Saturday, December 20, 2008

गरज आहे प्रगल्भ नेतृत्वाची आणि वक्तव्याची...

दहशतवादविरोधी पथकाचे प्रमुख हेमंत करकरे यांचा मृत्यू नेमका कशामुळे झाला, याची चौकशी झाली पाहिजे असे विधान लोकसभेत करून अल्पसंख्यांक खात्याचे मंत्री बॅरिस्टर ए. आर. अंतुले यांनी एक नवा वाद उपस्थित केला. त्यांच्या या वक्तव्यावर सर्वज बाजूंनी टीका झाल्यानंतर त्यांनी शुक्रवारी आपला राजीनामा पंतप्रधानांकडे पाठवून दिला. त्यांच्या राजीनाम्यामुळे निर्माण झालेला वाद कदाचित तात्पुरता शमेल. पण या निमित्ताने पुन्हा एकदा राजकीय अपरिपक्वतेचे दर्शन राजकीय नेत्यांनी घडविले, त्याचे काय?

अंतुलेंसारख्या महाराष्ट्राचे मुख्यमंत्रीपद भूषविलेल्या आणि केंद्रात एका महत्त्वाच्या खात्याची जबाबदारी सांभाळत असलेल्या व्यक्तीने लोकसभेत "नॅशनल इन्व्हेस्टिगेशशन एजन्सी' स्थापन करण्याबाबतच्या विधेयकासंबंधी चर्चा सुरू असताना असे विधान करून आपला बेजबाबदारपणाच सिद्ध केला.

आपल्या या विधानामुळे मुंबईवरील दहशतवादी हल्ल्यात पाकिस्तानचा हात नसून हा हल्ला भारतानेच घडवून आणला होता, असा कांगावा करणाऱ्या पाकिस्तानला भारताकडे पुन्हा एकदा बोट दाखविण्याची संधी आपण मिळवून देत आहोत, याचेही भान त्यांना राहिले नाही. शिवाय विजय साळसकर, हेमंत करकरे, अशोक कामटे यांच्यावर आपणच गोळीबार केला होता, अशी कबुली दिलेल्या कसाबचा कबुली जबाबही त्यांनी परस्परच निकालात काढला.

पण एकूणच २६ नोव्हेंबरला मुंबईवर दहशतवादी हल्ला झाल्यानंतर राजकीय पातळीवरून जबाबदारीचे वर्तन झाल्याचे फार अभावाने दिसून आले.

ताज, ओबेरॉयमध्ये कारवाई सुरू असतानाच नरेंद्र मोदींनी मुंबईला दिलेली भेट, आर.आर.आबांची वक्तव्ये, विलासरावांची बेफिकिरी, नारायण राणेंची बेताल वक्तव्ये, मुख्यमंत्री निवडीचा घोळ आणि आता अंतुलेंचे वक्तव्य..... यांत कोठेही राजकीय मुत्सद्देगिरी, प्रगल्भता दिसलीच नाही.

अमेरिकेमध्ये ९/११ नंतर पुन्हा दहशतवादी हल्ला झाला नाही, मेट्रोमध्ये झालेल्या बॉम्बस्फोटांनंतर लंडनलाही दहशतवादाची झळ फारशी बसली नाही. मात्र भारत वारंवार दहशतवाद्यांचे लक्ष बनत राहिला. अमेरिका किंवा लंडनमधील सुरक्षा व्यवस्थेबरोबरच दहशतवादी हल्ले ही राष्ट्रीय समस्या मानून एकजूट दाखविणाऱ्या राजकीय पक्षांचाही त्यात मोठा वाटा राहिला आहे. आपल्याकडे ही एकजूट अभावानेच पहायला मिळाली. प्रत्येक गोष्टीचे राजकीय भांडवल करण्याचीच वृत्ती प्रत्येक वेळेस पहायला मिळाली.

त्यामुळेच दहशतवाद हे भारतापुढील सर्वांत मोठे आव्हान नाही. तर दहशतवादाच्या समस्येवर तोडगा काढण्यासाठी ठोस पावले उचलण्याची क्षमता आणि राजकीय इच्छाशक्ती असणाऱ्या, मुत्सद्दी, प्रगल्भ नेतृत्वाचा अभाव ही भारताची खरी समस्या आहे.
आपलीही मते सकाळ ब्लॉगवर नक्की मांडा


Shrikant Atre said...

There is no reason for anyone to disagree with you on this conclusion. Lack of "Political Will" and "Absence of Unity on issues of National Security" are the two major reasons why we have to hear such stupid news.

You also rightly said that there is no strong leadership emerging. I have a slightly different opinion wrt that. There are various leaders in India who can do good, but where is the absolute majority, absolute freedom to take decisions ? Puppets in INC cant take leadership decisions w/o the one who pulls strings from behind. Other parties who support INC cant go either right or left way. Lets look at Left, they have 10 factions and cant even rule over Calcutta or Trivandrum correctly, what can they do over National issue ? Nothing. About the right, these people also have leadership issues. After Delhi results were out, LKA went missing. Sena has to might MNS in Mah State and cant go beyond Mumbai. So who will take the most important decision of attacking POK and terrorist camps there ?

Main Reason is our democracy / the current system allows a coalition type of government system and mushrooms of regional political parties are being allowed to form, by each new oncoming election.

We have to stop this all by modifying the electoral system in such a way that WE GET DECISIONS WHEN WE NEED ONE.

Time and again, pundits in this country talk about presidential system and two-party system for it, also the referendum system to call back erring politicians is mulled, but the problem lies in the deep rooted social evils in implementing these new systems in India. a. is Politicos wont benefit by it is absolutely clear b. is Aam-Junta will become stronger and rights-oriented-governance will be main demand, which can now be easily waived by leaders for so many reasons (coalition, region, religion, vote-banks, etc).

So what can media do in this case ? Media has to bring in experts opinion from across the world. I know Sakal published IGA magazine and its a very good initiative in which people from across the world opine on neighboring countries and sometimes about India. But why others, why cant we have a full fledged discussion series on India and its internal affairs and how it can be improved ? That too, Sakal has to do in Marathi. The same has to go to print and not remain on this blog. If Sakal can do this, I am sure, cognizance will be taken. The day wont be too far, when each person in this city, later in this state, later in whole country starts demanding what is right for all of us...!

Anonymous said...

The view are very true. India has many leaders but we are lacking of mature leadership.
If we see the actions by any political leaders shows they are perfect immature to lead.
Just as an example what RRPatil said shows the real views of a politician & how politician thinks about common man.
He said 'This is a small incidence keeps happening in big cities'.
Unfortunately this real views of politician is very selfish & of no use to common people.
As politician they all get 'Z Plus secutiry' while they are so dumb & careless about the common man's life.Those who elects them.
And again still people in RRPatils constituency were supporting such leader. That is real pain before us.
Looks like he has hijacked people in his constituency & poor uneducated people still believes on him.

We all read a banner ' Forget about those who came by boat we can fight with them but our real enemies are those who came by VOTE'.
Now should get united. Educated people should come forward & teach there poor buddies in nation who contribute more in leadership creation process..
First of all we should call & ask to cut off such huge security expenses on politicians.
Secondly people should call back such immature leadership.
Our pain is, we feel getting into politics is a dirty job, but more educated & common people who really care about people our nation should come forward to lead the nation.

Anonymous said...


Your views are correct about recent statements of Mr A R Antuly (Congress) and Mr Aziz (JDU). Mr Antuly expressed a suspision by considering it as a truth that how come all the three officers were sent towards Kama hospital in the same vechicle instead sending them to Taj or Oberoi? Immediately, other Muslim leaders (non-cogressi) also especially Janata Dal joined him. Today they are showing a Hindi newspaper (Dastak) which has a headline: "Karkare ko marane vale Marathi Bhasha bol rahe the". I pity this statement.

This is what bloody politics is. These people will never learn. They have crossed all their limits.

In Mumbai case the arrested terrorist has give his statement that he and his partner killed three people in the vechicle with red-light on the top and took it to move further. There are plenty other evidences that the terrorists were Pakistanis.

Even if we consider there was some redundancy in Kasab's statement and Mr Gaikawad's statement who was there at that time when all the three officers were attacked......that difference is not so much as compared to what propoganda Mr Antulay has made.

Also, if we think about Mr Antulay's question..........who would have sent these three officers towards Kama hospital..........Mr A Roy or Mr Gafoor or Mr R R Patil.

No RSS person or Abhinav Bharat would have ordered them to go to Kama hospital in the same vechicle. It's highly impossible.

It is possible and justifiable that why all the three officers were in the same vechicle because they were coming from the meeting with R R Patil and they heard the news of the firing at CST. By the time they reached CST, gunmen were moved towards Kama hospital and they must have heard about firing in Kama hospital so they must have headed towards it. They must have thought that in a hospital there must not be any security. To save innocent patients in the hospital these officers moved towards Kama. This seems to be logical.

Now, Mr Antulay wants to say that RSS is involved in the Mumbai attacks because RSS has internal connections with ISI and Mr Karkare has expressed this opinion just a day before his death. Also, we must not forget that in 1992 Mumbai blasts all the RDX and arms were brought from Pakistan and unloaded in Kokan costal area..........where majority community is muslim.....e.g. Dighi, Murud etc. That is Mr Antulay's constituancy. In fact Mr Antulay has connections with Pakistan's ISI.

Mr Aziz (JDU) and other Muslim leaders are connecting terror attacks with Malegaon blasts. Dastak is specially connecting it to Maharashtrians. How funny!!

It's so dangerous for Indian security. Pakistan has been continuously taking turns from their own statements. This will strengthen their claim and they will start saying (in fact some Pakistani news cannels were saying this) the Mumbai attacks were self sponsered by Indian political groups.

If Malegaon blasts suspects wanted to attack on Mumbai like this then why they would have tried to make a small blast in Malegaon?......they would have directly attacked Mumbai.

It is to note that Mr Antulay had made this statement when government and opposition party has united on the issue of terrorism and taking action against Pakistan. It seems Mr Antulay did not like this unity so he had lit the fire.

Baherun yenarya choran paasun aapan ghar vachavu shakato pan ya gharbhedyanche kaay??

Congress don't want to talk about this. If they take Antulay's resignation then it seems they will lose Muslim vote bank. Congress should take action against Mr Antulay. Let's see what congress does. It's always congressi policy of Muslim appeasement.

Thanks and regards,

Aparna Lalingakr, Bangalore

captsubh said...

आपल्या पुढा-यांची,विशेषतहा राज्यकर्त्या केंद्रसरकार व राज्यसरकारमधील कॉंग्रेसमंत्र्यांची वक्तव्ये वाचून देशात परकीय किंवा आपल्याच देशातल्या अतिरेक्यांना प्रोत्साहन दिले जात आहे अशी दाट शंका येउ लागली आहे.

अल्पसंख्याक कल्याणमंत्र्यांनी एके काळी महाराष्ट्राचे मुख्यमंत्री असतांना त्यांचे सिमेंट भ्रष्टाचार प्रकरण गाजले होते व तरीहि त्यांची सध्याच्या केंद्रसरकारने वर नमुद केलेल्या मंत्रीपदी नेमणुक केली.

मालेगाव हल्ल्यांचे विशिष्ट हेतूने उकरून काढलेले प्रकरण मुंबईहल्ल्यानंतर पडद्याआड जात आहे असे लक्षात ठेवून आता या मंत्र्याने कदाचित हाय कमांडच्या सल्ल्यानेच कै.करकरेंची हत्या हा विषय पुन्हा ऐरणीवर आणला असण्याची शक्यता नाकारता येणार नाही, कारण सोयिस्करपणे एरवी कठोर कृती करणा-या कॉंग्रेस नेतृत्वाने यावेळी मात्र मवाळ भुमिका घेतली आहे व अल्पसंख्यकांच्या प्रतिक्रिया अजमावण्यात येत आहेत.

एवढे हल्ले होउनहि जो देश संसदहल्ल्याबद्दल फ़ाशी शिक्षा झालेल्या अफ़झलला त्वरित सुळावर चढवू शकत नाही तो काय कठोर कारवाई करू शकणार दहशतवाद्यांच्या किंवा त्यांना मदत करणा-या शेजा-यांविरूद्ध???या सरकारची फ़क्त घोषणाबाजी चालू आहे सतत,कृती मात्र शून्य!

कुठल्याहि घोषणा किंवा चर्चा न करता मुंबई हल्ल्यानंतर ताबडतोब शेजा-याच्या माहित असलेल्या दहशतवादी प्रशिक्षणाच्या तळांवर सहज हल्ले करून त्यांना नेस्तनाबूत करायच्या ऐवजी महिनेन महिने आता निष्फ़ळ व निरर्थक चर्चामात्र चालू रहाणार कारण निवडणुकांसाठीमात्र मोर्चाबांधणी सुरू आहे!

कॉंग्रेसचा दिल्लीतील समर्थक/हस्तक प्रफ़ुल्ल बिडवाईचे लेख सकाळ छापतच रहाणार जरी त्यातील मजकुरांना वाचकांनी आक्षेप घेतले असले तरी! हीच आपली राजनिती आहे!

Innocent Warrior said...

भाषा स्वातंत्र्य आहे म्हणून माझ्या देशात कोणालाही काही बोलायचा हक्क आहे. त्यामुळे कितीही गदारोळ माजला किंवा कोणाच्या भावना दुखावल्या गेल्या तर त्याची कोणालाही पर्वा नाही.

आता अशी विचार करण्याची गरज आहे की या लोकांची सदसादविवेकबुद्धी यांना असे बोलण्याची प्रवानगी कशी देते.

मूलभूत संस्कार करण्याची आता गरज आहे काय? आता त्याही गोष्टी एवढी दैदिप्यमान परमपरा असणार्‍या भारताला कराव्या लागणार का?

ह्या सर्वांना जाब कसा विचारता येइन ? सामाजिक स्मृति कमकुवत नसते हे त्यांना समजून सांगण्याची वेळ आहे.

जय हिंद!!!

आपला नम्र,

Anonymous said...

I watched complete statement of Antule. As per statement "Karkare, Salaskar went to small Cama Hospital instead of Taj & Oberoy hotel where terrorist attack was very big". But Antule forgot that first terrorist attack happen in CST then same terrorist went to Cama hospital. At that time police & everyone else know only about this attack.So it is obvious that any cop will go to Cama hospital to catch terrorist.
Need is to fight Antule like people in frame of law. He should be given explanation why cops went to Cama hospital & not to Taj or Oberoy where attack was not yet started & asked to take his statements back publicly on TV. This will serve two things first next time he think twice before saying anything like that & it sends signal to other similar type personalties about political consequences.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at people's ability to be 'sheep in a herd'. What is wrong in investigating this incidence? It is much too convenient to belive the way it is portrayed.
Mr. Munde of BJP is also saying there is a gangwar going on in Mumbai police. How do we know this side-drama was not enacted as part of that gangwar taking advantage of 'fog of the situation'?

Do you know Salaskar was alive and was writhing in pain for 40 minutes on road? No one came to rescue him. Were they worried that if he remained alive, he would have told the truth? That constable Jadhav gave a statement that terrorists were hiding behind trees. But there are no trees in that lane, where someone can hide. Then someone said terrorists fired from front, but the windshield of qualis does not have a single bullet hole. Then how did Salaskar who was driving, got shot? How Mr. Karkare was shot thru throat?

At least can they publish autopsy reports of three deceased?

BTW, I am not a Muslim, just an indian worried about future of india. If we brush things under carpet, we will not be able to cleanse the system. Lets face the truth, it will only make us stronger. Lets not chastise Mr. Antulay just because he is Muslim.

Anonymous said...

I am not muslim as well and I stongly support Mr. Antules comment and thoughts of the person who wrote about "things under carpet". First and important question which comes to everybodies mind is that why all the three very important police officers went together in the same veicle without much protection or other police vans behind them. Isnt it strange. Other question is they where so near to the sight of incidence and nobody noticed whats happening to them?

The question asked by Mr. Antule is the question in every Indians mind. Everybody is aware of the "Black brain and mind below balck Cap".

Lets rase our voice...I salute Mr. Karkare, Salaskar and others for thier bravery and to Mahatma Gandhi. I hope you understand what I am pointing at...Thats the truth

Nikhil Joglekar said...

THe problem I have with Mr. Antuley's statement is that he singled out only one issue that he knew will be controversial enough. Nothing wrong with enquiries, but what we need is a united stand against the terrorism. The enquiry should be all around for each and every event that happened in order to get a holistic view about strengthening our tactical defense system. What we saw was a total failure. Yes, I see that 3 top cops going in one car neglecting the protocol as a big lapse, but so were many other things that went wrong in those 3-4 days. Instead of making controversial statements, Mr. Antuley should demand a more holistic study and wholeheartedly see to it that it gets done and not gets riddled with beurocratic and political controversies.

If Mr. Antuley is so much interested in knowing the truth....

And for the love of god, country and its people, stop creating more and more diversions into an issue that is so near and dear to everyone's heart.

Anonymous said...

Old hag Politicians like Arjunsingh,A.R.Antulay are already a spent force,though they are USED from time to time to stir up hornet's nests in order to appease certain communities as well as to divert attention of public from burning issues of THE DAY! This is an old tactic of the ruling party & there is no need to get excited.

His remarks are tantamount to calculated political interference in the police functioning & have already ruffled many feathers.

Had he cast aspersions on his own community,he would have been jettisoned lock,stock & barrel by his party that very day! But he continues expressing his unsolicited thoughts,which are gathering support as expected in this country of intrigue & dirty politics.

Anonymous said...

Congress is like Circus, all jokers talk against each other, no agenda / objective/ path /patriotism , one foreigner cum desi family want a hold on this circus.Only they know to remain in Power for personal benefit for that they do any stupid play like minority gives more benefit to Muslim (more than 11% population growing in multiplication ). When all world know that this community has more terrorist and there agenda is to destroy other. I am not saying that all people are like this but majority yes. Somewhere we need to stop this and kick this foreigner congress.