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Reader Writes - Solution to Traffic Problem

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Suresh3211 said...

लेनची रूंदी फक्‍त एक ट़क ज्ञाण्‍यापूतीं ठेवल्‍यास एखादे वेळी ट़क बंद पडल्‍यास लेन बंद पडू शकते.

Punekar said...

indeed a very good plan by Mr. Bamane !!!! i just hope muncipalty works on this plan.

few more solutions to traffic:

1. install video cameras. perfect solution to catch traffic voilators.
2. speed limit on all streets.( its there but nobody cares !!). i really beg police to catch the voilators and fine them. otherwise people will never care about rules.
3. presence of police especially at traffic signals, heavry traffic roads.

besides these solutions, i feel that political interferance should be avoided. police are always under the pressure of higher authorities and political parties. they let the guilty/voilators free if he/she belongs to some police officer or political party member.

and lastly people sould change their mentality. this is needed more than other things. if Indians can follow rules in America, UK, Singapore etc etc, why sont they folly rules in their own country ??
"chalta hai" attitude should be changed !!!

J K SARAF said...


Madhav Bamne said...

Yes if a truck stops in the lane there would be a problem. However, this punishment is necessary for those who don't follow traffic rules. In Pune almost all do not follow rules. If they are in hurry they should push the truck and take it on side. So either wait till crane comes or push. Both appear to be soft punishments.

captsubh said...

आपले विचार व नकाशे पाहून त्यावर तुम्ही खोलवर विचार केलेला दिसतो त्याबद्दल आपले अभिनंदन!खरोखरच असे स्तुत्य कार्यक्रम राबवून सुधारणा केलीच पाहिजे.
अमेरिकेमध्ये रत्स्त्यामध्ये गाडी बंद पडली तर पोलिस गरज पडेल तशी तिला बाजूला करण्याची व्यवस्था करतात व त्याकरता येणारा खर्च वसूल करतात.असे आपल्याकडेपण करणे शक्य आहे!
सुभाष भाटे

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you have studied it well. But, more cost effecive solution would be installing cameras on every possible corner of square & observe traffic violations through central office. Do strigent checks. Have police staff ready & patrolling through city areas regularly. On any traffic violation act, central office would report the vehicle number to police & subsequently collect the fine. Installing concrete structures & round tower in between on the road is not good idea as roads are not that wide open.

madhav Bamne said...

Thank you Capt Subash and Anonymous. I did think a lot on this subject. I arrived at this solution. The blog doesn't give the full article. It is trimmed to accommodate in the available space.

My experience shows that wherever more humans involved results are not achieved as planned. It is necessary to make system as perfect as possible. I tried my best. You may add some thing like anonymous suggested cameras. Placing cameras is ok. However would be gauranteed that these work and are scrutinised regularly? Police is loaded more with tasks which produce no fruits. The checking they do and collect fine just to fulfill targets given. There is a need to redistribute their responsiblity. Like they can collect driving licence, give a receipt, and ask the driver to produce the vehicle at a particular police station on a particular day. The driver may be asked to visit on some other day after he/she spends a day there. This would be more severe punishment.

Sameer said...

Mr. Bamane,

Apan ghetalele kashta ani parishramabaddal punekar apale kharach abhari ahet. Kunitari swatahun pudhe yeun upay suchavalyabaddla mala farach anand ahe. Camere install karun lokanna shista lavane ha suddha atishay changala marga ahe.

But we Punekar's are forgetting the basics. Why Punekar's have lost discipline? Jar sirkashimadhala ringmastar hata madhe chabuk na gheta ring madhe gela kiwa swatah pranyanna manamani karu deu lagala, tar prani tyache eiaktil ka?? It’s the same case; we are no different than those animals in the ring! Punekars (those 95% indisciplined ones) are very well aware that they can get away with little chirimiri and MAMA is also waiting for that chance. This is quite unfortunate but we have to accept the facts.

Sarkashichya ringanat pratyekala wegala pinjara dene ha ek upay zala, pan chabuk hatat gheun kayamchi shista lavana ha permanant upay asel. Tar motha prashna asa zala ki ring master hatat chabuk gheil ka?

Solution -
Here we have very well example of Punjab where Punjab traffic police have controlled people and the indiscipline is very less now(That’s what I have heard). In Punjab Traffic police declared a scheme that "At the end of day every traffic Police will get some percent (I guess 20-25%) of amount he/she collects through fine with receipts". By declaring such scheme the traffic police will be less prone for taking bribes and will start fining the people who are breaking the rules.
This way people will get discipline and Police will also get their reward for improving traffic conditions. I hope SAKAL will help Punekar's in achieving this task.

Anonymous said...

its very true that unless pune police dont implement the rules strictly, people will not follow them !!

people always try to escape the fine by giving many reasons. we all do that. but its police's responsiblity to fine them in any case. if people start arguing with police, double their fine. dont leave the violeter untill he pays his fine and realizes his mistake.

if other states in India have good police, why cant we have it in a city like Pune ??

punekar said...

I always read sakal blog and see many good sugestions by people. specially by Mr. Bamne. i was wondering whether these suggestions are actually delivered to right people like pune mahanagar palika, RTO, Pune Police etc.

I think these suggestions should really be reached where they belong. Does Sakal work owards forwarding appropriate suggestions to the concerned authority ? if they do it, then its great and if they dont, then it will be very helpful if they forward the suggestions !!

thank you.

Sakaal Blog Coordinator said...

Dear Punekar & all Sakaal Blog readers, this is really a good suggestion from Punekar to convey the solutions in form comments to concerned authorities. We agree that till now not much efforts were done in this regard, but Sakaal Blog team will see that good suggestions do reach to concerned authorities and also given publicity in Sakal print daily.

apg5588 said...

I agree with my other friends, but I know that their ideas are absolutely expensive.
But still we have hope for the same.
According to my vision,
State Government should create the post for dummy polices, duty of whome is only to catch the Bribened Traffic police persons.
The work of dummy police is --
1. To catch the traffic policeman, who is absent while his duty.
2. To catch the traffic policeman, who is not performing his duty, as per expectation.
3. To catch the traffic policeman, who is asking for a bribe.

For further ideas state govt. or any other person can ask me on : 9823799062 (Akshay)

My idea is not much more expensive as compair to others.

Government's revenue will definitely be going to increase.
This is my pragmatic vision.

captsubh said...

"मनाचा ब्रेक,उत्तम ब्रेक" असे ब-याच ट्रकसच्या मागे लिहिलेले असते.
हा मंत्र आपल्या शहरांत/देशात आपण पाळत नसतो म्हणूनच speed breakers व पोलिसांच्या नियंत्रणाची इतकी गरज भासते.
आणखी स्पीड ब्रेकर उभारून अतिशय गर्दीच्या रस्त्यांवर आधीच कुर्मगतीने चालणारी वाहने झटके खात चालणार व ते झटके सर्वांच्या मणक्यांपर्यंत/मज्जारज्जूपर्यंत पोचले तर फ़ायदा फ़क्त अस्थिरोग specialists ना होणार!
आपण बेशिस्त traffic बद्दल इतके पाहतो,वाचतो,बोलतो पण संधी मिळाल्यास स्वतःपण मनाचा लगाम शिथिल करतो व कांहीतरी सार्थ केल्याच्या आविर्भावात नियमभंग करतो! असे करणारे हजारांत मोडत असल्यामुळे traffic चे कायम तीन तेरा होतात.
पोलिसांच्याबद्दल लिहावे तितके कमी! कुठलाहि दरारा नाही कारण बहुतेकांचे लक्ष नियम मोडणा-या वाहनचालकांपेक्षा त्यांच्या खिशातून काय चिरीमिरी वसूल करता येइल याकडे असते व त्याबाबत ते अत्यंत हुषार व दक्ष असतात!
duty संपल्यावर घरी किंवा दारी गेल्यावर खिशातला दिवसाचा गल्ला मोजायचा व ती कमाई दाखवून कारभारीणीशी दिलजमाई करायची व श्रमपरिहार म्हणून थोडे घुटके घ्यायचे/देवापुढे आचमने करायची हे त्यांच्या पोटाचा घेरच सिद्ध करतो!आपल्या ग्रुहमंत्र्यांनी यावर बंधने घातली,नव्या पोलिस आयुक्तांनी शिस्तीचे नवे धडे घालून दिले,computerisation of traffic violations records सुरू केले पण कितपण सुधारणा झाली?
आजच पुणेप्रतीबिंबमध्ये ४ मिनिटांच्या लहान अवधीत नियमभंग करणा-या चार दुचाकीस्वारांचा फ़ोटो आला आहे! कधी सुधारणार आपण? पुढच्या जन्मी?
आपले प्रिय देशवासी परदेशांत रहायला गेले की तेथेच फ़क्त सर्व नियम पाळतात कारण पोलिसांची व मोठ्या दंडाची वा licence गमावून कायम घरी बसण्याची भिती असते, पण आपल्याच देशांत मजेत व स्वैरपणे मनमानी करत सर्व नियम धाब्यावर बसवित,लाल दिव्याला धुडकावित वाहने चालवितात!
अपूरी संख्या असलेले बिच्चारे गरीब पोलिसतरी अशा परिस्थीतीत व धुराड्यात रोज उभे राहून काय करणार?किती तिकिट फ़ाडायची उभे राहून?एक पोलिस घाइत असलेल्या अनेक वाहनचालकांना कसा पुरणार? त्यापेक्षा ’समज’ देवून थोडेसे ’मोल” रोख रूपात वसूल केले की सर्वांचाच फ़ायदा!!!
उगाच म्हणत नाहित ’हमारा भारत महान!’
सुभाष भाटे

Punekar said...

Thank you Sakal Blog Coordinator !! I am happy that you are taking care of people's suggestions/comments by publishing them in Sakal daily !! This will definitely help in reaching the comments to right authorities !!

madhav Bamne said...

We should all thank Blog coordinator for the assurance given by him/her to apprise authorities about what citizens think. The only hope is these suggestion are taken by Government officials in right spirit and not disposed off in dustbin saying 'Rules don't permi' or 'No such procedure approved' or 'needs orders from higher authories' or 'under consideration' There are many ways like these to keep matter pending or ignore. I hope Blog Coordinator takes pains to pursue.

Ring master idea is good but in implimentation there are many problems. There are many interests which would not allow it to work. In my opinion sever punishment is to call law breakers and make them wait outside police station for days. Money appears to be no problem now a days. I mean atleast those who own 2 and 4 wheelers. So 'fine' is a milder punishment.

apg5588 has many inexpensive solutions. Blog coordinator may invite him to send those by email and then publish here.

madhav bamne said...

Solution of giving part of fine collected to the police who collects it is a good solution in an ideal situation. It has some inherant obstacles. Firstly, there would be competion among police to get posted in traffic beranch. This unhealthy competition may lead to again mal practices. In case the collection is distributed to all police force then the share of collection would be negligibly small. Secondly, this may lead to the present practice of collecting cash without giving any receipt.

Giving any authority leads to mal practice. Police should be given as little responsibilities as possible where money collection is involved. Hidden cameras should cover not ony the road but roadside such as pan shop, temporary structures meaning wherever there is possiblity of police collecting cash. Basically any rule which involves the least human element is likely succeed more.

shirish kale said...

Punishment is better than fine

What I feel is that the person who brakes the traffic rules should be punished instead of charging fine to him. The best way to it is he should be made to control the traffic for a day in the area where he stays or works or study. Atleast he will think next time before he brakes the rules

madhav bamne said...

Shrish has a good idea of punishment. This will teach a lesson who breaks rules. Although this cannot be a solution for Police refraining from money collection, it would be a good deterant. May be police can be asked not to possess money more than Rs. 100 or 200 while on duty and also while returning home. This may give better protection against corruptuin.

Vinit said...

Its really a good idea,
And time has come to become strict about rules.

माधव बामणे said...

२ दिवसापूर्वी दै. सकाळ मध्ये कांही प्रतिष्ठितांचे विचार वाचले. मला पटले नाहीत. बघा आपल्याला पटतात काय?

१. चटई निर्देशांकावर बंधन नसावे. सध्याची परिस्थिती पहा. निर्बंध असुन सुद्धा निरनिराळ्या क्लुप्त्या लढवुन एका पेक्षा एक उंच इमारती बांधणे चालु आहे. त्या इमारतीना इतरही सुविधा लागतात हे ना महानगरपालिकेने विचारात घेतले ना बांधकाम व्यवसायिकानी. सेनापती बापट रस्याचे व त्यावरील रहदारीचे गेल्या कांही वर्षात झालेली स्थिती पाहिल्यावर लगेच लक्षात येईल.

२. पुण्यामध्ये जलद बस सेवा व मेट्रो झाली पाहिजे. सध्याच्या जलद बस सेवेची स्थिती पहिल्यावर अशी सेवा ताबडतोब महानगरपालिकेला पुरवता येईल काय? मेट्रोचा खर्च झेपेल काय? गेली कित्येक दशके मुंबईला कोणत्या सेवेने तारले. लोकल ट्रेनच ना? मग लोकल ट्रेनचा प्रस्ताव का नाही? लोकल ट्रेनचा खर्च भारतिय रेल्वे करेल. सध्याच्या मार्गावर आणखी लाईन टाकणे शक्य नसेल तर प्रस्तावित (परंतु बासनात गुंडाळुन ठेवलेला) पुणे-नाशिक मार्गाला प्राधान्य का देऊ नये. त्याचा फायदा, आळंदी, चाकण याना होईल येवधा तरी मार्ग का बनवु नये? आळंदी लोणी असा विस्तार केला तर पुण्याच्या पुढे जाणाऱ्या सर्व गाड्या या मार्गावरुन नेता येतील व सध्याचा मार्ग लोकल रेल्वे करता वापरता येईल.

पहा आपल्याला काय वाटते.

माधव बामणे said...

आजच दै. सकाळ मध्ये वाचले. सकाळच्या 'जागर' उपक्रमाची शसनाने दखल घेऊन रहदारी नियंत्रणाकरता समिती स्थापन केली. सकाळ्च्या उपक्रमाना यश येत आहे. ही चांगली गोष्ट आहे. दै. सकळला शुभेच्छा.