Sunday, January 01, 2006


Sakaal welcomes comments of the blogger community across the world. Thank you bloggers (and to-be bloggers) for an overwhelming response. Keep blogging...


Abhay Chafekar said...

Sakal Says
"Thank you bloggers (and to be bloggers) for an overwhelming response." at 4:37AM

Till 5:53 PM it shows
"No comments yet"

Funny isn't it???
All the best Sakal Blog

Abhay Chafekar said...

Arun Tikekar's article was very much missed today

Rex said...

Yea Abay, you just forgot to check the Date along with time. The Previous blog has 108 Comments :)

Anyways hope to see good blogs, comments and decent discussions.

Abhay Chafekar said...

Another "Up-Sampaadakaanchyaa Dulkyaa" kind of stuff in today's Sakal

With Mr. Vijay Bhatkar's comment on Sakal was printed Vijay-Anand's photograph... May be because it was placed close to Dev-Anand's comment

Ha!!! Ha!!!

Abhay Chafekar said...

No.. I did not forget to see the date...

These 108 comments were Dec 31st.
Followed by zero on 1st Jan till 6PM

Thats what is funny

Rex said...

The esakal web page is very slow to open as compared to other newspaper websites. They tried to change the look few months back but after that the webpage takes a long time to open. I dont know if it happens with all. Hope sakal does something about it.

I am a reader of sakal since I remember. I would like if sakal gives a wide coverage like Pudhari web edition which covers news of rural villages and most districts. Not necessary that we only want to know urban news or people from rural places dont read esakal.

Rex said...


So I think it was a response to those comments :)

mallikarjun said...

All the best to SAKAL BLOG.
The article written by Abhijit Pawar is excellent.

Anonymous said...

very happy new year

Another feather in your cap. All the best .


Dr.Pattanshetty said...

'Bhavishyachi Payabharani'by Pratapaji Pawar is thought provoking.Editorial is ZALAK of last75 years of SAKALACHI VATACHAL.

Anonymous said...

very happy new uear
another feather in your cap. All the best for the blog.


asoka said...

Sakal has entered into new era of tech. journalism. Mr. Abhijit Pawar's article shows the direction of Sakal in Future. All the best to Sakal group on it's 75th anniversary.

raghuveer sakhawalkar said...

We are leving in Kothrud area. I want to show one fine example of the overall mismanagement of Pune Corporation towards the development of the roads and neglection of the traffic management in the future :

A new 100 feet road has been made about two years back. At present, road divider work is going on.

1. Instead of making a single line road dividers, double line road dividers are being made for which more road space is required un-necessarily.
2. On one side of the road, an unauthorised & un-managed rickshaw stand is operational, while on the other side of the road, number of vegetable vendors sit especially in the evening.
3. On some part of the road, school buses & trucks are being parked unauthorised.
4. Slowly new un-authorised vendors will start coming , but will be authorised in future.
5. No traffic lights are available near the road divider and any mishap can occur at the night time.

Local corporators will have no courage to stop all these things as they are only worried of their vote banks. Under all these circumstances, we will have the opportunity to see the same road narrow. Who is responsible for all these ?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to read sakaal every sakaal. Could Sakaal be free of ads on its front page?

asoka said...

Hi friends, Happy new year to all of you there.

Makarand said...

hi all

Anonymous said...

can't you do something about wadhadiwasachya ads. said...

All the best to SAKAL BLOG.
Sakal has entered into new era of tech. journalism. Mr. Abhijit Pawar's article shows the direction of Sakal in Future. All the best to Sakal group on it's 75th anniversary. very happy new year

shripadsabnis said...

Sakal has entered into new era of tech. journalism. Mr. Abhijit Pawar's article shows the direction of Sakal in Future. All the best to Sakal group on it's 75th anniversary. very happy new year

Anonymous said...

esakal should epaper edition like times of india. It gives feeling of reading paper


Anonymous said...

aamcha chintoo kuthe haravala?
lavakar chintoo chalu kara

Limaye said...

This is a good facility provided by sakal.An artical by Mr.Prataprao Pawar "bhavishyaachi payabharani" is very inspiring.
"All the best."

kirkol said...

wish you all meny happy new year 2006.

Marathi_Paool_Padate_Puthe said...

Big Congratulations from Washington DC, USA! Tasech, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006!!

Even though Sakal will find that the blogging service is free, Sakal will need to maintain these pages.

Any useless, senseless commments need to be removed immediately. Please assign a person to complete these jobs hourly or half-hourly. If you do not have a person, you can ask me prof underscore uday at yahoo dot com.

I talked to Kalyan Bhalerao today. Did Kalyan talk to you? You
certainly have created the graphic icons and all that already; but, I do not (I'm sure many sensible NRIs will not) like "two 'aa's" in the blog name.

The blog name should really have been

You should have - and still can - consult either me (my email address above) or your IT department: once the "eSakal" is already famous, the blog service should also reflect the very similar name. For example,

I shall also like to be a Sakal Reporter in Washington DC. Please send me an email with your interest. Thank you. (Note: I do not use my real names in public dialog. Please do not post my real name here on blogs.)

JaguarNac said...

Some bug that might be...
but it seems that this place has already started getting warm...

well i hope to hangout around this blog for! Hoping to find interesting discussion!

Sakaal, All the Best!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Marathis are abroad as compared to the Punjabis, Gujarathis and Tamils, I hardly find few.

Choukas said...

Really its a good start....I want to welcome this initiative.

Here I want to complain about worst treatment being given to Pensioners at Kothrud's Shivaji Putala Post office. Pensioners are allowed to withdraw their pension on the last day and next one day. On these dates also cash is never available till 12 O'clock.Pensioners are waiting outside since they do have any seating arrangement within post office. People get their money after 3-4 hours and only on those specific days. Postal staff treats them very badly. Why this is happening? What is a solution to this problem? Who among postal authorities will reply and confirm about their action? I wish to know this thru your new Upakram. Regards,

अरविंद said...

नमस्कार मंडळी..
नवे वर्ष तुम्हाला सुखाचे जाओ, ही सदिच्छा..

Prasanna said...

Wish you very very happy new year !

ajit rajmachikar said...

sakal has provided a very good platform to express the sakal for wonderful work.
ajit rajmachikar

ajit rajmachikar said...

happy new year to sakal and the bloggers.

sandeep said...

Navajlelya Deshi-Videshi Business Schools madhil Marathi mandalinni(aaji-maaji) jar thoda wel kadhun ya madhyamadware tyanche anubhav sangitale tar baryach jananna fayada hoil.

surabhi said...

Hi all
we should talk about current situations!!!!!!!!
with lots of hopes in eyes.....

Happy New Year

prakash bhole said...

wish u happy new year and all the desired success in this new useful and eventful effort--prakash bhole

kumar said...

I live in Anandnagar(singhgad road) area. We do not get internet connection on cable as Kothrud people get it. We have to get it through telephone which is very costly. Can we also get it through cable?

Chetan Apte said...

This is really great thing Sakal hasd done! I must say Sakal is the news paper og the 21st century!
Please visit

Rahul said...

good moring,

suyog said...


Dinesh Oak said...

test hi

dfg said...


Dinesh Oak said...


Sakaal Blog said...


Ganesh Pai said...

Wish you all a very happy new year

Anonymous said...

Talk of Pune being the IT city.Here is what experience a common IT guy has at Hinjewadi for auto-rickshaw hiring.

Have you ever wondered how they make their living then????

Let me tell you.

But before that try this experiment, if you must. If you are not inclined to do so then read on and I will tell you the real story.

“1.) Go to that deserted auto stand.

2.) Suddenly from no where 2-3 people (Please note they will be in civil dress) will emerge.

3.) You ask them. “Is it your auto?”

4.) They will say yes.

5.) You say: “Will you go to ‘xyz’ place? “

6.) They will say yes and will definitely quote some price above Rs120/- bracket. They will straight way refuse to go by meter.

7.) After some bargaining, you settle on some amount, which will still be above Rs.120/-

8.) You are told to sit in the auto. (First in the line, of course) and the driver will disappear.

9.) Good 5 minutes later, he will come with another auto. The driver of which will be in “khaki dress”. Please note.

10.) You will be asked to shift in to the new auto and will be told that this person will take you. “Pay him, when you reach there”.

In the above transaction, unsuspecting passenger will not think about anything and those ‘dummy’ autos with their dummy ‘drivers’ will remain at their place.

“The reality is that those people are NOT drivers, they are “AGENTS”. In fact, ‘agent’ term is far more respectable to them. They are goons; who force the ‘real auto drivers’ to pay them Rs60/- at least for being allowed to take passengers. You pay at least Rs120/- off which Rs60/- is taken by ‘fake’ drivers and rest is up to real driver to manage, which he does by ‘going by meter’.” You asked for it in the first place…didn’t you?

Auto drivers (dressed in ‘khaki’) say it is the fault of ‘we techies’, who pay so much even when we know it is improper and do not insist on ‘metered’ fare. They blame s/w industry for such a steep rise in cost of living, for rising inflation due to high salaries.

This perception is not only among common public but also among other “well educated” people; including ‘techies’.

Suresh said...

Congratulations to Sakal Group for the launch and best wishes for the new year to all.

Pankaj Vaidya said...

hi friends

Anonymous said...

testing 123

Anonymous said...

Agrowon is very nice and useful daily

marathashaadi said...

very happy new year www.esakal load very slowly.kindly check this

The marathashaadi team,
For maratha brides and grooms

Sopan Shewale said...

Abhinandan "Sakaal" for creating such a blog in a public websites.

-You could have started on your own on your servers.
-With current, you may not have that control on the site. Just for example, someone starts posting odd stuff on the blog, you dont have control to stop/remove links.

In any case, good to kwow you guys want to move with technology.

--sopan shewale

Medha Purandare said...

Congratulations to go one step ahead !!
Visit punebloggers on blogspot dot com where Anil has already tried to bring together Pune ppl.though we are few there. Hey, it was noted by Radio Mirchi on 19th Nov.

I wish to endorse views expressed by Sopan above.

Kumar,I think,you can avail Bphone facility of BSNL which costs Rs.499/-pm.for using phone,reducing your phone bill.

In the honour of Sakal's 75th Anniversary, I take this opportunity to write few line-

" Kalanurup badal pahije,
Sakalblog sah,
Akramu nawi kshitije !
Kalay Tasmai Namh !!! "

Anonymous said...

Very well done.
This is very good activiry

Sharad Pawar said...

Great Job for Marathi Manuus.

Best Regards

vijay said...

All the best to Sakal for his next step in the 21st century.

Kiran.Yeolekar said...

DyanPurush(of 75 Years) SAKAL,
The part of daily life of almost every Marathi Person,

Congratulations for entering in to NEW & latest TECHNOLOGY !
It is really achievement of ALL SAKAL PARIWAR right from THE Founders, The Chief Editors to the Paperwalla Boy.

All the best wishes to ALL OF YOU and hope we will communicate with each other in better & faster way !

-Kiran D. Yeolekar.

KiranYeolekar said...

Congratulations The Dnyantapaswi (75 Years old) SAKAL !

It's really achivement of All of You , right from the Founders , the Chief Editors to the small Paperwalla Boy on door steps. All the BEST to all of you . Hope we will have much thicker relationship !

-Kiran Yeolekar

Anonymous said...

comment on rikshaw story

Police zopa kadhat ahet ka ? ka te pen involve ahet !

Medha Purandare said...

As a Sakal reader, I added sakalblog url to Google to find easily, if at all somebody forgets url.

Atlast, just 5 min.back,Google asked me to try even after saying No match.

To create your own logo, visit-

kumar said...

Comments on rikshwa story.

1. Anonymous forgot to mention one point that all the drivers and so called agents are always eating 'Gutka' and spitting around making every riksha stand dirty.

2. Police are not sleeping. They are after 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. They and 3 wheelers and 6 wheelers (Truks) go hand in hand.

3. At the time of any small arguments on road between any two different type of vehicles i.e. between 2 wheelers & 3 wheelers or between 3 wheelers & 4 wheelers, all passerby 3 wheelers stop and argue from the side of 3 wheelers but no 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler stop.

In this connection I recall what our father of nation had said
" Dis-unity of gentlemen is more dangerous than unity of evel men".
Until and unless we, passangers or 2 wheeler owners or 4 wheeler owner unit and fight for our rights THINGS WILL REMAIN AS THEY ARE IF NOT GETTING WORSE.

kumar said...

I thank Mrs Medha for her reply.
I am already using this facility but it costs Rs 499 per months whereas cable will not cost more than Rs 300 or so.


vsbapat said...

happy new year all

Rajiv Tadkase said...

Thank You very much "Sakaal". It will be faster way to express our views. Happy new year 2006 to all of our viewers and readers.

Anonymous said...

Please start 'e-paper' like Times of India, Lokmat.

Anagha said...

I am surprised to note that Sakal has forgotten to offer their readers
New Year's Deendarshika ! till date [4th Jan] it is not made available Why? Sakal is going ahead in technological sphere of journalism and at the same and failing to give calendar on or before 1st Jan

Sir it is not expected !

JaguarNac said...

Yeah :(

Sakal Dindarshika!
im missing that one on the wall in front of my PC.
Kaalnirnay wont be a prob for me,
but i will have to walk to shops to buy it, and im feeling tooooo lazy now.

Anonymous said...

Was it necessary to reveal identity of British Nandi ?

Anonymous said...

I do not know if it is appropriate to start this topic on sakaal blog. Regarding Nihira Joshi on saaregamapa competition on ZeeTV. It appears that she might be out of the competition because not enough people sent SMS votes for her. I am a US based NRI, and feel sick watching that program, with the clear regional divide between various competitors. It is more a test of how tech-savy AND ACTIVE your supporters are, as against how good a singer you are. Obviously, aapli marathi lokanchi nishkriayataa hyalaa jababdar aahe.Somebody was joking here in NJ that while ten Marathi people in Mumbai might send one SMS for Nihira, one non-marathi would be sending ten messages for say, Himani or Hemechandra. Hence, the apathy of a certain community or region should not decide the fate of a performer from that state! They should resort to the earlier format of judging by a panel of judges. Just curious to know what others think about it!

Anonymous said...

नमस्कार मंडळी..
नवे वर्ष तुम्हाला सुखाचे जाओ, ही सदिच्छा..

VinodC said...

Congrats to Sakal for providing such a good & new facility to express thoughts

Vijay said...

Today I tried to find KOTHRUD in How do I see 712 details of Ideal colony, Kothrud, Pune ?

Shantanu Shaligram said...

Mukta Manohar's Article about Hamas..

I do not understand the emotional bond between Islamic fundamentalist and the Leftist in India. Can anyone explain? Mukta Manohar can resist her affection for the islamic terrorist organization.


Anonymous said...

Sakal's new look is very nice
Just want to say that some articles which are repeated.
i.e.article after same article
e.g.Check Sakal of 5th April ->
Vishesh Lekh -> lal regh nako

Anonymous said...

iread your balanced article on the sbi strike.when all the unions of sbi were systematically approaching the mgmt with their demands was it not fair for the mgmnt to redress the issue i/o leading members to go on strike ?admancy ego were there on both sides then why blame the unions only>i am not an sbi employee.

Anonymous said...

In Sakal newspaper – May 17th 06 there is a news about the incidence of attack in a marriage at Pipari. Some names are listed as arrested.


On 23rd April in Loksatta in the same related news: list of injured people was given. Surprisingly list of victims and list of ppl arrested is same!

Does this mean we should spread a word to not to take any help from Police but better run away from them in any bad incidence?

Can some Sakal reporter take this up and throw some light?

Nitin Joshi said...

sakal,Pune Is the best News Paper i' ve gone through so far.the News Quality of Sakal is Really higher than Others Daily newspapers. i've read Loksatta,MATA,Lokmat,Even MARTHWADA,VIDHARBHA Edition Of Sakal r Not good In Front of PUNE SAKAL. I'm reading PUNE SAKAL from last 4 Yrs. It is Matchless.Why Can't Other Sakal Edition like(MARTHWADA,VIDHARBHA)have Quality like PUNE SAKAL?
Esakal is the best option for those who can'ts het hard copy of pune sakal.

Anonymous said...

mi sakal chi niyameet vachak aahe
kay paper aahe! solidd . i like it.
tyachi samajik bandhilaki mala khoop avadate. ha sachha samaj sevak aahe. keep it up.

Swanand said...


Hey, I read news about the Pune Builders and Promoters Association increasing the prices of flats in Pune.
I think this is atrocious. The per square feet building cost for building is still around 1500/-(based on data from actual builders). But the minimum cost is 2500/-!!Reality is, you will hardly find any apartment today with this price...
There seems to be no control over these prices, because the builders know, whatever price they quote, ppl will buy flats !!
So, the only way to stop this unilateral price hike by PBAP is to stop buying flats..Don't buy flats for next six months and see what happens !!!

amity said...

Hi Can Sakal help us with this?
Today morning I went to Apolo Pharmasists near VetalBaba chouk off Senapati Bapat Road. Doctor had prescribed 5 numbers of tabnlets of certain medicine. They had a strp of 6 tablets, so they insisted that I must buy the whole tablets and not just 5 as prescribed by the doctor. Now is this not illegal? Just to increase the volume, how can they make the patient buy unneccessary amount of medicine? Please someone let me know how can it be corrected?

Thanks in anticipation.

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

The Steps taken by police team was right,However 1 thing in a broader sense i would like to put here is that why are we people forgetting that there is lots of wastage of time and money in this kind of issue rather than filling the gaps between taking our country towards development and we people are stuck between our internal affairs,The job of these politicians is to make news thats all

Lets try not to get in this and save our time and money to make something bigger and take our country towards international Level

sandip said...

All political Party are busy in his politic's
so i request to indian people plz do not vote this type of lasy Goverment.
in maharashtra he not decided his leadear within 5 days is bad.

sandip said...

He will not decided leadear in maharashtra
this type of goverment in War against enemy how long time will taken for action.

ThinkLegal said...

sakal website is a great tool for marthi people to read news online

thank you

parimita said...

sachin team indiyala shubhkamna !!!
worldcup jinkuni anayala!!!!!!

mazya bhartachi shan
sachin aapla mahan
angi shanticha theva aahe kiti saan//1//

criket deshancha no. one
kheladu guni jagat one
kharech aahe murti lahan kirti mahan //2//

saad tyane dili jagala
mane milvili manamanala
visrun sarya vadvivadala//3//

dehbhan tanman vaad harpale
kheluni shistshantine mohalila
chakit kele sarya deshodeshala//4//

aabhal zale thengane kheluni samne
vajvile danke tanamanane
harshit zale jan devun aashirvadane//5//