.
We must not forget that Saddam was a brutal dictator whose attitude was 'Kill them if they oppose you'. His expansionist policies in middle-east disturbed the balance of power in the region and facilitated USA's entry there. USA on her part played every game in her own favour. Al-Qaida & Taliban destroyed World Trade Center & USA got the chance it was looking for. In an instant USA came to know about phenomenon called terrorism and declared a war on terror. Bush declared Iraq as a part of Axis Of Evil and attacked on Iraq to find Weapons of mass destruction which never existed.
In this game of power and oil, the Iraqi population suffered the most. Let's hope that conviction of Saddam will take Iraqi people one step closer to peace.

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Devendra said...

See friends it is true that saddam is gona hang. America was always in favour of that.
India may also favor it but in the case of internation politices India should Oppose the saddams punishment becouse it will be very harmfull for us in future to think US is our frien they are not that much wise as they look like it time may come it will also not look back for attacking India for their favor where as Dictator like saddam has given stability to his contry and in fact to have our constant Image which got change every 5 years of less we must also have a dictator rule.
Devendra Shinde