Sunday, October 26, 2008

सामाजिक जाणिवांची दिवाळी

दिवाळी हा प्रकाशाचा सण. त्याचा आनंद उपेक्षितांपर्यंत पोचावा, यासाठी स्वतः अंधारात राहून काम करणारे अनेक असतात. याचा अनुभव मंडईजवळच्या एकलव्य संस्थेतील मुलामुलींनी नुकताच घेतला. रेणुताई गावसकरांच्या संस्थेतील या मुलांना काही अनाम कार्यकर्त्यांनी दिवाळीच्या खरेदीसाठी बाहेर नेले. त्यांच्या स्वागतासाठी रांगोळीच्या पायघड्या जशा सजल्या, तसेच प्रेमाने त्यांना कुल्फी, आइस्क्रीम खाऊ घालणारेही भेटले. स्वतःच्या पसंतीने नवे कपडे खरेदी करण्याचा; किल्ला, मातीची खेळणी, आकाशकंदील खरेदी करण्याचा आनंदही या मुलांनी लुटला. तेव्हा त्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावर पसरला होता दिवाळीचा प्रकाश. मिलिंद वाडेकर यांनी हा प्रकाश कॅमेऱयात टिपला आहे...

अशी सामाजिक जाणिवांची दिवाळी आपणही साजरी करत असाल. आपणही कधी असे क्षण अनुभवले असतील. नाहीतर..., असं काही करायची, या उपक्रमात सहभागी होण्याची इच्छाही असेल? काय वाटतं तुम्हाला हे वाचून? मग आमच्याशी शेअर करायला विसरू नका...छायाचित्रे पुणे प्रतिबिंब ब्लॉगवर पाहायला मिळतील.


Mahendra Luniya said...

hoy sarv maharastrane ekatra yeun sarvana dakhavl paheje ki amhi marathi kaothe hi kami nahi. bandukila tar ghabrat nahich nahi, tase pahile tar raj thakre yanche hi kothe chukle? keral, tamilnadu, karnatak kothe hi ja marathi tar soda hindi dekhil bolat nahit mang amhich ka saglyanna gheun chalaych?
ajun ek gost aply najret anu echito, NSE & BSE mumbai madhe ahet pan tyanchya pariksha matra ENGLISH ani GUJRATI madhech ka MARATHI HINDI madye ka nahi??
hi bab gmbhir ahe SAKAL ani RAJ Ji yani ya madye laksha ghalawe hi vinanti majyashi bolaych asheltar maza namber ahe 9881136531 dnyvad

Anonymous said...

PP Mhatre - Pen

Aaba Patilancha kuthe chukat naahi.kayada ha sarwanna sarkharch aahe, kunihi bihari , U.P.wala yethe pistul kadhil tar tyache aasech haal hotil.Aamachi mumbai polic samartha aahe kayadyasathi.lalu chya lokana maharashtra kay bihar vatala ki kay?

Prasad Pimparkar said...

मुंबई मध्ये येउन कोणी अशी कृत्ये करीत असेल त्याला माथेफिरू नाही तर काय म्हननार.
कायदा हा सर्वाना समान आहे. पोलिसानी जे केल ते योग्यच आहे.
पोलिसांच मनोबल वाढेल अश्या रितीने त्याना प्रोत्साहन दिल्या गेले पाहिजे.

आबांच्या पाठीशी समस्त मराठी माणूस या करना साठी उभा असायला पाहिजे.


Man of the seas. said...

Mala ekadar aabanche naval vatate. aabanchya impulsive nature la kahi upay nasava. ha manus etakya mothya padavar asattaanna kahihi vichar na karata comments karat asato. pan ya commentchi jara aababnni ghai kelei aahe. because his this very comment will not only affect some political equations but also tarnish the image. There was no need to say such a comment in my opinion. However what he has said could have been said in better way. and abba let me tell you one thing, the person comes with gun in mumbai from Bihar with an intention to kill some political bigwig is a starting of retaliation of Beharis. There is much more to come. with your comment like this, aren't you make normal public suffer more. Your police department can't be everywhere everytime so what your comments are inviting is a future trouble for everyone.

It is indeed that you do not realise this, since you want to earn brownies at every incident happening in Maharashtra cause you are a political person. That is what you have learnt to earn milage out of evrything which happens around you. Being Marathi you never had guts to stop all thee Biharis from doing Gundagardi in Mumbai. You could not give directives then to to formation of these very gangs. why??? you would have not earned anything out of it./ Now you know you will. so please wait till such time another person comes ahead to light the fire, till then be ready with you dough to cook your bread.

jagtap said...

we need to analyse situation vey well. we cant see mharashtra becoming bihar by impulsive reactions from people coming from bihar and u.p.
police never see criminal as bihari maharashtrian etc. whatever reaction police gave resulted in death of guy, later they come to know he was bihari.
will lalu react in same way if it could have happened in bihar or delhi or tamilnadu.
people must understand one thing some people are politicising this issue.
what if that guy was found to be marathi.
the media driven by north indian majority also not putting unbiased picture.
ABBA is good home minister after SHARAD pawar.
If anybody has objection on the course of action taken by police orministry should actually dare to be in that seat and handle the pressure.
seating AT HOME WILL NOT help.
even if u go in gulf or any country they will follow their culture they will not try to b like u cause they lve thier culture n know how to respect.
please refer laws and actions in conservative countries u will know secret of their prosperity and strict law n order.


patil said...

Statement given by ABA (R.R.patil)is 100 % coorect,some body is firing on any innocent person is big crime,
i will ask one question nitish and lalu and paswan you first develop youre state then make politics latter if develompent is not good due to that bihar people they are going to other state if yop want restrict them you develop first develop bihar.
these three are dirty plitician

Anonymous said...

What a mess! We all know that what police did is CORRECT and what R. R. Patil says is "100 % CORRECT" then why we have to prove the same. No matter the person involved is Bihari, Gujrati or Marathi if he/she is firing the bullets the response back him/her should be same, the "BULLET". R R Keep it up.

Priya said...

What a mess! We all know that what police did is CORRECT and what R. R. Patil says is "100 % CORRECT" then why we have to prove the same. No matter the person involved is Bihari, Gujrati or Marathi if he/she is firing the bullets the response back him/her should be same, the "BULLET". R R Keep it up.