Monday, March 20, 2006

Do the rich get what they deserve?

There are other facts to Mumbai’s Shree Ram Mills rape case of course. However, the very fact that Kasliwal junior belongs to a rich family makes him suspect in peoples' eyes, because people know that rich people do bad things and imagine they’ll get away with them because they’re rich. And it does happen, like in the Jessica Lal case.


macdeo said...

rich is becoming extravagent just because they have money and power poor is also because they r deprived of every thing.

the question is what do we middle class people should do.

some day dombivali fast will be a true story i dream

Suresh said...

If you're a miserable bugger anyway, then money won't buy you happiness.
If you're incredibly poor, money can make your life less miserable
If you don't know how to spend money, or spend it unwisely, on things that don't make you happy, money won't buy you happiness.
Money in the bank doesn't buy you happiness
Working solely for money, and not enjoying the fruits of it, won't buy you happiness
Being miserable when you're working is still being miserable, and money isn't compensation.
Spending money on stuff that makes you happy makes you happier.

Sopan Shewale said...

The life of rich people is very difficult in the current society. Sometimes they are forced to do the bad things. The people whome they travel/live could be worse, they some how create the environment to do bad things and finally get away silently.

I think the environment is bad about rich people-they should learn to manage their surrounding.


Medha Purandare said...

I agree with Sopan more...Rich boy might have been traped.

Still circumstantial evidence speaks more against junior Kasliwal. From general public point of view- there are many qs he is answerable.

His father may to try his best to save his/his son's image.
Rich and/or poor should learn lesson, that's it !

vbkul said...

Those persons who earn their wealth are never rash.However the successors who get ready money without efforts have no same emotions about that money and use it loosly.I strongly believe that it is the mistake of 1st generation just to pass money and no values.While earning money you have to be balanced so that you pass money aswell as values to the next generation

vbkul said...

1st generation rich persons earn their wealth by hardship and continuous struggle.It is quite obvious that they feel like transferring their wealth to the next generation with an expectation that they should not go through all the hardship they have gone.But when the next generation gets ready money without any efforts the same money is devalued and is loosly spent.I strongly believe that the 1st generation makes a mistake here of transferring money instead of values.If values are transferred the next ganeration can respect the money and will think twice before spending.No person has ever used his hardearned money for any bad deed.

Anonymous said...

for any unfortunate or unhappy things alone one perticular cast creed or type of people are not alone responsible people from every class dared to this type of crimes whether rich or poor, it all depends upon the situation.
in this case victim is also equally or partially casue of action. therefore only rich or poor people are not criteria forcommiting the crime.Only because Kasliwal is comming from rich family the exposure is given atlarge.These type of crimes are every day affair in the society.
It is true that there are chances that rich can easily tamper with the law at the same time muscle power,political power are in use.

One should not lable this episode being commited by rich.

Anonymous said...

all rich people are not bad. Being rich is no crime . But the POWER that comes with richness makes man to do such things. people who have ancestral property do not know its value.


Aashish said...

It depends on in what terms we define rich, some rich in knowledge may not necessaryliy rich in terms of money. Money and knowledge are two different entities. One may feel happy only when he/she get what he/she deserve, for that matter we cant discrimate rich or poor. Money cant buy everything in life, since it is ephemeral. One can get what he deserve depends on state of mind. One rich in money may not get what he/she deserve unless and until he/she know exactly what he/she wants.

Jana Hitwadi said...

Whether a person is rich or poor, rape is rape and it needes to be treated severly. Rich may get away with it because of money power. Money does help in fighting cases in court of law, purchasing witnesses, making administration lazy in collecting evidence and in many other respects. However, the culprits can be booked if the victim stans firm on her feet.

Law should include sever punishment like sex change. The rapist must get this punishment

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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frozenminds said...

They is no crime in being rich at all there r some who work hard and make a fortune they know the value of money and think twice before spending it, there is a second category to this where the rich do not have the value of money and money is given to them on a platter these rich become arrogant,have disregard to others and r a nuisance to the general public they should be punished by all means so they won't repeat their mistakes.