Thursday, January 05, 2006

Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar - Agrowon

1. Foreign Investment in agriculture and food sector beneficial for Indian farmers : FICCI President


R Coolkarni said...

foreign investment in agriculture is fine, but the govt of India must ensure that foreign players don't mess around with our agricultural produce. in the name of biotech, we should not be subjected to genetically modified produce.

YogiRaja said...

Totally depends on from which angle they r looking towards it ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Luck..Sakaal...

jayantranade said...

We are implementing the private direct investments in all sectors.Why not Agriculture then? We are mainly depending on agriculture produce and if any MNC is investing for contract farming,what is wrong in that?
We could not progress further in this sector due to non availablity of automation due to paucity of funds.Let them come,let them invest.There is vast area of unutilised land.We can bring each every inch under cultivation with new israeli techniqes.But we have to change our mindset for the betterment of our own country.
..Jayant ranade,saprompr,Pune

kumar said...

What happened to Enron?

Are our farmers going to stop committing suicide after it?

They will put in chemical fertilizers and make our beatiful and fertile land barron within 5 years.

They will cultivate only the cash crops like sugarcane, cotton, tobaco etc and we will starve in want of other crops like rice and wheat.
Actually our land is not in need of capital but in need of labour as many are running to cities and now there are very few to work in fields.
To stop it some infracture like electricity, transportation, communication should be made available.

kumar said...

What happened to Enron?
These foreign investment will ruin our fartile land with chemical fertilizers.
They will take only cash crops like sugarcane, cotton and tobacco
Will this stop our farmers from committing suicide?
Actually our agriculture need manpower which is now running to cities for want of jobs because they do not get necessary infrastructure in villages

Medha Purandare said...

Is that only sollution of controlling farmers commiting suicide? or cultivating our lands fruitfully? Govt.should think over it once again not to make things worse.

We need not depend on foreign investments in every aspect of our life.

Actually more agri.produce is available here in India than US or other countries as is evidential from the fact that they depend on fridged/canned items more.
Then in that case, agri.produce will be exported more and we will have to pay more cost for same agri.produces cultivated by them on our lands. I remember here my history lesson of Vallabh bhai Patel who opposed to foreign clothes, raw material of which was going from India. History should not be repeated while globalising things.

Agri. exports should be encouraged in exchange of technology (if at all it is give and take).