Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Respect Is Not A Culture Here...


Abhijeet said...

This shows the culture of Austrilia. We should show them that what it cost to disrespect an Indian.

Many times these weterns country took indians granted.

We should show them the power of Indians.

Anonymous said...

These white racial @$%^&* should be taken to court for such indecent acts. I would think a person like Mr. Sharad Pawar has enough contacts to bring these whites to the book. A simple apology is not enough, these whites are so used to saying thank you and sorry that they will easily say it here. They should be fined, banned from some games to teach them a long term lesson. The whites from Austrailia are actually all sons and daughters of convicts and criminals ejected out of briton and they have shown here that they have the same blood.

Anonymous said...

stern action should be taken against the captain of the Australian team as he is solely responsible for the whole episode.

sachin V said...

Wanna take revenge ??

We all know , what 'dada' did inn LORDs' balcony as an answer to Flintoff's act in India.

So Dravid & co , are you ready for the same ?

Just imagine now, Indian team defeating Aussies, say in a triagular series final..that too by big margin...that too at MCG ..and some of the Indian players repeating the same act while presentation....!!

looks cumbersome ..? doesn't it ?
Or sould 'dada' be called back to do this...!! haa..haa..( Babu moshay, just got an another reason to get 'dada' back in the team ..!)

Raju said...

Ponting & company are realy shame to cricket world.
They should be banned or fined heavily.

Shailendra Shahane said...

We should ban australia series unless all the culprits send written apologies to BCCI. Why the heck we value them?BTW we don't even need greg chapel as coach.Any former indian cricketer with mangerial abilities can do well.